Node.JS: Things to Know Before Building Web App Development


What is Node JS?Node.js is the extended JavaScript that can run on the machine as a standalone application. The JavaScript and Node.js run on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine. It is an open-source platform that uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model, which makes it lightweight and efficient for data in real-time applications. Node.js development company is using Node.js to make it the most scalable and customizable technology in today’s time. The code operates faster as JavaScript makes it easier to execute in the machine language. Node.js enables web applications with real-time, a two-way connection where the server and client can start the communication. It can build different applications like command-line application, real-time application, web application, REST API server, and many more.  

Advantages of Node.js

  • Node.js uses only one language in the frontend and backend that is JavaScript. This makes the development cycle easy and faster as only a few resources are sufficient. 
  •  Handles numerous requests from the web and other networks as it is an event-driven and non-blocking asynchronous I/O model. It links an asynchronous task to the event loop, callback function, and single-threaded loop. The reading or writing to the file system, database, and network connection are executed easily.
  • Breaks a large amount of data into manageable parts and transfers it easily while data streaming. The data chunks consume less memory and prevent it from slowing down the process. 
  • Node.js is an event-driven architecture that is ideal for developing real-time applications like games, chat apps, and many more. It has plug-ins and accepts large requests that can implement web-socket protocol.
  • The two-way channels provided between the server and the client can handle the traffic to increase the performance of the applications.  
  • An application that is a single-threaded model and event loop that can deal with several client requests more easily.
  • The platform allows Node.js developers to use the library code package again and share it in the projects. It increases productivity and saves a lot of time. 
  • SEO is an important part of the digital world and it should be incorporated in the app development. The backend is SEO friendly, which increases digital visibility and engages more visitors. With great user-experience and high speed, it also provides high-end performance that increases ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).     

Pros and Cons of Using Node.js

Let us discuss some of the pros of using a Node.js:

  • Reduces the cost of hiring different backend and frontend developers, as it supports JavaScript on both the client and server-side.
  • No need for an interpreter to translate the JavaScript code into machine code because V8 can do that.  This increases the code execution speed by having a non-blocking I/O operation. 
  • JavaScript programmers have a dynamic community and their contribution is a significant benefit.
  • Node.js has concurrent request handling mechanics that executes the request sequentially and faster. 
  • Supports caching which enables in faster page loads and responds to users’ requests without a module code execution.
  • The code reusability and productivity which consumes less time and makes it easy to learn. 
  • It can work on real-time application development like games, chat-bots, voice user interface applications, and chat apps.    

Let’s look at some Cons of Node.js now:

  • The latest version of Node.js API requires new syntax for writing complex applications, including modules and classes. So the unsteady API and Echma script make it important for the programmers to change the current code to make it compatible with the latest version.
  • It is harder to achieve the regular programming tasks using Node.js as it does not have a standard library.
  • The platform is not supportive of multi-threaded programming and is not advisable for heavyweight computing applications.  

Where to use Node.js? 

Server-side Web Applications

Node.js development services can create web applications on the server-side. The request and response paradigm in Node.js would be carried using HTML.Pros:It provides ease of development if your application does not have any CPU intensive computation. Node.js can build an application in JavaScript and even database if using JSON storage Object DB like MongoDB.People can receive a completely rendered HTML response that is more SEO friendly. Any single page application or web-socket application can run on Node.js.  Cons:CPU intensive computation will block the Node.js responsiveness. Node.js with a relational database does not work efficiently and has to pick other platforms for such tasks.  

Creating Single Side Page Apps

Today the web apps are heavier and take time to process client-side data. Node.js saves time by blending the ability to share data easily between server and client.

Enabling chats or Real-time Application

Real-time applications like messaging software, twitter, and chatting application interfaces are made easy using the Node.js.

Developing API 

The Node.js interface can be used for web services of the database through REST or JSON. It saves time and effort of conversion between multiple systems. The Node.js interface can be used for web services of the database through REST or JSON. It saves time and effort of conversion between multiple systems. However, planning is essential as you need to think carefully about how you will program your API so it hooks perfectly with the database of your choice while preparing it for scaling in the long run.

Proxy Deployment

The deployment of the node as a proxy can handle connections without blocking anything. Node.js works great when developing an application that depends on external services about the import and export of data.

Creating a Dashboard

Node.js can help in the integration of dashboards that can engage more audiences in the website applications. The platform can help in creating and monitoring user actions on the web application. Till now you might have learned the basics of Node.js and its benefits. You might need a Node.js development company in the USA to build a great web application that is experienced and knowledgeable about the Node.js. People need a Node.js developer who can handle the complex part of the front-end and back-end of the platform easily and increase the performance. Node.js development services provide you with satisfactory results and ensure that they deliver the products on-time. Still not sure about which organization will give you the best results? We always maintain a good relationship with our customers and provide the best client services in the market. Contact us now!

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