Magento 2.4.2 Release Notes – Things you Need to Know


Magento updates help in maintaining the correct balance between the development process and making the platform more user-friendly. As 2021 has boosted the e-commerce business which means they are having high expectations with this release. The Magento 2.4.2 has given priority to performance, security enhancements, and platform improvements. Let us give you a gist of the new release:

What is New in the Magento 2.4.2?

The latest version focuses on performance and security enhancement, which helps in improving the development platform. This pandemic has changed people’s perspectives about online shopping, which has made Magento come up with the new version. Magento developers can now help the merchants take benefits of new opportunities in the e-commerce sector. Things that are introduced in this release that will improve the

Magento development process are:

Security Enhancements 

  • There are more than 35 security patches for Cross-site scripting and remote code execution.
  • Preventive measures to avoid uploading malicious code in the file system available across the Magento components.
  • Worked on fixing the core content security policies 
  • The core cookies provide support of SameSite attribute 

The Workflow of Purchase Approval 

This functionality has been the highlight of this Magento release. It helps in enabling B2B organizations to customize the approval process just by using the simple form. 

AWS S3 Support 

The Amazon Simple Storage Service is enhanced to support:

  • Storing the media files 
  • Future extensibility and object storage 

Improved Infrastructure   

  • Customer Account 
  • Content Management System 
  • Import and Export 
  • Targeting 
  • Cart and One Step Checkout 
  • Promotions
  • Catalog
  • OMS
  • Staging and Preview 


  • Additional support for comparing lists means customers can add and remove items in the comparison lists. 
  • The generateCustomerTokenAdmin has updated the customer object that now supports remote purchasing assistance.
  • It might support unions in the Magento GraphQL 
  • The schema has been improved to optimize the product data retrieval for configuring the products with different variants.

PWA Studio

  • With the new release, it supports multiple currencies and languages
  • It has a new extensibility framework that supports updates using the extensions 
  • Some components in the My Account have features like Saved Payment methods, Order History, Wishlist, and Address book
  • New performance optimization and bug fixation 

Performance Improvements 

  • It boosts the API performance by various code enhancements 
  • Improved admin response time to deploy large catalogs 
  • It natively supports complex catalog in the Magento 2.4.1

The new role resources for the media gallery helps the Magento merchants to restrict admin access. Some of the actions handled by the Administrator are:

  • Inserting media assets in the content 
  • Uploading assets 
  • Editing the details of asset 
  • Deletion of assets from the gallery 
  • Managing the structure of the folder 
  • Allows optimizing the images in the content 

Seller Assisted Shopping 

This feature allows owners to log in to the customer website to improve customer experience and deliver excellent services effortlessly. The multiple ways to help customers using various functionalities are:

  • Perform troubleshoot during the purchase process 
  • Help customers in the custom functionality 
  • Admin can successfully place orders and request for quote 

Store Pickup 

The inventory management is an MSI (Multi-Source Inventory) that allows merchants to choose the physical inventory locations that will enable customers from pickup locations. This feature also allows customers to find a nearby place during the checkout process to pick up their products. 

Platform Updates 

  • PHP 7.4 is supported, while 7.1 and 7.2 has been deprecated 
  • The PHP 9.x is supported, and the PHP unit 6.5 is deprecated 
  • ElasticSearch 7.6x is the default catalog for the search engine, and version 2.x has been removed while the 5.x and 6.x has been deprecated 
  • MySQL 8.6 is now supported, and 5.6 is removed 
  • The MySQL catalog search engine is removed 
  • The core integration of Singnifyd Fraud Protection code is removed 
  • The integration of Braintree is also removed 

Other Improvements

  • The third-party payment methods are removed 
  • PayPal Express checkout integration is migrated into the PayPal JavaScript SDK 
  • It requires a combined line to install and upgrade the Magento store 
  • The update in composer is automatically performed 
  • Optimizations have been performed on the Redis performance 
  • Perform quick order and reordering from the cart

What are the Things in the New Release for the Customers?

  • The calendar widget in the customer account page that includes the DOB field now uses designated store locale 
  • Magneto development does not save duplicate entries of the customer’s address during the checkout process 
  • Deleting all addresses from many customers from the admin section will delete it from the customer address list and remove the default address. 
  • Previously it included the deleted addresses in the count, but now it displays correctly in the admin customer address tab after mass deletion 
  • Magento developers will not face any fatal errors when the admin tries to add a new customer account that has invalid data for any attribute 
  • Magento Development Company does not need to handle the 400 error. This is displayed when the customers access the shopping cart during the Magento theme deployment.
  • This platform sends Email reminders to the relevant customers that have valid addresses. 

Wrapping it up!

We have shared the essential highlights of the Magento 2.4.2 release in this blog. Update the store with the latest version to make the most out of the e-commerce platform. Get in contact with the

Magento development company to take advantage of this release to make your online store a better place for the users and developers.

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