Payment Gateways For WooCommerce: 6 Cool Advantages Of 2checkout Payment Plugin

Searching for payment gateways turns into a confusing battle to figure out which companies offer the best rates. Better 2checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce allows merchant’s WooCommerce powered store to accept credit card payments via 2Checkout along with WooCommerce subscription payment.

Customers can avoid low rates and avoid hidden fees when they process credit card and PayPal payments through 2Checkout. It also has support for Mixed Checkout which allows subscriptions and products to be purchased in a single transaction. Here are some of the main advantages of using Woocommerce 2checkout payment gateway plugin.

1. Ease Of Use

The implementation of the 2Checkout is super simple, with payment API libraries available in PYTHON, JAVA, RUBY, PHP, .NET and cURL. Open source carts which are popular can integrate with 2Checkout.

For example, when combined with 2Checkout, Magento and WordPress have no issues. For inserting the payment gateway on merchant’s online store, Bits of codes are given to them and managing their payments is pretty easy thereafter.

2. Pricing

The pricing plans of the 2Checkout depend entirely on the home country of the customer and they can select the country right from the 2checkout pricing page. The pricing table is extremely simple to understand. The 2Checkout basically tells the customer about a single percentage and cents rate per every successful transaction.

As an example, for businesses in the United States, the rate would be 2.9% + $0.30 for every successful transaction.

3. 2Checkout Security

2Checkout has advanced fraud protection, using more than 300 fraud rules whenever someone makes a purchase through the merchant’s website. This is impressive as it covers all the bases that the customer would expect.

2Checkout is PCI level 1 certified, which is the highest level a company can have. To detect fraud in real time, they consist of a three-tier defense strategy. The primary goal is to call out the fraudulent activity before it happens, and it seems like 2Checkout is doing a good job of it.

Also, 2checkout Dynamic payment gateway for WooCommerce supports contains 8 payments methods which come as default under WooCommerce settings.

4. In-Store And Mobile Functionality

Customers can buy products through a mobile device as a mobile-optimized checkout process is provided. To collect payments through a mobile interface, this is the only method. So, unlike PayPal and square, merchants will not get mobile swiper, and not even in-store POS equipment.

5. Countries Served

2checkouts stands out in these factor as it supports just about every country which is present on these earth. There is a little drop down menu for changing around the rates based on the country can be noticed when the merchant go to the pricing page. This is a huge advantage for those who have run into trouble locating a viable woocommerce plugins and payment gateway in developing countries.

Dozens of countries from Albania to Germany, and Hungary to Panama. The 87 currencies and 15 languages and overall, they list 211 markets that are available to choose from.

6. 2Checkout Support

2Checkout is an international payment processor, which runs as a third party system and transfers money from buyer to seller after the buyer checks out on an online store. The 2Checkout company has a striking similarity to PayPal, so when someone goes on to the business owners site and buys something, they can expect that the 2checkout name will show up on their credit card bill. The other services such as 2Checkout Gateway Module for WooCommerce is also making headlines because of its huge benefits.


As mentioned above, 2Checkout has several benefits and it has become a vital and first choice for companies that either have only a few thousand dollars in monthly sales or those that want to get around some of the laws that the merchants might encounter in developing economies.

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