ASP.NET vs PHP Development: How to Choose the Right One?


Choosing a technology for web development that can achieve all your targets and fulfill your requirements is a tough task. The cost of development and complexions are dependent on the platform you select. Whether it is ASP.NET or PHP web development company in the USA both will have their pros and cons according to your business requirements. The scalability, performance, and growth of the website depend on the medium used for web development.  

What is PHP? 

The general-purpose programming language is an open-source platform that helps in web development and mainly focuses on the server. It handles the backend that is executed on the server-side and the user generally interacts with the frontend that is based on HTML. Before starting with PHP one should know

  • Server-Side coding language
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • It free, efficient, and powerful platform 

Where is PHP used?

  • Creating dynamic content
  • Create, modify, edit, read, and delete the files on the server-side
  • Collect the data
  • Send and receive cookies
  • Add, edit, modify the database
  • Performing data encryption
  • Output can be HTML, PDF, XML files, Flash, and other text files 

What are the Benefits of using the PHP Framework?

  • Open Source platform
  • Supports huge amount of database
  • It is an independent platform that runs on many platforms
  • The custom web applications are developed faster
  • No extra code is required
  • It is compatible with the APACHE and IIS
  • It provides better reliability and high performance  

What is ASP.NET? 

The open-source framework is used on server-side web applications. ASP.NET allows developers to create web services, web apps, and dynamic content-based websites. The framework of .NET has some key components namely:


The most used languages are C# and that exist on the .NET framework which can be used for the development of web applications.


It has a set of standard class libraries that are used in web applications to add necessary components.  

Common Language Runtime  

The CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) is a platform where the .NET programs are executed. The CLR handles the exception handling and collects the garbage. 

What are the Advantages of ASP.NET?

  • It has pure server-side technology that executes faster
  • It supports CSS, XML, and many web standards
  • Security and safety is assured in the development process
  • It is a language-independent nature that gives freedom to choose the language that is best for the applications
  • Easy deployment process 
  • The combination of HTML and ASP.NET generates dynamic web pages 
  • The processes of web development can be managed and monitored easily. 

Major Differences between PHP and ASP.NET 

Speed and Performance

The speed of the website decides the performance of both PHP and ASP.NET websites. Both are equipped with technologies to access the file system, display pages on a web server, and find images. The database server, bandwidth, and many more factors decide the speed of the website. ASP.NET avoids irregularities in the code and restricts the business applications to write better or easier code. Whereas, PHP developers find it easier and tech sufficient to build the website. 

Editors and Tools

When you develop an IDE using PHP it bounds to get support from the editors like Eclipse that is freely available. Hire PHP Developers to incorporate codes in few lines that need work and there are many code editors available in the market.ASP.NET has many IDEs that are used with Microsoft Visual Studio with ample features but it is not free of cost. 

Scalability and Support

Scalability is best in both the platforms ASP.NET and PHP. If you are developing with Drupal then PHP should be considered as ASP.NET has a slow learning curve that restrains the developers. Hire a PHP Expert that is aware of the language and delivers the best results. 

Language Performance

PHP has been faster at the core level but modern hardware is growing fast and this speed is not relevant anymore. So it depends on the architecture and way the code is written in determining the performance of the platform. 

Fixing Issues 

During the PHP Web Development process, developers encounter problems and need to fix the problems. PHP helps professionals to clear up issues and refresh the things in the platform easily. The ASP.NET provides ease in knowing the issues that arise and helps to resolve them.   

Why are Both Great at Web Development?

  • PHP is used to build a small project that does not require complex support. While ASP.NET helps in better scalability which is a great choice for large projects.
  • ASP.NET works on compiled code that runs like machine code and uses hardware of the system that makes it more platforms specific. PHP has interpreted programming language that is platform-independent and allows many dynamic programming techniques. 
  • ASP.NET gives vertical scalability that means increasing the performance of each element of the system for overall performance. While PHP works on horizontal scalability that divides the system into small structures and works on them simultaneously on different servers. 

The choice, in the end, is dependent on your project and its scale in the market. We would recommend you to hire a dedicated PHP developer if you are building a small scale corporate business as it will reduce the cost and increase the development process. Before making any final decision you might want to consult the experienced and knowledgeable PHP development company USA for better results. Reach Us now to get the best services and support in the market.

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