Why AngularJS is Better Choice For Web Development


AngularJS is a feature-packed structural framework which works with JavaScript and aims to provide simplification to the developers. The framework focuses on building dynamic and single page web applications. It’s a hybrid framework which manages to work on HTML as well as JavaScript which clarify building of web application against RESTful web services to offer a complete and controllable business solution. AngularJS offers you full flexibility to extend HTML’s syntax to demonstrate your web application’s functionality in a logical manner.Let’s check out the reasons why AngularJS development is considered for web development.Highly Secure



Security is the major concern if it’s about transforming a prime technology framework or online business development. Nowadays, online business is concentrating more on the security of data, easy access to their business channels, Distributors as well as the sales team. As per as the demands, it’s obvious that they have been finding a complete solution which can handle both businesses as well as enterprise processes.

Interpretative User Interface



For designing application’s User Interface, HTML is used by AngularJS. HTML is a simple language which can easily define an interface in JavaScript. You don’t need to waste your quality time in programming or coding, just list down your requirements, Angular will handle the further task.




AngularJS comes with built-in integration frameworks like Telerik’s Kendo UI,, Ionic, Wijmo, etc which makes it easier to integrate third-party app’s features with AngularJS.

Although, for enterprises, it is one of the crucial factors to influence AngularJS development for the integration with other frameworks as well as tools.


Data Binding is Better


In AngularJS, data binding is an amazing concept in which the data is bound in two ways. It’s a great feature which is been introduced by AngularJS for web development.


Requires Minimal Coding


AngularJS needs less coding and its huge advantage for a developer which is In less time, a developer of AngularJS can cover all the coding process.

Fewer codes are required in AngularJS and the places where they are required are mentioned below.

  • AngularJS developers don’t require to create their own pipeline.
  • No need to use Getter/Setter functions as its data model is simple enough.
  • Developers have full access to data with the help of data-binding feature.
  • To make it more specific, HTML defines AngularJS.
  • Without any integration issue, other teams can write it.
  • Developers can handle the data on the view level without altering any controller and this is possible just by filters.
  • For creating apps in a simple style including process, AngularJS is integrated with dependency injection subsystem which is essential for developers.

Easy to TestThe codes which are written in JavaScript needs to pass a series of tests. But, JavaScript is already interpreted and also dynamic which makes it easy to test.Angular is known to be the most adaptable structural framework for web development. It’s not just a collection of features, it is a complete solution for every enterprise. With AngularJS, you can transform your business in the better way as well as in better form.


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