Why AngularJS is the Most Useful Framework of 2020?


What is AngularJS? It is a structured, open-source MVC framework for the web application that uses HTML as the template language. AngularJS makes an ideal partner with various server technologies as it eliminates codes for data binding and dependency. AngularJS developers mostly use it for developing single-page applications and incorporate the latest trends in the development sector. 

Some Noteworthy Features that go behind AngularJS Development:

Model-View-Controller Framework

Every modern-day web application follows this concept in their platform. It divides the pattern into the data layer, business logic layer, and presentation layer. The division allows easy management of tasks and faster results. 

Data Model Binding 

No special code is required to bind data with the HTML controls. AngularJS can handle it just by adding some snippets of code. 

Easy Unit Testing

While designing the Angular, Google has developed a framework for testing known as Karma which designs unit tests for AngularJS applications. 

Dependency Injection

This specifies a design pattern in AngularJS where components are given dependencies rather than hard coding them in the components. 

POJO model

The Plain Old JavaScript Objects model helps in creating clear code and builds interactive web-based applications using AngularJS. 

Browser Freedom

Any application developed with AngularJS is not browser-specific and supports all browsers without any restrictions.

DOM Manipulation 

The DOM manipulation is now the task of directives and not the view. This improvement lets the developers work more on the view.

Transform the Design using AngularJS Filters

  • Number: The developer can format any number into text.
  • JSON: This filter allows the conversion of a JavaScript object to JSON string.
  • LimitTo: This adds a limit to an array or string into a specific number of characters and elements. 
  • Currency: developer can specify the number as currency, otherwise it will display the default symbol according to the location. 
  • Date: This filter allows the developer to set a specific format for the date.
  • LowerCase and Uppercase: The filter enables to convert the strings to lowercase and uppercase.     

Tasks that can be done using AngularJS

  • Expressions to bind data to HTML
  • Two-way data binding
  • Even-Handling
  • Unit Testing
  • Services
  • Directives to extent HTML attributes
  • Scope to control variables
  • Rendering of HTML
  • Composability
  • Controllers
  • Routing

Where can we use AngularJS?

Video Streaming Applications 

It gives more functionalities and features in video streaming. Some famous platforms like Netflix are built on AngularJS.

Travel Applications 

There are dynamic features that can be integrated into applications like live tracking of the vehicles. 

Social Applications 

Some mobile applications are more user-friendly and responsive when made using AngularJS. LinkedIn is one such platform.

E-commerce and M-Commerce

AngularJS supports many e-commerce and m-commerce sites in the market that are integrated with unique features.

Review Applications 

The review helps both the customers and store managers to know more about the products. The manager gets to know the popularity of the product and customers can make decisions based on the reviews. 

Weather Applications 

These applications need good performance and interface which can easily be done using AngularJS.

Why do we use AngularJS?

  • Having a major community it gives large scale options to the AngularJS developers and clients. AngularJS Development Company can easily find various solutions and information. The clients are given a wide range of choices in the development team.
  • It is created by Google and which means having regular updates and security patches. 
  • The code is readable and easier to maintain in the AngularJS platform. Clients can easily hire other Angular JS developers to maintain the code.
  • AngularJS developers have the freedom to use limited libraries and change them according to the requirements that can reduce the size of the framework. 
  • Some filters allow distilling the data before it gets in the view that helps in formatting, pagination, and reversing a text.
  • Web applications become faster and stable as the dependency injection helps in managing the backend. 
  • AngularJS has pre-made solutions that are ready to use in applications like routing modules and UI routers. 
  • AngularJS developers can select necessary parts and services that need to be tested separately. 

AngularJS framework is trusted by many industries like sports, travel, transportation, health and fitness, productivity, tools, lifestyle, entertainment, weather, and many more. Many well-known platforms are built using AngularJS and are making their place in the marketplace successfully. The AngularJS platform builds an environment that allows quick prototyping and UX designs by the developers, making a library and use it into the pages with minimum efforts. The platform reduced the maintenance cost and gave the developers the freedom to continuous deployment using the multiple testing features.        AngularJS has made its space in the developer’s minds by giving a wide range of features, functionalities, and benefits. It made the front-end and back-end procedures much easier to handle by the developers and clients. Even after having countless libraries, it provides a relief to use some of them and update them according to the requirement of the application.    

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