How to Choose the Best Shopify Theme for Your Online Store?


The online store design is an essential part of business, as it will create a first impression on the visitors.

Shopify theme store has a vast collection of themes, making it a difficult choice to select the best one as per your business requirements. Shopify app development company knows the right strategies to grow in the market and gain more conversion rates effortlessly. 

Does Shopify development affect the conversion rate of your online store? Yes, it will display the store’s functionality, brand identity, website performance, and if it gives a user-friendly environment. 

What does the Best Theme should Provide?

Get Support from the Theme Developers 

Shopify themes need updates after a while or integrate various tools to add more functionality to the website. Surely, building an e-commerce store is a complicated process as it requires to provide effective support from the developers to run it successfully. 

If you have made the Shopify theme store’s final selection, you will get constant assistance from the support team. For the third-party developers, it depends on them, so check their reviews and portfolios before integrating that theme. 

Product Catalogue

This section is essential as you need to know the number of products you can add to the Shopify store. You require a

Shopify theme that helps display the collection and make it accessible to visitors through various browsers.  

Some Shopify themes have extensive inventories and include features like search bars, filters, and multiple levelled menus. You should check if they have additional functionalities like a separate block for promotions, testimonials, deals, and recommendations. 


People have become addicted to mobile devices, which means your Shopify store must be responsive to mobile devices of different size. Well,

Shopify themes allow you to get a preview before making the final selection. Take a note about the below factors:

  • How much scrolling will be performed by visitors?
  • What will be the size of the image?
  • Is there any drop-down menu?
  • What is the visibility of CTA buttons?
  • Is there a proper gap between clickable items to avoid accidental redirections?

Note the page loading speed as it affects the bounce rate, leading to a lower ranking on the search engine pages. It is easy to enhance the response time of pages by using minimal complex functions and optimize image size, which can be done with the best Shopify apps’ help. 

SEO Compatibility 

It is essential to gain higher ranks on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to gain more visitors’ attention.

Shopify themes have built-in SEO services-related features that help in attracting organic traffic. Some of the must-have features are:

  • Automatic Sitemap generation 
  • Social Media Sharing buttons 
  • Integrated blogging 
  • Supports Google snippet
  • Custom metadata
  • Rating widgets 

Multi-language Support 

An E-commerce store that targets to grow globally should translate the content as per the customer’s comfort. Some

Shopify themes have inbuilt language support, while some make it difficult to translate the content. 

Another feature that is very important for online stores is multiple currency support. There are chances that it will lead to an increased cart abandonment rate without the right payment method, which will decrease your visibility in the digital world.

Follow the Below Steps to Choose the Best Shopify Theme:

List Down the Essential Features 

With the availability of so many themes, it becomes complicated to decide which one is the best. To make the process simpler by making a list of features added in the Shopify store. Some e-commerce stores might want a navigation menu, slideshow, image zoom tools, or more to make it user-friendly.  

Make a Budget for Your Project 

There are various prices on the

Shopify themes that are available for free and paid versions. Some themes provide essential elements for free and charge later to add extra functions in the store. Business owners prefer premium themes that are more professional-looking, flexible, and unique to the store. 

The first impression matters, so make it more interactive many themes have a series of images displayed on the homepage. It would be best to add a carousel, banners, or slideshow in the right section, which can be updated later. Ensure that it matches the style and tone of your S

hopify theme

Number of Products you want to Sell

Different themes have different catalog sizes, which means you need to select precisely based on your product sizes. The

Shopify themes are adjustable based on the number and types of products available in your inventory. The best Shopify apps are available that will ease displaying the products in an interactive manner that grabs viewers attention.  

Discuss with the Developer 

Before selecting the theme, look at its reputation in the marketplace, which is judged using earlier users’ reviews and ratings. Talk to the developers to know if they will provide support whenever required during the

Shopify development process. 


To wrap things up, there are only three things to consider while selecting the

Shopify theme are:

  • User Experience 
  • Search engine visibility and marketing 
  • Conversion Rate optimization 

A successful e-commerce business needs will be fulfilled with the help of the best

Shopify app development company that knows the market for a long and aware of the audience expectations.

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