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Elsner is proud to share our new partnership with Wizzy, the AI-Powered eCommerce semantic search platform. The aim of the partnership is to build a powerful solution to help companies gather and analyze customer-generated content and leverage it throughout the online shopping journey.My “Aha Moment” About and Its Features!Wizzy is an artificial intelligence-powered eCommerce semantic search engine. Wizzy knows the purpose of the visitor and assists in converting them into purchasers through personalization and relevancy. Enterprise-grade AI-powered search solution pioneer for e-commerce to optimize sales conversion and create brand loyalty. Wizzy’s goal is to expand rapidly in the world of e-commerce. Wizzy has been offering services to improve sales by improving the store’s appearance. They employ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve the platform’s search capabilities for clients. Now, Let’s see about its features. 


NLU models It understands large unstructured queries and can successfully conduct self-learning. The installed ML algorithms are self-learning and constantly improve themselves for each shop.Autocomplete: Auto Completes the search term a visitor is entering and offers clever recommendations, saving them time. The built-in popularity algorithm sorts autocomplete recommendations.Navigating Advanced FacetsFaceted search navigation enables users to locate goods in big catalogue sets by searching with numerous filters. Our facets and filter technologies ensure that visitors only view things that they are interested in.Analytics and real-time statisticsIt is critical to understand not only how, but also why, a given sale occurred, as well as to do a periodic comparison of accomplished sales. It is preferable to provide a rational response rather than rely on a gut emotion. Wizzy records users’ activity and behavior on the site, allowing businesses to get insights about their customers and make the best marketing decisions.SynonymsWizzy allows online retailers to develop associations between search phrases and catalogue data, increasing the likelihood that visitors will discover what they are looking for. Wizzy’s self-learning algorithm automatically proposes new synonyms to add.Catalogue indexing in real timeDon’t waste time waiting for new goods to appear in search results; Wizzy allows you to sync the catalogue in real-time while also making it discoverable to visitors.SpellcheckAs users do searches, an inbuilt typo system lowers typical spelling errors. To discover typing mistakes, each search phrase is compared to the search index and other search queries.Image loader in a flashThe quick picture loader provides visitors with a smooth and seamless UI/UX experience.Mobile CompatibilityMore than half of all clients access e-commerce sites via smartphones. Finding and filtering a product in a terrible search on a mobile device is like adding insult to injury! Wizzy is equally accessible on mobile devices as it is on desktop computers.Wizzy Is The Voice Of The CustomerAt its heart, Wizzy is an AI-Powered eCommerce semantic search platform that’s created by you and for you. By allowing lets you contribute to a much better shopping experience as organizations take notice of any shopping experience and can work towards addressing the difficulties and improving their searching experience with Wizzy. 

Major eCommerce Systems have it Built-in.

Magento 2Wizzy is a Magento 2 plugin that you must have if you want to improve your search on your Magento store. We provide a customized search plugin for your Magento 2 site that includes auto-fill functionality.ShopifyWizzy is an essential Shopify software for any online business. We provide a Shopify customization software to help you optimize your Shopify search on the website. Soon to be releasedWizzy WooCommerce Wizzy also supports WooCommerce to improve shop search. For your WooCommerce store, it must have a plugin. Soon to be released.

Wizzy’s Technologies which is Beneficial for our Customers:

Integrate Wizzy’s intelligent search engine in your e-commerce business to give super quick and relevant results, and create an excellent customer experience that drives more transactions.Advanced Data Structuring Store and manage your product data in the most effective and structured manner possible, allowing for quick access on the front end.Completely customizableCustomize the search depending on your business requirements, not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of the entire algorithmic structure.Engine of Customer IntentCreate a search experience that recognizes your user’s intent and returns the same results.Intelligent AutocompleteProvide intelligent product suggestions to your customers as they enter in the search field, helping them to find things more quickly.Facets and Filters for Advanced UsersApply complex facets and filters to your search query to narrow down the results based on the user’s interests.Swatches and Variations Built-In SupportAllow your consumers to see your items in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials by including beautiful and user-friendly swatches.Search-as-You-Type Capability (Real Time)Begin displaying results as users input in the search field, which saves time and allows for faster conversion.Mobile CompatibilityWizzy, which is compatible with mobile browsers and platforms, provides the same search experience on mobile devices as it does on computers.Multi-Currency Support Customers from all over the world may search for their selected currency thanks to a wide variety of currency support.Uptime of 99.99 percentWith a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, your sales will never suffer since Wizzy search will always give relevant and timely results to your clients.’s use of Technology Concepts

AI & MLSelf-learning algorithms that interpret visitors’ intent and display the exact items that buyers seek. Using AI technology, e-commerce shops may provide a personalized touch.Data cleansing and integration assistanceMaintains the cleanliness of your catalogue and promotes product visibility in-store. Providing hassle-free integration assistance regardless of the platform on which your business is built.Reliable, timely, and relevantOur approach assists online retailers in increasing sales by making the buying experience more customized, dependable, and rapid.

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