What Type of Web Applications can be Built Using Laravel?


PHP frameworks are becoming an essential part of web development. People hire dedicated Laravel Developers to integrate the best functions and features into their website. The PHP framework has libraries that have pre-packaged classes and functions to help build a website.There is an excellent hike in website development using Laravel, which has increased the demand for

Laravel Development Services. Around 79.2% of the websites use PHP for their server-side programming language.   

What are the Unique Features of Laravel Development Services?


This feature allows the website owner to enable authentication and approve the valid data of users.

MVC Architecture

The Laravel framework uses the Model-View-Control architectural pattern, which eases the development process. This will increase the performance with a clean and better documentation of the application.

Routing Systems

The Laravel designers get a choice to select the route used to activate the application. The routing system acknowledges the URL.

Light-Weight Templates

Laravel Development Services can incorporate dynamic content seeding with the help of impressive layouts. This ensures that your website has simple and elegant web designs. It also has an enormous collection of widgets and structured CSS.

Unit Testing

This feature ensures that no new updates or changes will create an issue as there are multiple tests. It might be a time-consuming task, but it ensures that your app runs smoothly.

Object-Oriented Library

Laravel has libraries that are not available in other PHP frameworks. These support several features like active check users, password reset, encryption, bcrypt hashing, and more.


Laravel has over 20 unique libraries that help make the website modular, responsive, and easier to navigate.

Why Choose Laravel for your Web Development?

School and University Management Systems

The Laravel development environment has infinite possibilities to handle complex and heavy tasks for this section. Various features of Laravel for this thing are:

  • Student Registration
  • Add faculty details
  • Access class schedule
  • View students attendance
  • Sent notifications to the users
  • Build subject material and syllabus
  • Show timetable
  • Students can submit their homework
  • Hostel Management
  • Parents can access the required information
  • Reports and Analysis of student performance
  • Control over activities

ERP Management System

This will help organizations to manage and increase the productivity of their employees. The ERP system can handle multiple functions like:

  • Manage projects, users, and tasks
  • Track items through the inventory module
  • HR module can help in managing employee information
  • The Account and Finance module can track balance sheet and payments
  • Easy communication between employees
  • Analyze and build reports of the users

Online E-Commerce Store

Whether you have a website or mobile app, it connects the sellers with potential buyers. It builds a bridge to sell and buy products online to deal with B2B or B2C. Some features that come in handy with the system are:

  • Seller or customers registration
  • Unique interface for the users
  • Freedom to set account, details, dashboard, and settings
  • Customers and vendors can easily track orders
  • Innovative landing page, categorization, and filters
  • Coupon Code for deals
  • Price comparison about the products and services
  • Manage shopping cart, payment gateway, and checkout
  • Customers can track orders, returns, and refunds

CRM System

The Customer Relationship Management system is a dynamic software that manages customers. Some tasks that can be controlled using this system are:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Ease of customization for users
  • Manage projects
  • Handle leads with notes, files, and tasks
  • Increased customer retention rate
  • Build professional invoice template to gain customers
  • Track employee and payment options
  • Look at current and future sales of business

Hospital Management System

It will manage the hospital events and functions efficiently. It has different modules and features, such as:

  • Doctors can manage their patients
  • Prescribe for patients
  • A calendar can help doctors to manage their appointments
  • Admin will get complete control of the system
  • There can be a dashboard for the doctor, nurse, patients, and more
  • Handle hospital operations
  • Patients can book appointments
  • Ease of communication between doctors and patients
  • Manage hospital operations
  • A complete transaction using multiple payment options
  • Patients can track their prescriptions, medications, surgeries, allergies, and more

What are the Favorite Web Apps using Laravel Collection Methods?

Below are some Web Apps which using Laravel Collection Methods:

  1. This website is used to educate developers. It helps Laravel Development Services to improve their skills and productivity while developing web apps.
  2. It is a famous portal used to watch videos, series, and movies online. Users can subscribe to their favorite shows and get notifications about them to stay updated.
  3. Laravel Tricks: This website gives hands-on tricks which help in making the development process more accessible. Developers can ask queries and get answers quickly.
  4. World Walking: This is a healthcare platform to motivate people to walk more. It provides ease of accessibility through smartphones. It has multiple features like group walking, solo walking, and workplace challenges.


Whenever you choose a platform to develop a web app for your business, select the one that gets regular updates and testing support. We have given you multiple reasons to choose us for your laravel project.

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