10 Professional SEO Modules that must have in Drupal Website Development


An open-source website development platform that simplifies the process of managing users and content.  The small and large scale websites are approaching Drupal to get benefits like flexibility, cost, security, freedom, and accountability. Drupal Web Development Services works on best practices of PHP, modern object-oriented programming patterns, YAML standards, and HTML5 to incorporate the best web technologies.

What is Drupal 8?

Drupal Web services can accommodate the content types, video, audio, image, and text content. The platform provides simple to use tools that help in making the content powerful with filters. It can easily create human-readable URL aliases that increase the accessibility for the viewers. These reasons make it simpler to build a platform without having a technical background.  

Benefits of Drupal 8:   

  • Easily build a fully responsive website that can adapt to different device screens 
  • It has built-in modules to add different languages and translate the text
  • It has a flexible approach to caching with built-in caching modules
  • Easily integrate the platform with any system or applications
  • It gives the opportunity for content editing by embedding, inline editing, managing block, layouts, and types of media.
  • Effortlessly import and export changes using Drupal 8 with the help of files
  • The clean structure and semantic elements make it more understandable for the search engines.
  • It follows the principle of backward compatibility and innovation that makes it simpler for future upgrades.
  • The export configuration function helps in the export of the full or single configuration file. That means you don’t need any additional modules to deploy the configuration from one environment to another.    
  • It has a powerful tool known as twig which is a template engine that replaces the default PHPTemplate engine. It provides great separation between the display and logic that makes it faster, flexible, and secure.

SEO Modules for Drupal 8

There were many reasons to use Drupal for improving website performance, let us discuss some of them:


There are situations where the owner or admin decides to change the content of an article that means it affects the older context of the URL. The earlier used URL might have been ranked on the search engines and might lead uses to no longer available content. This increases your chances of losing some potential customers and resulting in lower rankings of websites. You can integrate a Redirect module that can easily redirect users to the new URL that helps in eliminating the dead links from the website.         


Professional SEO services always decide the proper URLs that lead to sites page and content that decides your rank on SERPs. The Pathauto removes the requirements of creating proper URLs for every node is eliminated. The module helps in generating URLs based on the set of patterns that are customized by users. It is a simple solution that can help in Digital Marketing and structure it as per the user’s comfort.


The module gives the ability to provide metadata for the websites. This means you can get metadata related page titles, description, content, and tags. Google uses the metadata for ranking the website in the pages SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Drupal does not allow editable Meta tags fields but that can be done using the Metatag Module. They help on setting Meta tags for users, nodes, views, and taxonomy.    

XML sitemap and Simple XML sitemap

The directory of the website is dependent on its XML sitemap. There should be a simple relationship between the structure and URLs of the website. The sitemap makes it easy for Google’s search engine bots that can crawl through directories and assign ranks to them. Each website should have a sitemap that can help in boosting SEO rankings. The simple XML sitemap modules in Drupal create a sitemap for your website. The simple XML sitemap modules in Drupal create a sitemap for your website. “In the meantime, make sure to integrate a specific bot protection strategy for your website.”

Google Analytics

It is a powerful tool for a website and helps in monitoring traffic and keeping track of the website’s growth. The SEO related changes in the website might help in better engagement of the audience. You can integrate your Drupal website with Google Analytics to analyze the website’s strengths and weaker sections.

SEO checklist

This module helps in managing the SEO of your website. It checks and tracks the crucial SEO task or action that needs to be completed. The developer or admin can get a report about the website’s SEO and work on it to engage more users.

HTML purifier

Drupal Web Development Company can manage the SEO from different angles using this module. The search engine always analyses the HTML code and matches it to the standards. This module helps in parsing the malicious code that can be installed by any potential hacks. 

Content Optimizer

The on-page content needs optimization to boost the performance of your Drupal website. It is an SEO module that tracks the site’s content and suggests some necessary changes in the address for increasing the visibility of the website. If you are not familiar with the content guidelines then you can take help from an SEO agency USA to handle this sector and increase the rankings faster and effortlessly. 

Power Tagging

This module evaluates the content from a Drupal node and associated file attachments. This interprets the concept and content automatically through taxonomy or thesaurus. The user or admin can consolidate the suggested tags into the Drupal content node and lead to the formation of a semantic index. In this blog, we have jotted down some important SEO modules that can boost the website performance and increase the revenues. Drupal Web Development Services can develop an efficient website and achieve its business goal. Drupal 8 makes it easy to optimize the website speed by maintaining the HTML request, CSS, JavaScript, and CDN. It has an efficient page caching known as cache tags that are enabled by default to ensure the best browsing experience. This avoids the slow page loads as they can easily load the pages from the cache which makes it faster.You can hire a professional Drupal Web Development Company to handle all your tasks and save time for focusing on the growth of your business. Contact us we will give you the best Drupal Web Services.

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