Node.js Development: Top Reasons to Use Node.js For Web Development


The technologies are growing rapidly and it has become a complicated task to manage them. JavaScript has been a standalone technology that is constantly in the market and influenced many businesses to develop websites using it. Node.JS is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript runtime that works on the server-side. Node.JS Development services are feature-rich and use a unique combination of helpers, libraries, and tools for faster development.

Node.JS vs Laravel vs React.JS Development

They are the most advanced web frameworks and have unique features to solve a set of problems. These software packages make it easy in resolving the development complexities. Built-in features that reduce development time, standard in web development, resulting in a smooth transition from development to the production phase. Laravel is a simple, versatile, and open-source PHP framework that follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. It uses the existing component of various frameworks that helps in building the web application. If the developers are aware of Core PHP and Advanced PHP which provides better productivity. Laravel keeps the website safe and protects it from online website attacks. ReactJS is a component-based JavaScript that is used to build interactive and dynamic UI for websites or applications. It is mainly used for single-page applications where the data is reflected in real-time.

Features of Laravel

  • Template Engine: The Laravel framework has lightweight templates that help in producing amazing layouts by giving interactive content. It gives a stable structure using CSS and JS code using several widgets. 
  • MVC Architecture:  This provides separating the business logic and presentation layers. This improves the application performance which provides better usability.
  • Security: It provides very strong security for websites as it uses hashed and salted password schemes. It also makes sure that sensitive information is not stored in plain text. 
  • Database Migration system: It aims to give a broad database structure to the web applications so that it doesn’t have to re-create every time some code is updated.

Advantages of Laravel Web App Development 

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Doesn’t require to write simple HTML codes that are based on an MVC template
  • The best option for PHP developers
  • It is assisted by ORM 
  • The blade design engine inside the website helps in easy integration of logic

Some Noteworthy Features of Node JS:

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven: The Node.js library APIs are non-blocking which means server-based will never wait for the API to return data.
  • Single-Threaded and Scalable: In a non-blocking manner it renders in a highly scalable manner on the server-side. It can handle a larger number of requests as compared to conventional servers.
  • Object-Oriented: Class is integrated into the system with acceptance of ES6 and code is similar to C#, Java, and SWIFT.
  • Cross-Platform: It has its dependencies when web pages are developed with the correct structure.

Pros of Node JS:    

  • Effective performance while building APIs
  • Has a great package manager
  • Faster handling of requests from users

Some Noteworthy Features of React JS:

  • Virtual Document Object Model to build scalable applications
  • JavaScript XML helps in building blocks of React UI
  • Supports one-way data binding
  • Has useful developer tools 
  • Ideal for mobile application development

Benefits of React JS:

  • Developers can write individually for the client-side and server-side.
  • The high performance helps in running complex applications faster
  • SEO friendly
  • Stable code structure

Reasons to Use Node.Js for Web Development

Robust Technology

It can be used for front-end and backend which makes it a full-stack JS development. It has more benefits like:

  • Efficient in developer productivity
  • High speed and performance
  • Enormous free tools
  • Sharing and reuse code

It gives you fast and reliable software for the developers by wrapping it into modules to create a new level of abstraction.

Easy to Learn 

Mostly every frontend developer is familiar with JavaScript as it is also known as a Universal Language. It requires fewer efforts and time to switch to Node.JS for the backend. 

More Scalability

It makes it easier for the developer to scale the platform in horizontal and vertical directions. The applications are scaled using additional nodes in the existing system for the horizontal direction. Node.JS has resources for single nodes for vertical scaling which makes it highly scalable and a better choice than other JavaScript servers. 

Benefits of Caching data

It has an open-source runtime environment that provides a caching facility for single modules. Whenever the first module is requested it gets cached in application memory. The developers don’t need to re-execute the code as caching allows loading web pages faster and respond effortlessly to the users.

High Extensibility

Node.JS gives a variety of tools that can be integrated easily for better customization. The platform can be extended using built-in APIs for the development of HTTP or DNS servers. Different tools can be used for monitoring, troubleshooting, unit-testing, and data migration. 

Boost Performance

The JavaScript code is interpreted using Google’s V8 JS engine which improves the performance constantly. It executes the code outside the web browser which makes it efficient in terms of resources. The execution of code is fast and several requests are processed simultaneously as it supports non-blocking event-driven Input and output operations.It may be a tough choice to select a suitable platform when you have so many choices. We have shared with you the advantages of three different platforms and how Node JS stands out in the crowd. Get the best Node.JS development services from our professional team to grow your business in the digital world. Contact Us now!

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