How to Digitalize Your Product Catalogues?


Product Catalogue is an online solution developed on Laravel and Flutter technologies that are trending in the market. Product Catalogue provides an online solution for listing products with details on the mobile application most easily. 

What Solution does Product Catalogue Offer?

Admin CMSProduct catalogue offers full CMS through which users can interact with their product using an image, brand, size, etc.  Mobile Application A fully customizable mobile application that can be easily installed from the play store by the end-user. It helps to send product inquiries effortlessly. 


  • Complete control on the list of products, categories, product details, and product images.    
  • Highly customizable mobile application.
  • Login through OTP verification and Guest Login support.       
  • Mobile product  listing    
  • Reviews and Ratings of the products  
  • Share to WhatsApp and Add to collection


  • The easiest way to list your products is in a mobile catalogue application.
  • No Limits on creating the Products and Categories.
  • No technical knowledge is required for operation and product listing. 
  • Admin CMS is compatible with mobile devices also.
  • Upload product images directly from a PC or Mobile Device.
  • Share to Admin/Owner with WhatsApp share feature to enquire about any product.
  • Maintain correct customer data with required details.
  • Add to collection option.
  • Know your most rated product.
  • Complete privacy for the database and user details. 

Technical Specification:

  • Mobile Application: Flutter
  • Admin CMS: PHP Laravel 

Who can own this Product Catalogue Solution?

Anyone interested in showcasing their Products for their vendors and end customer can use the Product catalogue Platform. It is ideal for listing Clothing, Electronics, Accessories, Gift Article, or any other products. There are no limits to the implementations by any category or genre. These can be: 

  • Whole Sellers 
  • Retail Vendors
  • Businesses with multiple products and categories 
  • Entrepreneurs who want their products listed and give order facilities through WhatsApp.


A product catalogue can be an excellent solution for the business that wants to control their product showcasing with hassle-free listing and ownership of the products.

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