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Fixed Cost

The Fixed Cost Model is ideal for well defined projects of low to medium complexity. The model requires well-defined technical requirements in the form of software specification documents. This allows team to know project-related risks beforehand. The projects are typically neither changed nor extended during implementation. Fixed cost model requires some support from the customer in the form of timely and relevant feedback and decisions.

Benefits :
  • Low risks and predictability of the project outcomes
  • Quality and quantity of efforts spent to specify the project requirements.
  • It allows the buyer to set in advance an exact budget.
  • It typically limits the number of changes that occur during the implementation phase of the project.
  • The project will be straightforward with little or no external dependencies.

Dedicated Model

Hiring Developer with Dedicated offshore Developer model is the most effective way to save development cost associated with your project. This enables handpick your own dedicated developers to get benefit of cost, quality and flexibility. You can control over your team and keep yourself updated on the project status. Unlike the restrictions imposed by fixed cost model per project basis, dedicated developer model is highly advantageous and leads to quality output. Hire dedicated developers on hourly/weekly/monthly basis to get quality software development with significant savings.

Following are advantages of Hiring Dedicated Resources from ELSNER Technologies :
  • Reliability
  • Prompt Implementation of solutions
  • Nominal investment in maintaining in-house development team or infrastructure
  • Core business requirements centered
  • Dedicated support every requirement
  • Phone, Email, Skype, Fax Communication with the resources
  • 24*7 Connectivity
  • Flexibility in manpower utilization
  • Timely Project Updates

Offshore Development Centre

ELSNER Technologies has an offshore team that conduct accurate, efficient and cost effective software development. We have mutual relationship throughout the project life cycle.

This model accrues benefits to our customer in terms of quality, efficiency and cost savings.   In partnership with client’s team we can deliver 24x7 availability & productivity.

The offshore team engaged on daily basis to, working to advance your interests.  The advantages are evident for small to mid-size businesses that often do not have the capacity of edge with an offshore development team, to the enterprise customer in need of cost effective, competent resources to develop software and manage project responsibilities.

Benefits :
  • Helps to select a proper business model right for needs
  • Offers transparency and control over the development process.
  • Stay flexible and prepared for IT outsourcing "black swans" like hidden costs, possible legal issues etc.
  • Focus on quality.
  • Improves New Business Partnerships