Shopify and Partnership: Build an Empire Now!

Every big brand is looking for ways to empower its platform with a strong partnership. There needs to be a strategy to choose the best partner to empower your business.

Shopify and have made it easier to sell services in China. The main aim was to bring two world-class eCommerce platforms. A certified Shopify developer has brought the future in safer hands and removed the barriers to entering the eCommerce market.

Let us first explore Shopify and individually. 

What is Shopify, and How does it Work?

You may have come across Shopify teams in the market. There will be plenty of resources to provide you with detailed guidance about the platform. Lucky for you, Shopify already has a simple interface to provide a great experience to the users. So, Shopify is an ecommerce platform that works online and offline to build websites. A wide variety of resources can be integrated into the website to enhance its functionalities. For finding new customers and for enhancing communication with familiar ones, use Shopify Email marketing apps.

The process of using Shopify:

  • Make a Shopify Account 
  • Start developing your Shopify website from the dashboard
  • Personalize the Shopify theme based on your requirements 
  • Create a Shopify domain which will be your online address 
  • Configure the payment methods for your platform 
  • View your online platform and stay with the trends in the market

What is

Many people are familiar with as China’s largest retailer. It is a technology and services organization with a large supply chain at its core. It has set the standards for online shopping by providing authenticity, quality, and commitment to the users.

Furthermore, it offers a vast collection of products in many major categories like electronics, home furnishing, fresh food, apparel, FMCG, fresh food, and more. also provides fast deliveries to ensure a great customer experience. They provide high-quality products globally and deliver to the doorstep. 

Innovations Performed at

  • Smart Logistics: This includes fulfilling automated orders using the drone, automated warehouse technologies, and autonomous delivery vehicles. 
  • Supply Chain: There is a modularized smart supply chain solution that provides planning, designing, execution, monitoring, and control of each activity. uses big data, IoT, Blockchain, image and video processing, machine learning and many such deep learning technologies. 
  • Artificial Intelligence: It helps to build algorithms for gathering customer insights and predicting your niche’s demands. The firm has also developed speech recognition and voice fingerprinting technologies. 
  • Virtual Reality: This technology provides an interactive experience to the visitors while giving them ease of shopping and convenience. 
  • Security: The platform has ensured to deliver reliable and safe eCommerce experience to the customers and business partners. The support team has specialized in handling threats and malfunctions smartly. 

How do Shopify and Empower the eCommerce Market?

On January 18, Shopify and announced

a strong partnership to make selling from US merchants to China consumers effortless. The JD channel allows Shopify App merchants in the US to sell products in China.

People looking for authentic and high-quality products from brands will easily get access. It provides intelligent translation and smart price conversion of product descriptions and names. This also increases cross-border ecommerce by providing global supply chain abilities and simplifying the complicated process.

The reasons to consider these platforms are: 

  • Online shoppers are driven by what they look at and find engaging. This makes it vital to have a wide variety of categories and quantities of products in the inventories. Shopify store and will ensure that you have a sufficient quantity of products and services. 
  • Starting your business at the peak time of the year helps increase your annual sales. It will help you to gain instant success in the online business. 
  • When your business starts growing, it means you need to handle more responsibilities. This partnership ensures that you provide faster shipping, hassle-free returns, an excellent user experience, and great discounts. 
  • Shopify and will handle them as they provide white label products from the consumers and sell them as yours.
  • You need to know the most demanded products that the shoppers prefer. You need to find splendid suppliers for your store and keep enough stock in the inventory. 

How are Shopify and Simplifying the eCommerce Market? is an official partner of CedCommerce, which has brought in the all-new Drop-shipping app for Shopify merchants. Users get the opportunity to manage business operations with Shopify Development Services. The crucial operations which will help the merchants are:

  • Sourcing Private Products: Whether you have best-selling or new range products that you want to sell, the sourcing agents will help meet your requirements.
  • Branded Drop-shipping: Users get wider options from the best sources at affordable prices. They will help you label them with your logo and sell them exclusively on your platform.
  • Fulfilment and Services: With the help of JD sourcing, your Shopify business will get faster shipping with monitoring details from the warehouses in US and China. You benefit from the best industry support and experts in the team. 

What will Both the Merchants Provide?

It takes around 12 months for the foreign brands to sell in China. But the JD marketplace and JD streamline channel will allow Shopify merchants in the US to begin in 3 to 4 weeks. The channel will support the merchants by providing:

  • Expedited onboarding helps the merchants to sell quickly 
  • Logistics that deal with order fulfilment from JD’s US warehouse can directly connect with consumers in China. 
  • Smart conversion of price into local currency depending on the foreign exchange rates. VAT, typical category pricing, and consumption tax. 
  • Ease of translation for product names and descriptions. 

How to Scale your Business with JD Sourcing and Shopify?

People are investing to Hire Shopify developers to increase sales and revenue for the business with this partnership. Some advantages are:

  • Drop-shipping with means you can begin selling instantly by reserving the required quantity of products in just three clicks. 
  • Finding products from various categories is effortless with the help of great features and functionalities. 
  • Merchants can sell with ease as the products on are checked for safety, quality, and user experience. 
  • It can be a perfect platform to source the products you require at the best cost 
  • Brands get an opportunity to switch between suppliers just by allowing them to fulfil orders on your behalf at a faster speed. 
  • Just a single request will help you find an inventory and begin selling products within a day or two. 
  • It gives you the freedom to label the packages and products with your customized logo and label
  • Converting the products in your private inventory is seamless as you are just required to reserve them. 
  • Once you have decided, you can make a small advance payment and pay the rest when required. 
  • Become the bestseller, and your products get a private product zone in the market. 
  • Your products gain exclusive rights, which helps to increase the sales

The Final Note!

The partnership between

Shopify and will allow merchants to scale their business globally. We know you might seem a bit worried when it comes to the growth of your platform. 

Elsner has the right tool to help you succeed in the market. We have been in the market for over a decade and are familiar with the effects of such partnerships. Reach us now to leverage the best part of these platforms.

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