Project Highlight

  • Advanced Keyword Search
  • Voice Search Functionality
  • Image Search Feature
  • Bespoke Products
  • Trustpilot integration for the reviews.
  • Quick Quote Calculator
  • VAT calculator
  • MailChimp integration
  • Zendesk used for Live Chat
  • Integrated social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Solution Provided

When the engagement began, the Elsner Technologies team walked the client through the entire process. We helped them create an e-commerce store fulfilling their requirements:

  • The designers have given an innovative look to the website.
  • We have implemented MailChimp for the Newsletter Subscription.
  • Integrated Zendesk for Live Chat Support.
  • Integration of Vimeo as an online video platform.
  • Social Media Integration for ease of sharing the products.
  • Quick quote calculator functionality to calculate the price of the plastic sheets.
  • Developed a wide range of bespoke design solutions on all our plastic sheet products, including drilling holes, polishing, adding radius corners, and cutting them to specific shapes or profiles.
  • Integrated PayPal payment gateway.
  • We have provided shipping methods such as Express Delivery, Prime Express, etc.
  • The admin will generate a coupon code where users can enter the coupon code and get discounts.


Our Acknowledgements

We take pride in receiving recognition and accolades by offering unmatched IT and digital marketing solutions