Shopware 6: Want to Know the Insights of New Release?


In March 2021, you might have got to hear about the release of

Shopware As a Shopware developer, you will be curious to know what is in the box for you. We know getting the best e-commerce software to ease the process of managing and running a business. 

What is Shopware 6? How it Makes a Difference?

Shopware Development is a modern e-commerce platform that helps to add enterprise-level facilities with high flexibility. It is a fully customizable and expandable platform that provides excellent features. Shopware 6 is perfect for small and medium-scale organizations to start an online business with great functionalities. The top-three blocks of the Shopware development are:

  • Shopware core has the e-commerce processes and resources 
  • The Shopware administration is an interface to manipulate the resources efficiently 
  • Shopware storefront is a default frontend app that gives customers a view of the top core. 

Being an open-source technology, it allows you to modify and share content without any restrictions. Building an active community is crucial, while Shopware development is a part of it and maintains consistency.

Some Unique Features of Shopware 6 that Leave Substantial Impacts:

  • Community-Based: As Shopware 6 follows a community-centric approach, it handles problems effortlessly. The Shopware team has the technical and practical knowledge to provide the best solution.   
  • PWA: The Progressive Web Apps are the easiest methods to make your presence in the e-commerce world. It has the potential to improve your rankings on search engines. The best part of having a PWA is its availability and speed. 
  • Sales Channels: It gives you the freedom to reach customers at different locations with multiple channels.   
  • Target Audience: You get country-specific translation plugins and currency support to expand your e-commerce business globally. 
  • Flexibility: The API-first approach helps to unlock great possibilities for your business with unique features. 
  • Cost-Effective: With a lower cost of ownership, Shopware 6 process provides effortless e-commerce solutions. 

What is New with Shopware

1. Wish List

This is the best method to engage your customers in an e-commerce store.

Shopware provides the wish list feature to allow the visitors to add the products and save them later. It is now available for the users that sign-up and even for the guest users who browse the store for the first time. 

2. Price Adjustments 

Different places have different rounding systems of price. For such instances, it is essential to have a flexible solution for this, which is available in Shopware. As a business owner, you can hire Shopware developers to work on:

  • Adjustment of price for every currency 
  • Decide the nearest decimal places 
  • Modify the settings for each item or final cost 

3. User-Defined Search Index and Ranking 

As an online retailer, you need to know the audience, their interests, searching words, and their needs. The search functionality should give them the freedom to find their products easily. 

4. Prices “Starting from” for products 

The costs vary based on the color, material, size, and many more factors. To grab users’ attention, you might want to display products price starting from showing if that fits their budget. The Shopware

, the feature of the lowest price, will be modified to starting from. 

5. Payment Choices 

It is crucial to have a smooth checkout process to generate higher conversions. With

Shopware 6, you get freedom from extreme action in the checkout process. Customers get to see the available payment options in a single place and get the information instantly. 

6. Better Menu 

The release of Shopware has improved the e-commerce business by making it transparent and more straightforward. A few updates are:

  • The color palette has been optimized to display the active and hover states 
  • Users can navigate the menu with a seamless flow  
  • Another level has been added to the menu 
  • As an owner can have as many sub-menus, you want. Then open and close them as needed. 

7. Product Pages New Layout 

The Shopware CMS helps design effective categories, products, services, and landing pages without any technical knowledge. The latest update enhances the opportunities of a Content Management System. 

How to Know if Shopware 6 is the Best Fit for your Business? 

Some better attributes that assure that

Shopware is worth your investment:

  • The merchants looking to start an e-commerce store without much technical knowledge, then Shopware 6 has everything in-store for them
  • The top-level admin control helps to develop and publish interactive products
  • If you need a self-hosted solution, get it through Shopware
  • When you need a dealer distribution or require B2B type features
  • Significant technical and admin support
  • Cost-effective support models to increase revenue



Shopware 6 is a fully customizable platform that has excellent features for every size of business. The latest release will ease the process and meet your targets effortlessly. To make this more accessible, hire Shopware developers to make it more efficient. We have an experienced team to integrate the best features and functions into your e-commerce store. Reach us! To unlock the best phase of online business and generate better returns.

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