Prioritize Seamless E-Commerce Transactions: Choose from the Best BigCommerce Payment Gateways

Mastering BigCommerce Payments: Secure, Seamless Transactions for Your Customers

If you are planning on starting a BigCommerce store or already own one, you are already embracing the winning E-Commerce platform. You adopted the best BigCommerce theme development services and have integrated the best plugins to make your store immensely responsive and functional. But is it enough to ensure optimal user experience?

Well, one crucial aspect of BigCommerce development services that holds the maximum weightage is payment processing. You ought to provide your customers with the flexibility of processing secured and seamless transactions while placing their orders in your store. With the right payment gateway, you will encourage reliability and trustworthiness among your customers. 

Therefore, just like you emphasize high-quality BigCommerce theme development, it is also recommended you do strict assessments for choosing the right gateway. In this article, you will get a clear insight into some of the payment gateways that you can integrate into your BigCommerce store and how they can help promote seamless transactions.

So, read along this article till the end, and you will finally be ready with a competitive BigCommerce store to run your business. 

What Do You Understand by BigCommerce Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway can be accounted as a BigCommerce API integration, which is a software solution that allows your customers to process their monetary transactions in your store. It is more like a digital gap-filling technology between your BigCommerce store and the banking services.

There are diverse payment gateways that you can consider implementing alongside your BigCommerce theme development practices. They are powerful tools that have the capability to improve the store experience for your customers. Upon using the right one, you will be able to expand your online business to even international customers. 

Your BigCommerce store will be able to accept payments in diverse currencies and offer your global customers a seamless checkout process. The basic agenda of all the payment gateways available for BigCommerce might be the same. However, there are certain differences that you must consider when choosing the one that’s best for your brand. 

Take help of professional BigCommerce development services and assess the features of different payment gateways. Some things that you can assess are available payment methods, compatibility, cybersecurity measures and other such offerings before deciding on one. You will learn more about choosing the best gateway later in this article. 

What’s the Working Process of Any BigCommerce Payment Gateway?

If you are new to BigCommerce for your online business, you might like to know how the payment gateways actually work. Well, it is quite straightforward! When customers intend to buy something from your store, they will come across the integrated payment gateway and a checkout process.

Upon filling out the information as asked, the gateway will be responsible for safely processing the transaction and crediting the amount to the merchant’s account. Upon seeking BigCommerce API integration for a reliable payment gateway, you can expect complete data encryption while the transaction gets processed. 

Once the customers give their payment credentials, the gateway will send it to the customers’ bank and wait for approval/declination. Whatever the outcome of the transaction is, the customer will be updated with the same on your BigCommerce store. The best thing is, all of these validations are done within a matter of a few seconds. 

What are the Top Payment Gateways that You Can Consider for Your BigCommerce Store?

Your BigCommerce theme development experts can configure the site to streamline your checkout page and process. Ultimately, it’s the payment gateway that will make it easier for your customers to place their orders and give you successful sales. So, as you are now aware of how important it is to seek BigCommerce API integration with the best payment gateway, let’s shed light on some of the most trending ones for you to count on:

1. PayPal

If you are looking for a reliable payment gateway that has a good brand reputation in the market, it’s PayPal. A lot of customers from different parts of the world have put their trust in this platform. So, by seeking BigCommerce API integration with PayPal payment gateway, you will eventually be increasing the credibility of your store.

In accordance with that, PayPal also offers its PayFlow feature, a payment aggregator made ideally for native BigCommerce integration. It is available for the platform stores listed across 45 countries. No other payment gateway can match PayPal’s popularity for BigCommerce. 

2. Stripe

Stripe is yet another popular payment gateway that can be part of your BigCommerce API integration options. This gateway is mostly known for being flexible enough. The best part about Stripe is that it supports more than 135 currencies and diverse payment methods. This means your BigCommerce store can easily accept payments from global customers.

Not only that but Stripe’s API is considered one of the most powerful options, as stated by most of the top developers. Thus, seeking BigCommerce API integration with Stripe is quite easy, and it delivers optimal performance for the store and experience for your customers. Not only that, but the processing fee is also competitive in comparison to other options. 

3. Square

If you run a BigCommerce store alongside a physical brick-and-mortar store, there might be a need for unifying the payment channels, ensuring all your transactions are managed. It means whether you receive the payment at your physical store or your BigCommerce hub, you will be receiving the amount in a single account.

You will also have a unified dashboard to monitor all transactions across both channels. But remember, Square is mostly ideal for small businesses with a low volume of transactions. With the help of BigCommerce theme development professionals, it will be easier for you to easily set up and access the Square gateway features on your store. 

4. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net, among all other payment gateways, is known mostly for its advanced security potential. Fraud detection is the USP of this gateway, which ensures your store and customer data will be safe from any unauthorized access. Authorize.Net has been popularly implemented by a lot of BigCommerce store owners from around the world.

Irrespective of the countries you are targeting with your BigCommerce store, this payment gateway offers you compatibility with diverse payment gateways, contactless payments, card payments and even e-checks. This gateway also has a transparent pricing model, ensuring there are no hidden costs. 

5. Amazon Pay

Let’s end this list with another popular name that customers from all around the world are fond of: Amazon Pay! It is one of the most trusted payment solutions that customers adopt while making E-Commerce purchases. You can now integrate it with your BigCommerce store as well!

Your customers will just have to enter their Amazon credentials, and they will be able to make their payments using the dedicated gateway. The payment methods and the shipping address will be retrieved from the Amazon accounts of your customers. Thus, the overall checkout process will be very easy, quick and streamlined. 

How Can You Pick the Best BigCommerce Payment Gateway from the List?

Now that you have the list of best payment gateways for your BigCommerce store, you might face the dilemma of choosing one from them all! Therefore, it is advised you take the help of your BigCommerce development agency professionals and decide on what aligns well with your brand requirements.

Your BigCommerce developer will help you assess your target audience and learn about the payment methods that they prefer. You can use analytical tools, tested with explainable AI, to collect relevant data to help you assess audience preferences better. Following that, if you are offering your products to an international audience, you must look for a payment gateway that can support diverse currencies. 

Once the customer-centric requirements are sorted, you must then assess the reputation of your shortlisted payment gateway. Take the help of the experts to retrieve testimonials and reviews by different BigCommerce store owners who have used the dedicated gateway. Look for the option that has a good history with BigCommerce users! 

Remember, the efficiency of your payment gateway can either make or break your BigCommerce business. So, do your bit of the research and take enough time to be able to make an informed decision. 

Parting Words

With this article, you might now understand the true importance of a payment gateway for your BigCommerce store. The purpose of adding the best one isn’t just to process monetary transactions seamlessly but also to offer a better shopping experience to your customers.

Therefore, your BigCommerce theme development practices shouldn’t just be around improving the site navigation and visual appeal but also streamline the checkout and payment processing aspects. With this list of five top BigCommerce payment gateways, it might be a bit easier for you to make a final call. 

But if you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact your BigCommerce development experts! They are experienced in the domain and will help you understand the pros & cons of each gateway in a more detailed manner. 


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