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Elsner is proud to share our new partnership with Trustpilot, the world’s largest online review platform. The partnership aims to build a powerful solution to help companies gather and analyze customer-generated content and leverage it throughout their online shopping journey.We’re glad to partner with Trustpilot to give businesses this invaluable tool for sourcing reviews on one of the world’s most persuasive online reviews sites.

Why We’ve Teamed Up?

Partnership with Trustpilot makes it simpler for our clients to get genuine customer reviews. They can use it to develop their business and continue leveling up the game. With Trustpilot’s core values of honesty, trust, and transparency, we saw a common aim to help increase transparency for our clients. Businesses can start growing their trust without spending a fortune on these reviews. They can access real customer insights without high-level technology, allowing them to compete with the top players.On websites, we all know visitors want to see honest reviews before making a purchase or final decision. But that’s just the beginning. Reviews increase conversion throughout the funnel, generate SEO benefits, make your ads more trustworthy, and help you improve your client experience.Therefore, we partnered with Trustpilot, identified as the leading platform for trusted and transparent reviews. We share similar qualities that are: to improve experiences for everyone by connecting organizations with consumers genuinely.

Why Users Love Trustpilot?

Our review invites tools to provide your business:

  • Reminders: Email reminders provide a friendly knock to your email invite and build a further 33% lot of reviews for your business.
  • Verified Reviews: Google Seller Rating counts the verified reviews that come through the Trustpilot review collection. Seller Ratings create stars for your Google Ads, and according to Google’s blog, they will increase click-through rates by 10% on average.
  • Automation: Work a lot with efficiency. After each user purchase, Trustpilot continually triggers an email to your users. Therefore, you’ll constantly have up-to-date reviews of your business.

Trustpilot Is The Voice Of The Customer 

At its heart, Trustpilot is a review platform that’s created by you and for you. Allowing you contribute to a much better shopping experience. The organizations will notice any weaknesses in your shopping experience and address the difficulties to improve their service. 

Why Product Reviews Are Essential for The Success Of Your Store?

  • Use customer feedback to enhance your merchandise and services 
  • User-generated content (UGC) marketing will boost the SEO ranking
  • Build social proof and build trust in your brand

Trustpilot Integrates With 

  • ECommerce Integrations: Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, OpenCart
  • Customer Support Integrations: Zendesk, Slack
  • Marketing Integrations: Klaviyo, Mailchimp
  • Developer Integrations: API’s, Segment, Zapier

Trustpilot’s TechnologyTrustpilot is investing in new initiatives to eliminate and prevent fraudulent reviews on its system:

  • Fraudulent reviews can be purchased online, coordinated with direct compensation to the reviewer, or performed by someone associated with the business.
  • Fake reviews, reviewers, and scams can be eliminated using Trustpilot’s new fraud fingerprinting technology. 
  • Trustpilot is also doubling its investment in content integrity and data science teams to search out and eliminate fraudulent reviews. 

About ElsnerElsner Technologies was founded in 2006. We are a team of 200+ and have successfully delivered 9000+ projects across the globe. Elsner is a web development, app development, and digital marketing agency. We provide eCommerce, Magento, WordPress, mobile app development, skilled SEO services, digital marketing services, and much more.About TrustpilotTrustpilot was founded in 2007, working with 700 employees with a vision to make an independent currency of trust. It is a digital platform that brings buyers and businesses together to foster trust and motivate collaboration. It is headquartered in Copenhagen and is in Denver, Berlin, London, New York, Melbourne, Edinburgh, and Vilnius.

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