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Using Plugins are Beneficial for an eCommerce Store?


Plugins are essential for any eCommerce website as these plugins improve the features, functionalities and overall appearance of the eCommerce store. You can add many features and functionalities in your store with these eCommerce plugins. You can offer a superior user experience with plugins. The main objective of adding extensions and plugins to your website is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the store.

Which are the Best eCommerce Plugins for your Store?

Let’s begin, Below are the suggestions from a few of the industry experts on

1. Brian Dean | Founder | Exploding Topics

E-Commerce Product Catalog:Brian Dean the Founder of Exploding Topics says:E-Commerce Product Catalog is a free WordPress e-commerce product catalog plugin. It allows you to upload as many products or items as you like and display them all across your website. This plugin gives you the ability to set up an online store. You can also add additional parameters to the product preview, such as prices, specifications, labels, and so on. Other notable capabilities include product search and filtering, product import/export through CSV files, and support for over 160 currencies.

2. Herbert Riggs | CEO | UnscrambleX

Ecwid eCommerce

Herbert Riggs the CEO of UnscrambleX says:

Ecwid is a WordPress e-commerce plugin that is one of the fastest and most powerful e-commerce modules available. It includes plenty of useful features. The platform already has more than 20,000 active members, and the community is growing!

The plugin is automatically updated, so you don’t have to worry about it all the time. Ecwid has its own inventory manager and delivery system, which keeps track of all local and international orders and deliveries. It also provides users with over 40 payment gateway alternatives as well as SSL protection to improve the security of their store.

The platform supports over 45 languages and provides technical help 24/7. Although the plugin is free, it does provide a paid premium edition with more extensive features and integration with other applications.

3. Steve Scott | CTO | Spreadsheet Planet


Steve Scott the CTO at Spreadsheet Planet says:

MarketPress is a trustworthy and extremely easy-to-use e-commerce plugin that works with nearly all WordPress themes. Multisite and BuddyPress are both supported by this plugin. For multi-level WPML integration of various language support to the website, the plugin has a unique add-on and documentation.

Everything from checks to emails and purchase monitoring is translated by Market Press. The user-friendly interface is simple and straightforward to use. It optimizes the WordPress API by using customized message types and taxonomy.

4. Veronica Miller | Cybersecurity Expert | VPNoverview


Veronica Miller the Cybersecurity Expert of VPNoverview says:

HubSpot is the HubSpot Digital platform’s all-in-one marketing plugin. The instrument acts as a catalyst for growth. It makes the most of marketing tools in order to boost corporate growth. HubSpot is used by over 100,000 companies to attract, engage, and delight their prospects and customers. Sales, marketing, and services are all improved with the WordPress e-commerce plugin. It works with over 200 apps, including Shopify, Stripe, Zapier, as well as sign forms and email marketing software.

The plugin helps you track interaction by sending you notifications whenever someone opens your email or clicks on a link in it. The Hubspot plugin has features that make site creation simple and quick. With its drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly create and add attractive forms and popups to your website.

It also helps CRM with its autos’ segmentation function, which groups contacts into lists and tracks their interactions with your website. For quick solutions to your visitors’ questions, the plugin also includes live chat and automated chatbots. When someone fills out a form or sends you a live chat message, automated emails are sent, allowing you to stay in touch with your potential clients at all times. All of your emails are automatically entered into your CRM.

5. Olivia Tan | Co-Founder | CocoFax


Olivia Tan the Co-Founder of CocoFax says:

The best eCommerce plugin for eCommerce websites is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is often considered one of your best solutions when trying to rapidly build and expand an online store. You could create a store for your blog with five products or include a large collection of thousands of products. The pricing for the plugin is always the same: free. That provides support for unlimited products and visitors, as long as your hosting and infrastructure can handle it.

Besides hosting, many companies still pay for certain elements that integrate with WooCommerce. For instance, many premium WordPress themes are made to work perfectly with WooCommerce–with a shopping cart and beautiful product galleries. You also might decide that you need an extension, or two, to improve your store’s functionality. WooCommerce has its own extension store, and you can find a wide range of third-party developers who create extensions for WooCommerce.

6. Chris Westmeyer | President | Caring Advisor

Google Analytics

Chris Westmeyer the President of Caring Advisor says:

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for monitoring blog statistical data,
and this plugin integrates all of Google Analytics’ features into your
WordPress dashboard. You may analyze visitors and views without leaving
your website, collect visitor behavior statistics, and much more.

What are the benefits of using plugins?

1. Increased security
2. Offers better means of communications
3. They help in boosting performance
4. Plugins are very easy to use

7. Brian Anderson | Marketing Associate | My Supplement Store


Brian Anderson the Marketing Associate of My Supplement Store says:

We have been using Shopify for over three years and our absolute favorite plugin is called Seachanise. This is a paid plugin that is light-years ahead of the native Shopify internal search function. This plugin allows you to see all the internal search results, but also keyword searches with no results, which is especially important. This allows you to set up synonyms for misspellings, and if you see a lot of searches for a topic or product for example, you can look into bringing that product in, because you now know there is demand. These examples make this plugin great for not only improving conversion rates on your Shopify website but also as a market research tool.

Easy Digital Download

Carla Diaz the Co-Founder of Broadband Search says:

Easy Digital Downloads: While it may not be the best for product eCommerce, using the Easy Digital Download is extremely beneficial if you do use it for selling things like subscription services or, as the name says, digital downloads. Of course, if you do sell physical products, this plugin is certainly not going to be your plugin of choice. If you do digital downloads, whether they’re free or for purchase, this does encrypt them so that your business is protected, as well as your client.

EDD is also pretty flexible and can keep up with your site’s themes as well, making sure it doesn’t stand out and seem like a natural extension of your website. There are also a number of extensions available to make sure you can customize its application for your site’s needs, such as for email marketing or for multiple payment platforms, such as Paypal or if you plan on taking Altcoins.

A large piece which might not benefit so many is the subscription model to license EDD for your site. It does include a number of tiers, starting at $99 a year. These all offer different features and access to extensions after the $199 tier but offer the same support through email. These are also yearly payments as they don’t offer a lifetime plan, so the costs keep coming in.

9. Jeff Moriarty | Marketing Manager | Tanzanite Jewelry Designs

Ultimate Special Offers

Jeff Moriarty the Marketing Manager of Tanzanite Jewelry Designs says:

One plug-in that has made a huge impact on sales is called Ultimate Special Offers. This is a paid plugin for Shopify websites. It allows you to easily create different types of deals and discounts for your ecommerce website. You can set up upsells, free gifts, discounts, bundles, volume or bulk discounts, and BOGO deals without any technical knowledge needed.

The cost of the app is based on the amount of sales you receive from it. So the better you do, the more you pay. Since implementing this plugin, we have seen a 20% growth in sales during our promotions, which has been very impactful especially during the holidays. It costs us about $99 per month, but just in the last year, it resulted in over $30,000 in sales.

10. Darshan Somashekar | Founder & CEO | Freecell-Challenge

WP eCommerce

Darshan Somashekar the Founder & CEO of Freecell-Challenge says:

WP eCommerce is a functional and effective WordPress plugin that enables you to quickly establish gorgeous online stores since it was built by the industry’s top e-commerce developers. A delivery option is available in the WP eCommerce plugin. The plugin has been downloaded by 50,000 users so far, with some of them switching from the WooCommerce plugin.

It works with practically all WordPress themes and is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac computers. The creators gave users the option of editing HTML5, meta tags, and CSS style sheets. Your online store will be able to sell both digital and physical products thanks to the integrated WP eCommerce e-commerce plugin.

11. Mark Karges | Account Director | PressFriendly

WP eCommerce

Mark Karges the Account Director of PressFriendly says:

AfterShip is a leading post-purchase engagement and tracking platform for eCommerce businesses. It integrates with Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, and more. The minds behind AfterShip believe that while finding new customers is important, retaining current customers is just as important — and often ignored by retailers. In order to retain customers and build brand loyalty, retailers must make sure they have a peerless post-purchase experience, including clear delivery tracking (which some carriers don’t even offer!) and asking customers for detailed feedback about how to improve the purchase experience or the products themselves.

One of the ways AfterShip is improving the post-purchase experience is through the launch of its new AI-powered Delivery Date Prediction tool. Compared to carrier predictions, AfterShip’s new API more accurately measures on-time delivery for online shoppers using big data and artificial intelligence.

With 74% of shoppers prioritizing on-time delivery for their online orders, inaccurate delivery dates and times pose a significant problem for retailers and marketplaces looking to provide a top-notch customer experience. However, carrier predictions are not precise enough, and unreliable information harms brand reputation. This is exactly why AfterShip launched its Delivery Date Prediction API. The new tool addresses this problem by utilizing AI and the following data to more accurately predict on-time
delivery compared to unreliable carrier ETAs:

  • Billions of previous shipments
  • Ship-from and ship-to location
  • The carrier service being used
  • Potential delays caused by holidays and volume
  • The merchant’s own previous shipping behavior


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