WordPress 4.9.8 Update: Enhancing Privacy And Avoiding The Test Run

After much deliberation and hype, WordPress has finally released WordPress 4.9.8 as a Maintenance Release. The update was carried by the company for such a long time and it carries several updates including the “Try Gutenberg” Callout. The WordPress Development has stated that the user must update their WordPress in order to take advantage of the latest security updates.


The Maintenance Release package can be downloaded directly or updated from within the dashboard. The latest Maintenance Release has fixed 46 bugs, enhancements and blessed tasks, including the update to the Twenty Seventeen bundles theme  “Try Gutenberg” Callout.


Similar to all the previous updates, WordPress has released patches for older functional versions as well. For WordPress Engine Customer, there is no action required. However, the latest update won’t settle the WordPress vs Drupal Vs Joomla debate once and for all but it aims to help to make an informed decision about which system to use for the customers own project or website.


“Try Gutenberg” Callout is Seriously Happening This Time:


The main aim for this prompt is to drive adoption of the Gutenberg plugin so that the customers can get more data and feedback on how exactly the Gutenberg functions. the prompt also introduces the Classic Editor plugin, which lets users opt out of using Gutenberg if desired, beyond pushing users to try Gutenberg


This callout will focus more on the Gutenberg Editor, which will ship out in WordPress 5.0. In WordPress 4.9.8, the callout will be demonstrated to the following users which are as follows:-


  • The callout will be shown to Contributor users and above if the Gutenberg is installed and activated.


  • The callout will be shown to the Admin users on single sites, and Super Admin users on multi-sites, if the Gutenberg is not installed or activated.


  • The callout will be hidden for all users if the classic editor plugin is installed.

The update has also included the 18 Security fixtures focused on ensuring consistency and flexibility:-


  • Admin screens can now be adjusted as the Pagination for privacy request has been included.


  • Site name being used for privacy emails in multisite will enable the improved consistency.


  • For all privacy confirmation emails, the type of request being confirmed and is now included in the subject line.


WordPress 4.9.8 Will Also Fix The Memory Issues:-


The latest update will also fix a memory leak that has been a problem with some users since WordPress 4.9.7. If the users are experiencing the “memory exhausted” errors on their site then they can breathe a sigh of relief as the newer update has significantly reduced the issue.


The company has stated that previously they received a lot of complaints related to the memory issues so they have worked extra hard on this issues and have fixed it in the WordPress 4.9.8.


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Huge Acquisition in WordPress Business Space:


The WordPress Engine plans to continue to invest in developing Genesis as well as building “Future solutions that leverage the framework”. WP Engine Digital Experience Platform will be additionally benefitted with the Genesis framework which will be integrated tightly. The  WordPress Engine will continue to offer customers the StudioPress themes as an add-on to the hosting service, which offers great value.


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