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2020 was a year no one wants to remember. The Covid-19 pandemic has struck with everything it has, and the world was at the receiving end to suffer. Even developed countries with advanced healthcare facilities surrendered to this pandemic.

The post-Covid world has changed drastically. People are now more concerned about health and wellbeing. They understood the importance of staying fit and healthy. Even working methodologies have changed. For example, the Work from the Home concept is a new norm that will stay for a long period. Virtual video conferences are replacing traditional in-person meetings. From virtual healthcare services to undisrupted online educational classrooms, remote working tools have played a considerable role during pandemic times. The main aim is to ensure undisruptive business operations and meet necessary social distancing regulations simultaneously.

Real-time messaging, voice, and video platforms can be predicted as the future of communication.

When it comes to continuity of operations, voice, video, and live, interactive streaming platforms have made it possible. These platforms can be customized as per the business requirements and offer secure, robust, and unmatched voice and video streaming services that serve the core purpose.

What is Agora.io?

Agora.io is a platform that has made it possible for organizations to communicate with stakeholders in real-time voice, video, and live interactive streaming. It has a voice, video, and messaging SDKs embedded into any mobile device, web, and desktop applications. If we talk about statistics, Agora.io has seen a massive 300 percent growth in developer sign-ups from the last quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020. Also, experts predict that the market’s compound annual growth rate will increase to more than 19% in the future.

In an exclusive interview with YourStory, Tony Wang, the co-founder of Agora.io, explained why real-time voice, video, and interactive messaging streaming are making its way into people’s lives:

The pandemic has brought about a profound shift in human behavior. I won’t say that this shift will be to a purely virtual platform, as it is not possible, nor is it healthy. Earlier, people would take up to three or four video calls. They make a lot more of these calls, and they get tired, mainly due to the latency. Face-to-face conversations are more fluid as the brain does need to process the latency, missed out words, or even background noise, which is why for the first time, low latency, real-time (video calling) is on people’s agenda. Earlier, people were happy with “good enough.” But now, the real-time aspect is essential as people are living in it. That is a fundamental shift in the expectations in the space, and Agora’s SDKs will help platforms in building this ability.”

One can question the need to incorporate real-time voice and video solutions in applications where there were standalone applications for this purpose.


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The reason is that these real-time voice and video solutions were not easy to develop. They were difficult and expensive and required large amounts of data across network operators. Also, these applications had limitations. The response time was slow, and they used significant data to make live streaming possible.

Users now want high-speed, high-response solutions. Increasingly, they don’t want to depend on third-party voice and video applications. Instead, they want to engage directly with their loved ones and business associates in applications they use.

Agora.io was conceptualized in 2013 when its founders identified this issue and determined to offer a solution that serves the core problem in real-time engagement scenario.

Agora.io offers highly-customized, easy-to-use, and superiorly compatible APIs that can be embedded into any application without building additional infrastructure for it. Their Software-Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN™) makes real-time data transmission possible. In addition to that, it also optimizes data transmission paths, minimizes latency, and uses less data than earlier. Millions of users enjoy high-quality voice and video streaming without worrying about their packet data and data pack loss.

Even for developers, incorporating agora.io SDKs into any application is smooth sailing. Businesses can offer superior user experiences and launch innovative products by leveraging real-time engagement with their customers and users.

Some of the Advantages of the Agora.io Platform are Listed Below:

Intelligent and Advanced Network

They have more than 200+ data centers across the world. The network is highly advanced and monitors real-time activities. It selects the quickest and efficient routing path to offer unparalleled real-time voice and video experience to the users.

Access to All Users

Agora.io is highly compatible with almost all popular development platforms and is also mobile-friendly. The battery consumption is minimal with Agora.io SDKs.

Highly Scalable

It is a highly scalable solution that can withstand sudden traffic spikes smoothly and effortlessly while offering a seamless experience to millions of users.

Flexible Building Blocks

Developers can customize the solution with integrated third-party extensions, customizable UI, and extensive APIs.

Highly Reliable

It is a highly reliable solution that can make seamless data transfer with an uninterrupted voice or video experience. The uptime is 99.99%, with 400ms average global latency and zero system-wide downtime.

Superior Enterprise Support Plans

The team is there for you as and when you require any types of technical or functional assistance to run smooth business operations.

Why Elsner for Agora.io Development?

Elsner is a renowned IT service provider company that has carved a niche by offering innovative, highly-functional, secure, and feature-rich technology solutions to clients worldwide. We have a team of dedicated developers with ace expertise in developing Agora SDK-incorporated mobile and web applications to help businesses to offer streamlined real-time voice and video experiences.

We have recently developed an application with the help of the Agora.io platform for a client that offers a live video streaming facility to users.

  • The app allows users to join live streaming video sessions at any given time and offers superior video quality.
  • We have customized the application by assigning an administrator who decides participants in the meeting. Only the administrator can approve a user to join the session.
  • Users can share video links to live-stream any YouTube or Vimeo video during the session. They need to add the video link, and the video will start playing on the screen.
  • The app also facilitates screen sharing. Users can share the screen during the session for insightful conversations.

Elsner is a name to remember if you want to incorporate Agora.io real-time voice or video streaming feature in your application. We are the top-notch IT service providers equipped with the best technical brains and tools to develop solutions that serve core business purposes.

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