How to Increase Shopify Store Sales Using the Best Shopify Apps


Are you planning to build a powerful e-commerce platform to start your business? Well,

Shopify App Development is the best choice as it has excellent tools and application support to meet your targets effortlessly. E-Commerce has changed the business scenes, which means you need to shift into the digital market to sell or purchase things. A Shopify Development Company can help in selling services or goods with a minimal amount of configuration required. 

What are the advantages of using the Shopify platform?

  • It is easy to set up and use as it is a complete solution with fewer technicalities required to complete online store development. The platform offers the hosting and software that is necessary to launch the website in the digital market. 
  • The Shopify platform has various professional templates that help in creating unique and engaging e-commerce stores. Developers can quickly create an online store with great UI and UX to grab user’s attention. 
  • It offers impressive customization abilities to integrate applications to enhance the features and functionalities of the online store.
  • Security is an essential aspect for online stores because it deals with visitors’ data and financial information. 

What are the best Shopify apps to increase sales?

Easy Form Builder:

It helps build a simple form with easy-to-use and quick setup as it does not require any coding. Easy Form Builder is a secure platform with the help of HTML5 and Ajax technology. Things that can be handled using this Shopify app are:

  • Build a form in few minutes 
  • Automatically get a response of the users through Email 
  • It does not require any coding 
  • It provides excellent support for Wholesale stores 
  • Integrate the form with any theme and store

Advance Product Reviews:

Product reviews are vital for an e-commerce business as they can be a medium to build customer trust. Advance Product Reviews app stores the reviews that can be flagged as verified or select the best review for their products and services. Some features available for the customers and admins are:

  • Customers are enabled to post reviews about the products and services 
  • Customers view best reviews on the e-commerce store pages 
  • Admin can accept, flag, or reject the reviews 
  • They mark the best review in the unique category of “Best Reviews.” 
  • Admin will be able to reject or approve the reviews through Email
  • Admins have the freedom to change the view of the review section by additional CSS for the reviews 
  • They also put the review in different styles like grid, slider, or list

Product FAQs – Advance Option:

The Products Frequently Asked Questions can be posted on the product pages with the answers. Product FAQs – Advance Option helps provide relevant and valuable information about the products in an organized manner on the product page. Some key features of Product FAQ’s app are:

  • The admins will be able to create, read, enable, disable, update, and delete the FAQs
  • They have the freedom to add related FAQs and manage them easily. The CSS of the frontend can be used to customize the color, width, and font size of this block.
  • The admin can display the FAQ section anywhere on the e-commerce store 
  • This application helps in providing critical information about your products or services


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Cart Verification – Mobile OTP: 

Cart Verification – Mobile OTP application helps in validating the customer’s cart before the checkout process. This is completed using a One Time Password, which will be sent through the registered mobile numbers. Some important elements that helps in enhancing the performance of Shopify app store are:

  • Admins manage the text that appears in the frontend of the e-commerce store.
  • Cart validation using the OTP method
  • Optimizing the checkout process
  • Integration of SMS gateway 
  • The validation information will be viewed at the backend of your store
  • It is easy to install and use 

Event Management With Tickets:

This helps in creating and managing the event with the help of a dynamic calendar.  Some functionalities of Event Management With Tickets Shopify app are:

  • It has superlative features to handle the events 
  • It allows the customers to create their events and list them after approval from the admin 
  • They are free to book tickets and complete the transaction online.
  • The event management helps in providing smooth navigation for the users

Recipe Management: 

Planning to prepare tempting dishes with the help of a Recipe Management app, well, thanks to the technology, it is possible now. It provides step-by-step instructions and adds pictures to make it fascinating. Some useful features about this Shopify app are:

  • Users can easily submit their recipes, which will be visible after the admin’s approval
  • Users will see the “Recipe of the Day” that the admin selects
  • They get a notification through Email if their recipes are rejected or approved
  • Admins have features to create, view and update the recipes
  • Admin has the right to approve and reject the submitted recipes 
  • Admin adds the recipes into different categories 
  • Admin gets control about which fields are required in the recipe form
  • It is totally over to the admin to choose the “Recipe of the Day.”

Elsner – Order Notification:

It increases the conversion rates of the Shopify store by displaying the recent notifications about the orders. This  Elsner – Order Notification helps build trust with customers as the e-commerce store represents reliability, quality, and credibility. It allows admins to disable and enable the notification in the frontend. Some of the key features that this Shopify app are:

  • One can set the notification settings in the frontend using the Yes or No option 
  • The recent order notifications can be selected for specific products 
  • Selecting a notification space which can be Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Left, and Bottom right 
  • It can be customized based on the product name, ordered data, item price, and product link 
  • Admins decide the duration of the notification 

Wrapping it up! 


Shopify app development can ease the process of managing the e-commerce store with great marketing tools. It provides excellent security, support, flexibility, efficiencies and enhances Shopify store performance.

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