Elsner and Dotdigital Have Teamed Up To Improve Customer Journeys For E-Commerce Brands


Elsner has announced it has been named an official supporter of dotdigital due to our most recent engagement. We will continue to drive our expertise and understanding to provide efficient email marketing campaigns by collaborating with them.

We are working in partnership with top marketing technology providers, who support us in delivering platform solutions. It is a critical component of providing high-quality marketing service to clients.

Dotdigital: A Snapshot

The Dotdigital Engagement Cloud is formerly known as


The heart of this powerful solution is omnichannel automation. Merchants can build detailed customer profiles and send personalized messages to customers through their preferred channels. They get the freedom, and it does not matter where they are or what device they are using.

Here are a few of the tools offered to clients of dotdigital:

Campaign–tools – Includes Email marketing, SMS marketing, live chat, push notifications, and marketing automation.

Optimization tools – Includes A/B testing, personalization, and Facebook and Google Ads.

Data tools – Includes integrations, website tracking, segmentation, and data migration.

Ecommerce tools – Product recommendations and abandoned cart functionality are two examples.

B2B tools – Includes lead scoring and abandoned browsing functionality.

Reporting tools – Campaign, RFM, and ROI reporting tools are available.

Why is the Dotdigital Engagement Cloud a Good Fit for Merchants?

The dotdigital Engagement Cloud is a customer engagement platform designed to help retail customers develop vital omnichannel marketing programs where every journey counts. The platform collects and syncs valuable data from customers’ online and offline interactions with companies. This allows information to flow smoothly through the Application Programming Interface (APIs).

How can AI Help Dotdigital’s Consumer Engagement Strategy?

  • To enhance email open rates, dotdigital uses send-time optimization.
  • Merchants can receive customized and relevant information that converts when merchants use AI-driven product recommendations.
  • In testing, artificial intelligence is utilized to ensure that clients are automatically exposed to the best advertising campaigns.

What Makes Dotdigital Stand Out Above Other Marketing Automation Platforms?

  • For entry-level merchants, dotdigital offers segmentation and automation.
  • Dotdigital’s ease of use and strategy support are distinct factors for mid-level retailers.
  • Dotdigital is less complex than other huge platforms for merchants at the top end of the market.

Dotdigital: How it can Grow Business?

So, what makes dotdigital unique? See below for the main benefits of dotdigital and how it can help your business grow.

  • Save Time with Automation – Setup the delivery of your marketing campaigns by creating triggered workflows that send emails or other messaging based on customer behavior. Once all the rules are in place, dotdigital will handle the rest, sending all emails on their own. This allows you to nurture existing contacts while also converting more leads into clients.
  • Scalability – The dotdigital Engagement Cloud allows Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to maximize profits and easily scale their business to enhance ROI.
  • Seamless Integration – Dotdigital links to the BigCommerce platform and integrates with a variety of additional technological partners. This helps retailers to give the best possible customer service.
  • Data-driven Personalization – Customize your marketing content so that each piece of content you provide is unique and relevant to your audience. Businesses can gain a true insight into their consumers’ behavior and preferences by storing data.

So, What Advantages does Dotdigital Offer Our Clients?

Dotdigital takes an integrated data approach, using CRM data to power customer emails and track behaviour. This allows them to get a better understanding of their customers and run more effective segmented campaigns.Dotdigital features an easy-to-use automation tool for building life-cycle marketing campaigns, with cross-channel execution as a core component. You may target your users on the right channel with the right message by using many platforms. It has email, SMS, push notifications, and live chat, as well as intelligent re-targeting on Google Ads and social platforms.

About Dotdigital

Dotdigital is a global firm with over 300 people and B2C and B2B enterprise and SME clients founded in 1999. Dotdigital is a pioneer in the field of omnichannel marketing automation. 4,000+ brands in 150 countries use the platform’s capabilities to acquire, convert, and retain customers.For organizations looking to engage customers across all touchpoints, dotdigital Engagement Cloud is the platform of choice. Users’ data can be linked, valuable insights can be uncovered, and intelligent messages may be sent via email, SMS, social media, and many such platforms.

About Elsner

In 2006, Elsner Technologies was established. We are a team of over 200 people that have completed over 9000 projects all across the world. We are a full-time technology development firm with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) certification, as well as an Official Magento Partner and Shopify Partner. Our major areas of expertise include Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing.


This perfect partnership might end up as a deadly combination. You might want to explore the strategies and advantages we have in store for you. Elsner and Dotdigital will help you empower your business and bring better results in the market.

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