Magento 2.4.1 Released Everything You Need to Know the Latest Version


This Magento release works on enhancing the performance and security of your platform. In Magento 2.4.1 release they have brought core quality improvements and fixed core code issues. 

Important Highlights of Magento Latest Version

Security-only Patch

Merchants don’t have to apply functional fixes and enhancements as they can install time-sensitive security fixes in this release. The security-only patch fixes the vulnerability that was earlier identified in the previous versions.

Substantial Security Enhancements

Magento 2 extension development can work on the security enhancements to resolve issues related to the Remote Code Execution and Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Magento Development Company can handle online attackers who find loopholes and access customer data or admin credentials. They can ensure that IP allows listing, trustworthy VPN usage, good password, and two-factor authentication is accurately working..


You can enable this functionality from the admin panel for additional pages. Generally, you can find this protection on the Place order storefront page REST and GraphQL endpoints or payment related REST and GraphQL endpoints.

SameSite attribute for Cookies

It supports Google chrome enforcement in the cookie classification system. The Magento class that handled cookies is updated to support this attribute. 

Scan Tool

Adobe has partnered with Sabguine Security that prevents digital skimming that is integrated into the database. It scans more than 8700 security threats and provides real-time insights into security. 

Infrastructure Improvements

Magento framework has many improvements in different sections like:

  • Customer Account
  • Content Management System
  • Import and Export
  • Cart and checkout process
  • Catalog
  • OMS
  • Promotions and targeting
  • Staging and Preview

Performance Improvements

Reduced network transfer size

The plugin list configuration is generated during the execution of bin\magento di: compile command. Earlier this was stored in the cache but now it is written for generating metadata folders that are based on scope. This makes the Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration faster and easier. 

 Improvements in message queue

Magento upgrade services can use the configuration settings that are improved to decrease customer queue CPU consumption and provides better control over server resources.

Magento extension development is made easy with this option in the Magento Admin Panel and you can perform certain actions from there like:

  • Deletion of bulk images
  • Deleting duplicate images 
  • Remove images that are of no use
  • Add filters on images based on storefront area, product category, and CMS block
  • Search, edit, or view images using the metadata of the image


Reviews of product

Customers, viewers, and guests can write reviews for your products or services. They can also retrieve the previous reviews. 

Gift Options

Each person can add a gift message for their orders. The admin or owner can also add gift receipts, printed cards, or gift wrapping in their orders.

Order History

The customer can keep a track of their orders like invoicing, shipping, refunds, and order history.

Add to cart

The customers can add the products to cart like:

  • Simple
  • Bundled
  • Virtual
  • Downloadable
  • Configurable
  • Grouped
  • Gift Card

Payment Methods 

The platform allows you to save payment details for future transactions.

SWAT (Site-Wide Analysis Tool)

Adobe added SWAT reports for all cloud-hosted e-commerce stores. It is now integrated into the Magento Admin panel as the Site-Wide Analysis Tool portal. The admins can access data of the website, performance, site health, and other important reports. They also get automated recommendations for resolving issues that are found while Magento commerce installation. 


  • In the previous versions, shipping table rates were calculated using a net price that excluded VAT, this issue is resolved in the latest upgrade.
  • Magento will now display the shipping rates in the correct currency throughout the checkout process.
  • It supports multiple pages of PDFs for the shipping labels  that display the correct count

Magneto 2.4.1 Release has fixed issues in different Fields

  • Installation, deployment, and upgrade
  • Bundle Products
  • Cart and checkout
  • Cleanup
  • Configurable products
  • Cron
  • Customer
  • Downloadable
  • Frameworks
  • Directory
  • Email
  • CSS
  • Cookies
  • CMS content
  • Catalog
  • Cache
  • Adobe Stock

Well, you need the fully enhanced and improved Magento version that upgrades your Magento stores. Be sure you have an experienced and proficient team to perform Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration or update the current platform as it can be risky. Not just the product improvements it also includes performance improvements, fixes bugs, and secures the platform for many more online threats.  You can get a Magento 2 extension Development Company that has the experience and experts in their team to handle all your requirements. This can save your time and money as they will know the correct strategies to grow your business and improve the e-commerce store’s performance. We will be happy to provide you the best services and support in the market to make the platform more user-friendly and integrate features that are trending in the market. Contact Us! now and avail the benefits.

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