Top 15 Leading Drupal Modules You Must Check in 2023

10+ Drupal modules for transforming your business

Whenever developers want to extend their web functionalities, the very first thing that comes to their mind is using Drupal modules. Drupal modules are quite similar to WordPress plugins, which help developers add new features and make the website feature-rich.

According to statistics, more than 495,000 websites are using Drupal modules in their website.

There are numerous pre-built Drupal modules available that you can reuse anytime while building the app.

But this time, Drupal has rolled out some amazing new modules that you must check out to make your website stand out.

Here are the top fifteen leading Drupal modules that every developer must have for high web performance and efficiency. Let’s explore!

Top 15 Leading Drupal Modules You Must Check in 2023

1. Admin Toolbar

It is one of the favorite Drupal modules for developers. It will help you to create a user-friendly admin dashboard that the owner can use to track the whole web activities in one-place. It allows you to completely customize the dashboard for easy navigation including a simple interface, sidebars, drop-down menu and more.

You can add all the necessary features in-front of the Dashboard and improve your tracking quality with this drupal module. It is a highly recommended module for beginners who want to manage their web on their own.


To add an extra layer of protein from unauthorized access, Captcha is one of the best options. You can use the Drupal reCAPTCHA module that keeps your web more secure and adds a strong protection layer to prevent malicious bot. It offers a completely new version of the module with future compatibility. This module is mainly used for site’s forms, registration, contact forms and more. You can surely prefer this module for high-level security.

3. Honeypot

Honeypot is one of the best modules to make clever traps for spam bots. It is a tool that creates a very sweet and attention-grabbing registration form which is only visible for spam bots. It helps you to identify how many spam bots available in your web apps and honeypot stop their tracking. This module works like a safeguard for your web apps to prevent spam bots and keep your website secured. Honeypot is a trusted module for more than 150,0000 users and provides interaction with real visitors.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the important assets of Drupal modules. It is popularly used by businesses to analyze website performance and get in-depth reports. When you add Google analytics module in your web then you can track visitors demographics, traffic sources and page performance. Many businesses use to track various events like sales, leads and conversion campaigns to make informed decisions.

5. Paragraphs

The Paragraphs module helps you to build a seamless user interface with modern content layout. You can easily design layout for articles, landing pages, presentations and other sections by using this module. In today’s market, stunning visual representation and well layouts for content can improve the user’s experience.

6. Simple XML Sitemap

Simple XML Sitemap is an essential part to get a boost in SEO. It allows search engines to easily crawl your web pages, specially maps and scan all over content of your web app. So the sitemap helps you to build a well-structured layout that every search engine requires for SEO optimization.

7. WebForms

WebForms is one of the most recommended Drupal modules that play a crucial role in web apps. It helps to create different types of forms including simple contact forms, complex surveys, polls and questions with this simple drag-and-drop module. WebForms comes with complete customization options to give a personalized web look and feel. Many businesses prefer to add this module to get maximum results.

8. MetaTag

MetaTag is a top-most Drupal module that prepares your web apps for search engine optimization. You can use MetaTag to write titles and descriptions and elevate search engine visibility of pages.

9. Redirect

It is the most crucial role in any website. It allows you to resolve those broken URLs which are not working. You can create a new URL and add it as a redirect with a broken URL. It helps to let users reach in the right direction and ensure there’s no broken links left. You may have probably seen a 404 Error – that’s a broken link that can be resolved by redirecting to a working URL.

10. Video Embedded Field

Video Embedded Field makes the process of adding videos on websites easier. Previously an uploaded video on a website takes so much time to load, but now this Drupal module can let you embed video from YouTube and Vimeo and ensure its lightweight load immediately.

11. Security Kit

Drupal offers a complete security kit module for websites to protect from cross-site scripting, request forgery, clickjacking and SSL/TLS vulnerabilities. So that your website is secured from hackers and malicious attacks with extra layers of protection.

12. Mailjet/MailChimp E-Commerce

Drupal has email marketing modules that support Mailjet and MailChimp platforms. You can make the email marketing operations so easier with this module and drive much optimized results for your business. These modules can help you to make personalized email marketing campaigns for different purposes including basic registration, contact forms, free service and more.

13. PathAuto

PathAuto is a helpful Drupal module that allows you to automate the naming process of new pages in your website. Previously, it showed a URL as a name but this module optimized the process and auto-created page name based on the inside content. It saves your precious time that you can spend on other important operations on your website. It simplifies the link and makes it user-friendly.

14. Image Effects

Image Effects is a magical Drupal module that enhances your website images appearance and visibility. There are many editing options available like image orientation, adjusting colors, brightness and more. It allows you to do complete customization over images and make it more appealing.

15. Seckit

Seckit is a secured Drupal module that can secure your whole website. It allows you to modify HTTP headers and implement high-security measures to prevent any malicious attacks.

These are the top fifteen Drupal modules that every developer must-have for making their website feature-rich.

Things to Consider While Choosing Drupal Modules

After knowing the Drupal modules, a question arises – how to find which one is right for your website. Here are few things you should consider to choosing the right Drupal module:

1. Compatibility

When you’re picking up a Drupal module then compatibility is a first thing to consider. You should check the module version and whether it’s compatible with your Drupal platform.

2. Space Consumption

Drupal modules consume lots of space that can make your website heavier and slow. So before picking up a module, check their space and whether you’ve enough space in your website to run smoothly.

3. Popularity

Popularity is one of the considerable factors when looking for a Drupal module. By seeing the number of downloads, reviews and ratings, you can decide which is best for all.

4. Actively Maintained

You should only pick a Drupal module that is actively maintained by Drupal Development Company. So that you can ensure safety, compatibility and support from the developers and work efficiently on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are Modules in Drupal?

Drupal modules are similar to WordPress plugins that developers can use to add-on their website functionalities.

Q.2 How many Drupal modules are available?

Currently, Drupal is offering around 49 thousands of modules as per it’s official app repository. There are many third-party modules available in the marketplace.

Q.3 Is Drupal Better than WordPress?

Drupal needs a bit more learning as compared to WordPress. It requires some technical expertise to use and manage Drupal modules.

Q.4 Is Drupal Free to use?

Drupal is absolutely free to use. It also has various premium themes and modules that you can purchase as an add-on.

Q.5 Do I need coding skills to use Drupal?

There’s no coding skills required to use Drupal. Having basic technical knowledge is enough to use drupal modules. It offers a user-friendly interface and easy navigation that gives a seamless experience to beginners.

Q.6 Can I use multiple Drupal modules together?

You can simply use multiple Drupal modules in your website to add-on more functionalities.

Wrapping Up!

Drupal has a lot more modules that every developer must-have in their website. These are some best pick modules that can enhance your website’s, boost SEO and provide a seamless experience to users. We hope you found these modules useful for your website and want to extend your website functionalities.

Now it’s your turn to consider Drupal Web Development Services and build your website with numerous functionalities.Our team of experts is here to help you build your website with numerous functionalities and achieve your online goals.

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