Improve Laravel Application Performance with These Ultimate Tips


The entire PHP community is interested in

Laravel Application after working on its features and functionalities. Being an open-source framework, it has provided outstanding performance to developers. Laravel Application Performance is considered an ideal solution as it reduces developers’ efforts and builds desired web apps. 

Different Types to Optimize Laravel Application Performance:

  • Language: This means using the faster version of the language and avoiding certain coding features that make your code slow. 
  • Infrastructure: Working on Web Server, PHP process manager, and database. 
  • Hardware: Choose a hardware hosting provider that is better, powerful, and faster
  • Framework: The proper framework will support the best features and functionalities. 

What are the Tips to Improve Laravel Application Performance?

1. Use In-Built Performance 

The most significant way is known as route caching. You see, every time you boot the

Laravel Application, it resolves aliases, route groups determine middleware, and identifies the controller action. 

You can bypass the route processing using caching with the command:

php artisan route: cache

This will give you impact and boost your Laravel Application Performance. There are other options in Laravel:

  • Configuration caching 
  • View Caching that helps to pre-compile the Blade template views 
  • Event Caching to cache the app events and listeners

2. Use the Cache Smartly 

Laravel Application has built-in support for the caching feature. Some use cases for caching include:

  • Caching Static Pages: Laravel websites will use page caching for each single documentation page. 
  • Partial Caching: Instead of caching the entire pages, you can use fragments. This saves a lot of resources, time, and effort. 
  • Query Caching: If your Laravel Application queries the database at a higher frequency for items, this is very useful. 

You can Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers as they understand the proper procedure to apply caching in the

Laravel Application. Caching is not the correct choice for long-tail items. Instead, they must be used in the data retrieval. 

3. Identify the App Performance 

Some of your pages might have high memory usage, while some will have higher loading speed. Some common sectors you can focus on are:

  • Duplicate Queries: In some cases, your code executes the same query multiple times for the same request, which might slow down your Laravel Application Performance.
  • High Memory Usage: There are various tools to reduce memory usage in your Laravel Application.
  • Slow Queries: You need to look for queries that consume a lot of time to execute. You should consider caching these queries and optimize other query execution plans. 

4. Use Deployment Tools 

A deployer is a tool used for deployment. If you have dealt with the composer to handle the project dependencies, you might have spent a significant number of hours and efforts. You can ease the process with just one command:php deployer.phar deploy productionThis might not enhance the

Laravel Application Performance, but it will save your time. 

5. Integrate the JIT Compiler 

PHP is a server-side language and it does not comprehend the PHP code natively. The Laravel developers compile the code into bytecode and interpret the PHP code. So, Laravel Development Company can use the Zend engine that comes with the Just-In-Time compiler that helps in compiling the code once and quickly. 

6. Compress Images

In case your

Laravel Applications have too many images, it will affect the page loading speed of your platform. It is important to compress and optimize the images. You can take help from various online tools to maintain the quality and resolution of images. 

What are the Advantages of using Laravel Application for your Business?

1. Secure Platform 

When you

hire Dedicated Laravel Developers, they ensure to provide a highly secure platform. A website deals with various resources that have some personal data. It becomes vital to keep your data safe and protect it from external security breaches. 

The Laravel application is one of the most secure web frameworks with the help of SQL injection. It helps to secure the database and other relevant data. It removes all the security risks and gives a smooth web app experience. 

2. In-Built Features 

One of the best benefits of having Laravel Application is that it can handle a wide range of features that do not need coding from scratch. The Model-View-Controller architecture has a modular packaging system that has excellent dependency management. This eases the stress of

Laravel Development Company when it comes to creating a package using codes. 

3. Great Performance 

Since it is crucial to have better performance to achieve business targets, L

aravel Application has flawless speed and features that help beat competition. In some cases, if you have compromised with the performance, you might lose many potential customers. With the help of the right tools, it becomes easy to handle functionalities that deteriorate the Laravel Application Performance.

4. Optimization of Laravel Application Performance 

The Laravel management system helps to make crucial decisions and optimize the performance from the business perspective. It can handle simple web apps to complicated APIs in Laravel.

Laravel Application is built with a quick development approach, command PHP artisan, MVC architecture, and a vast set of libraries. 


We will end it here! Hope we have made your work easy when it comes to enhancing the

Laravel Application performance. You can always rely on our experienced developers to gain the fruitful benefits of the Laravel platform.

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