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Magento extensions have been ever popular due to plug and play compatibility with a Magento ecommerce store. Our Magento extension development services offer CMS gears, which are welcoming, innovative, and refreshing. We have extensions built in Magento 1 and Magento 2 for every business need, with the likes of anti-spam extensions, social media optimization (SMO) extensions, search engine optimization (SEO) extensions, security extensions, cache extensions, performance extensions, functionality extensions, and more.

We tend to work in close collaboration with each of our clients establishing a right road map addressing all the features vital to run an online store. Our services constitute this roadmap, through site extensions that will enable your website to have a personal connection with the users, resulting in better engagement and conversion rates. We also ensure that our extensions sync easily with your store, no matter how simple or complex it is, keeping in mind the diverse needs of online shop owners, and end users.

Importance From Business Perspective

  • Build complex business stores supported by dynamic capabilities
  • Have a detailed reporting on analytic
  • Refine overall consumer experience
  • Integrate social networking features and functionalities with ease
  • Gain an SEO advantage by having your store optimized for search engines
  • Deliver global services as per demographics
  • Enjoy customer loyalty for long-term
  • Potential of special elements or components can be optimally used

How Do We Do?

While going for conscious extension development, we first ensure what functions go missing on your e-commerce store. We then compile a list of all those operations and create extensions that work effectively outside the core of actual Magento build for your site.

Such external modules do not disturb ongoing operations, in turn saving the information loss during updates or upgrades. Apart from these, we already have a range of already built extensions to offer, for solving complex requirements or problems. We even have a customized one built for you based on your demands.

Elsner Technology Provides Magento Extension Development in both platforms Magento1 and Magento 2 as well.

What Extensions Do We Offer?

  • Managing stocks, products, and categories,
  • Responsive themes and templates,
  • Structural management and tracking of orders and customers,
  • Incorporation of payment gateways and security integration, etc.