A New Addition to Excellence! Elsner Partners with Comm100


Elsner is glad to share the new partnership with Comm100, the best customer engagement solution that builds loyalty and spreads happiness. Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement solutions. It is the only customer service software that offers a unique blend of human agent, chatbot, and self-serve interactions. The key reason for partnering with Comm100 is that it assists other organisations in strengthening customer interactions and improving corporate performance.

About Elsner 

Elsner Technologies was founded in 2006. We are a team of 200+ and have successfully delivered 9000+ projects across the globe. We are a full-time technology development agency with ISO 9001(Quality Management) certification & Official Magento Partner and Shopify Partnered company. We work mainly in Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing services.

About Comm100

Since 2009, Comm100, a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement solutions, has helped businesses orchestrate their unique mix of human agents, chatbots, and self-serve engagements. Comm100 is used by companies such as Rackspace, HomeTrust Bank, and Canadian Blood Services to provide service that bridges the gap between query and answer. It is a leading provider of on-demand customer service and communication solutions that help businesses of all kinds serve, inform, and communicate with their customers more effectively.

Why Elsner partnered with Comm100?

Elsner cooperated with Comm100 to give virtual support with clients and impart trust during a period of uncertainty. Our ardent goal is to enable our clients to create the most authentic, unique, and significant part experience in the Ecommerce market today. This goal is being achieved with the help of Comm100.Assist our clients in establishing relationships with their clients. Increase employee retention and decrease turnover. With a highly secure and reliable platform, you can communicate with customers and respond to their questions, from any location, and at scale. Comm100 creates great digital experiences that generate income without raising costs, from front-line marketing and sales to continuous service and support.It provides a one-of-a-kind combination of human-agent, self-serve, and bot-driven customer engagement channels for regulated sectors and more.

Comm100 Features and Capabilities of Enterprise Version

1. Omnichannel Communication 

Customer Engagement made easy via Omnichannel.

  • Live chat for web and mobile app: Email, Popular Social Channels, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp for Business, WeChat, Integrated and stand-alone Knowledge Base, Advanced rule-based routing, Contact-centric architecture.
  • Multi-modal chat: text, audio, video, screen share, co-browse Ticketing, SMS, Unified cross-channel communication.

2. Bots and Automation

The regular chatbot from Comm100 employs a simple keyword engine to figure out what your visitors are asking and then responds with the answers.

  • Multi-language AI Chatbot, Task Bot, AI Voice Bot, Intelligent Agent Assistance, Seamless Bot-Agent orchestration, Intent- and rule-based journey optimization.
  • Rule-based automated case management, On-premise AI Chatbot, Auto-translation for 100+ languages, Dynamic chat campaigns

3. Knowledge Management

  • Real-time, AI-powered, intent-based answer recommendations: Customer and Agent-facing knowledge bases, Feedback-driven learning center, Global and agent-level canned responses, Smart content lookup for agents, Agent-initiated knowledge gap control.

4. Quality Control

  • Monitoring of chat and ticket supervisors, as well as takeover of chat and ticket supervisors Review and export of transcripts, a post-chat survey with a rating and a net promoter score (NPS) Content management is prohibited. Notes on the chat and a wrap-up for the agents.
  • Volume and concurrency control at the agent level.

5. Distributed Team Management

  • Configurable automatic chat distribution, Team/department management, Shift management, multiple chat campaigns for different markets and customers, Agent-to-agent chat, internal notes and @mention for chats and tickets.

6. Integrations and Extensibility

  • Advanced API, Agent Console SDK, Mobile SDK, Customer-side CSS Webhooks, Zapier integration
  • E-Commerce integration, CMS integration, Telephony integration, Ticketing system integration, Website integration, CRM integration

7. Analytics & KPI for Supervisors

  • Real-time dashboard, chat queue & wait time, Agent Availability, Agent Workload, Agent Efficiency, Agent Utilization

Industries and customers benefited from Comm100’s omnichannel customer support platform in the following areas: Modernization of contact centres, support automation, and digital customer experience orchestration

Why Comm100 is Important?

Businesses must now comply with the following requirements: Make it available through more channels, such as chat, social media, SMS, and email. Make problem-solving information more accessible and faster. Provide smarter, better-equipped customer service representatives. Sales and online assistance are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With built-in AI chatbots, you can improve chat efficiency.


A digitally-focused world necessitates a digitally focused solution and so

Comm100 is here. In today’s competitive, digital-first world, your clients must take better care of their customers if they are to survive and prosper.

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