We’re Excited to Announce Our New Collaboration with AGORA!


Elsner is happy to announce a new collaboration with Agora, the Real-Time Engagement Platform for significant human association. The primary target of the partnership is to amplify the robust solution to help each community for longer connection through real-time on a demandable platform.

Let’s get to know about Elsner:

In 2006, Elsner Technologies was established. We have a powerful team of more than 200 people and have completed over 9000 projects worldwide. We are a full-service technology development firm with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) accreditation and an official Magento and Shopify partner. 

Mobile app development, digital marketing, and Web development are some of our main areas of expertise. We have a dedicated team of employees who are continuously working hard to improve the standard in terms of the services we deliver to our clients. “Work hard, and party harder.”

Overview of Agora:

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As time passes, one’s role as a human must evolve to meet the demands of the present. According to the current situation, people desire to engage in longer-term meaningful relationships. When individuals see, hear, and connect with one another nowadays, they hold on to them for a long period.

AGORA is an On-Demand platform that allows us to develop meaningful relationships and stay connected for longer periods. Because Agora is a Platform as a Service (PaaS). It offers flexibility and robust application interfaces/ APIs, allowing developers to integrate On-Demand video and voice engagement experiences into their apps. No Code, App Builder, Low Code, UIKits, Flexible, Classroom, Code Libraries, and Download SDKs are some of the tools and flexibility you’ll need to get to market rapidly.

Why is Agora Convenient and Partnered with Elsner?

During uncertainty, Elsner collaborated with Agora to provide virtual help to clients and instill trust. Our burning desire is to help our clients create the most real, one-of-a-kind, and meaningful part experience available in the real world today. With the support of Agora, this goal is being met.

Agora is a platform geared toward developers. As a result, developers largely utilize it to integrate phone, chat, and live video streaming functionality into their apps. It’s utilized to allow speedier code integration and a wider range of compatibility when adding new features. It allows high-quality video and audio integration, live streaming for significant user engagement, simple recording, and real-time messaging.

Agora – provides global coverage with ultra-low latency, extensibility, and interactive flexibility. It’s the most popular and user-friendly RTE (Real-Time Engagement) network on the planet. According to the current situation, Agora’s SD-RTN (Software Defined) Real-Time Network offers over 200 data centers with which you can connect. It provides fundamental solutions to a wide range of populations. Below are the major points of why Agora is more useable,

1. Network with intelligence: 

Our network continuously analyses activity across 200+ data centers and selects the best routing option for sub-second latency.

2. Incredibly Scalable:

Designed to manage sudden traffic spikes while gracefully scaling from one to millions of concurrent users, depending on your needs.

3. Reliability that is vital to the mission:

Its history has had 99.99 percent uptime, an average worldwide latency of 400 milliseconds, and zero system-wide downtime.

4. All users have access:

Compatible with all major development platforms and mobile devices with low battery usage.

5. Adaptable Building blocks:

With our broad APIs, customizable UI, and pre-integrated third-party extensions, developers can create unique experiences.

6. Plans for Enterprise Support:

Our industry-leading technical team provides development and operational assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Agora assists in the provision of primary solutions to the underserved community,

1. Education:

Agora allows developers the opportunity to create applications for the Education community, where we can use the virtual classroom functionality to make learning easy and accessible for students all over the world.

2. Live Audio Operating:

Agora gives the Live Audio streaming option to keep up with people’s current trend of connecting from anywhere. Through the live streaming functionality, people may communicate worldwide, share their thoughts, and collaborate.

3. Gaming:

Developers want their apps to be enjoyable to use. As a result, Agora offers a better alternative to the gaming community for creating interactive and real-time associations that aim to view and socialize while playing games easily.

4. Retail:

Would you like to attract more customers’ attention? Agora makes it possible for developers to do so. It encourages you to use trending live operating possibilities to transform your retail business/products. People can have individualized experiences with a large audience using live streaming video chat and text tools.

5. Telecare:

Nowadays, every community needs upgrading, and Agora’s Real-Time technology connects doctors and patients on demand. It offers feature-rich app development that allows patients and doctors to communicate via text, chat, and voice.

6. Social:

People want to keep connected through SMS in the dating world. Developers will integrate audio and video options into dating apps using Agora, allowing users to communicate with their friends and groups using video/audio chat.


A digitally-focused world demands a real-time focused answer, which is why Agora exists. Your clients must take better care of their users in today’s competitive, digital-first environment if they are to survive and grow. Elsner is happy to partner with Agora to enhance our client’s relationships in the real world utilizing a real-time platform. Please contact us right away! We have the right people to manage your company’s needs.

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