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A Complete Guide For The Progress Web Apps with Drupal


In modern times, every business owner strives to be fully represented in the digital world to have a presence and offer an engaging experience for mobile and laptop users. Here, apps in mobile phones are a great idea to gain the attention of the people. One of the internet choices here is to look for the most beneficial progressive web apps (PWA). There are lots of factors associated and known in this process and continue reading to know them.

Know about the Progressive Web Apps?

A progressive web app is the web application that will make use of the web capabilities to deliver the native app experience to the user by combining the features offered by several modern browsers to offer enough benefits of the mobile experience. When you look for the PWA integration with the Drupal, it is the latest web advancement and outfit device capabilities. History will prove the benefits and importance of such activities.

In 2015, the term progressive web apps or PWA popped, and it utilized the stacking advantage of several new features supported by modern browsers. Several vital factors like web app manifest, service workers redesigns web apps to make an amazing web application irrespective of the operating systems that people use. They represent the way to build a better and high performing website.

Why should you consider progressive web apps?

Based on the study, the native apps lose 20% of the users on every step that is needed to download and install the app. On the flip side, a stat proves that the better results in terms of conversion as PWA can be downloaded directly from the browser to any of the other app stores. It will perform like the normal app on the mobile phone.

PWA will have the best benefits from the web platforms features to offer the best app-like experience for the users. With the PWA integration, it is possible and easy to enhance the user experience. When you are integrating with the powerful features, the users can have the benefits of the push notification, load time for slow networks and add to the home screen icon.

Components of the PWA

When you look for the components, there are three basic components of the PWA.

  • App shell: App shell providers minimal HTML, CSS and Javascript that will power the user experience of the applications.
  • Web manifest: This will allow you to add the application to the users to the home screen. This file defines all the components of how the progressive web app will behave. It generally adds the header tag of the page.
  • Service workers: Service workers can be scripted to intercept every network request, and it also serves the response from the cache even when the user is not online.

Knowing these will offer you the best performance with the PWA integration.Key features of the powerful progressive web apps

  • Reliable: Loads instantly and never shows the dinosaur even in certain ambiguous network conditions.
  • Engaging: The users will use the app like the other ordinary apps on the device and have an immersive user experience.
  • Secure: The site must be secured over the HTTPS, and this will prevent snooping and ensures the content has not tampered with anything else.
  • Service workers: A service worker is a script that your browser will run in the background, separate from the web page, opening the door to features that do not require any web pages or user integration.
  • Web app manifest: The web app manifest is the simple JSON file that will usually give the users, the developers, to have the ability to control how the app will appear for the user.

To enjoy all these features in the progressive web app integration look for the right Drupal development company.

The process of adding the PWA functionality to Drupal

  • There are modules for all the procession drupal. Progressive web app integration with Drupal also comes with the best module for better understanding. This integration can be provided with the progressive web app drupal module. Here is brief information on the module.
  • The Progressive Web App drupal injects the PWA feature in the Drupal platform, and here it works without any complexities. It creates the standard setup and JS developers are able to write service workers scripts for the other customization process in the apps like PWA. Here, you can find some features for the smooth and hassle-free progressive web app integration with drupal.
  • The module comes with the service worker that takes care of caching and offline work. When it is active, the service workers will help the pages to load faster. It serves the pages from the cache and among the additional tweaks, there are fallback images that show for any uncached images.
  • The Drupal module will create the configurable manifest.json file with the necessary metadata. It will also allow the “add to home screen” to be prompt that is eligible in the browser.
  • Site admins will be able to configure the manifest from the UI of the Drupal.
  • Other modules on the drupal website can add their modifications to the manifest.

You can find these module configurations page at admin or config or PWA or settings where you need to fill the required data in the manifest or change the provided defaults. It includes app name, description, start URL, default languages, theme and background colour, and many others. So, this page will be more useful when you are looking for the progressive web app integration with drupal.


These are some of the must-know factors when it comes to PWA integration drupal development, these are some of the significant aspects you should know. PWA is a great way of offering the app-like experience for the users, and drupal can be a stupendous option to enhance your site. So, ensure you are approaching the right drupal development company to have the best performance with the app.

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