Drupal and AngularJS Development: How This Combination will Help You in Web Strategy


Web developers can easily create dynamic and rich web experiences with a combination of AngularJS and Drupal. Drupal Development Company will tell you that it is the best platform to manage content and data. While AngularJS Development Company ensures to give the best support with the JavaScript framework.  

What is Drupal?

Drupal is the most popular CMS that can be used for small or large scale websites and applications. It is an efficient and powerful framework to handle large amounts of data, gives the flexibility to add functionality, scalable, secure, extensible, and SEO friendly. 

Advantages of Drupal:

Advanced Technology

It is the most technically advanced CMS and has powerful tools that require experience and expertise to operate. 

Easily Customizable

The platform can be integrated with wide plugins, themes, and configuration tools. It gives the option to edit the root file and code directly. The Drupal developers can easily make significant changes and customize the platform according to the business requirements.

Save Cost

Drupal software can be downloaded freely on and installed on the hosting server. 

Content Delivery

Drupal gives the ability to tag, organize, and categorize the complex content on the website or web applications.

What is AngularJS?

It is a lightweight and scalable frontend framework that is based on HTML5. It is a great choice to build fast and super-rich web applications. AngularJS developers can help in adding various dynamic widgets and interactive elements that do not affect web apps performance. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that helps in building applications with progressive opportunities. It gives many opportunities to build miscellaneous applications on the Drupal platform. Some of the best reasons to select AngularJS:

  • A concise and lightweight framework that can make your website fascinating
  • Web designers and developers love HTML as it is simple, clear, and intuitionism in the code structure. AngularJS extends the HTML to define the UI and lets you build interactive web apps that have high functionalities. 
  • Create reusable components using AngularJS 
  • The client-side ensures that it isn’t affected by cyber attacks
  • It has a faster development process, asynchronous technique, multiple views, and SEO friendly development.
  • AngularJS has a unit testing setup that makes it fast and easy for developers to test their codes
  • It has two-way data binding that immediately triggers application objects and provides an interactive framework.   

Benefits of AngularJS:

Maximize the performance

Adding AngularJS to Drupal which has a heavy server-side PHP framework adds some business logic on the client-side. This will improve coding performance as it needs less code for certain things. 

Easily Troubleshoot

AngularJS uses declarative programming that can give a quick sense of static, dynamic, variable names, and code execution. 

AngularJS and Drupal   

They are the perfect combination to make an impressive frontend and powerful backend content management framework. Drupal is a flexible and scalable CMS that is used to develop web applications for small and large scale businesses. The open-source CMS which is highly customizable and manages business requirements. The developers usually faced difficulties in building applications, device and browser inconsistency, and program similarity. Let us see what the combination can do together:

Improve Performance 

Drupal can give a seamless experience even with heaps of functionality. Sometimes when you offload some business logic to the client-side in AngularJS you are unburdening the Drupal’s backend. AngularJS is used for themes, presentations, and Drupal for the backend data source which can boost the performance of the website or web applications. It allows you to move the display logic into the client-side and streamline the backend which results in increasing the speed of your website. 

Less Coding

Drupal Web Development Company is relieved from the coding section and makes the basic Drupal websites using AngularJS. It can make Drupal websites more rich, interactive, and dynamic without complex codes. AngularJS uses directive, plain objects for the data models, and HTML for UI which involves less coding.  So the Drupal Web Services will have to put less effort and build interactive pages instead of writing the complex JavaScript codes.  

Logic isolation

AngularJS follows the MVC framework that separates the model logic, controller, and business in web applications. The isolation of application logic from the UI gives clear results and a non-redundant coding structure. This helps in removing a lot of backend logic from Drupal thus making it efficient and light-weight.


Drupal assures to provide website security and follow the security protocols diligently. Being a part of a large community there is very little chance of having a security flaw that is not noticed or patched afterward. Headless Drupal and AngularJS together add the extra layer of security into the website. The browser generally communicates with the Angular that means there is no direct interaction with the server-side. This makes it difficult for online attackers to inject any malicious code into the database.  

Wrapping Up

We have discussed the benefits of combining AngularJS and Drupal together. The Drupal Development Company can easily take advantage of AngularJS features and functionalities. You can hire developers that can add interactive elements, dynamic widgets, real-time updates, and many such features. Get in touch with us to know more benefits of this combination.

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