Turning E-commerce Website to Mobile App with React Native Development


Mobile applications have revolutionized online businesses and provide services quickly to customers.

ReactJS Development Company has been working on various applications for Android and iOS. Facebook launches it in 2011 and has been gaining popularity since then.

It has cross-platform capabilities to ensure the smooth development of the applications. Some advantages when you hire ReactJS developers are: 

  • A mobile device is easier to carry and ensures that your store has high connectivity with the audience.
  • Mobile traffic has been dominating the digital world
  • User engagement through mobile applications is higher when compared to browsers
  • Mobile apps can save the required details of your online platform.
  • Users can make a comparison between prices, products, and services
  • You can easily send essential information to the customers by notifications.
  • It will speed up the payment process
  • Native mobile apps will provide exclusive features and functionalities.

What are the Challenges while Developing Mobile Applications?

  • Migration of data from websites to mobile apps
  • Uniform experience on both the platforms
  • Management of products on the website and mobile devices

What the Different Methods to Step into the Mobile World?

Suppose you are running a business or technological company. It will make sense if you build a web-based application, which is cost-effective and user-friendly. Let us look at the different ways to build mobile applications:

1. Progressive Web Applications

PWAs are the new word in the digital world. Google introduced this technology in the marketplace. This allows mobile devices to integrate websites or web apps. The conversion of a website into a Progressive Web App will not take much time. The website will become more competent, work offline, faster loading, and send push notifications. Some advantages are:

  • Push notifications
  • Improve rankings on SERPs
  • Offline mode

2. Hybrid Mobile Apps

This framework allows developers to build mobile apps using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These applications are called hybrid mobile apps. They can also work in WebView on multiple mobile platforms, iOS and Android App Development. The feel and look of the apps are smooth and seamless. Some pros of having a hybrid mobile app are:

  • Less time to market
  • It is cross-compatible with Android, iOS, and web browsers
  • Highly accessible to smartphones

3. React Native Applications

It is popular in the market to build a web app quickly. This is a significant advantage for the OS native components. The source code will convert into a native mobile application which ensures that app performance is smooth. Some benefits of using React Native apps are:

  • High development speed
  • Cost-Effective development
  • Gives look and feel of native apps

4. Native Applications

It is the best choice when it comes to product quality and performance. Suppose you have a website and planning to build a mobile application for iOS and Android which has the same backend. You might need to Hire Android Developer and iOS expert to build native apps. Some advantages of having a native app are:

  • A superb collection of open-source modules and libraries
  • Excellent performance
  • Better user experience on mobile devices
  • Supports offline mode

Conversion of an E-commerce Website into a Mobile Application:

One of the critical differences between developing an e-commerce website and application. Desktops have a large screen, and several elements in the screen must be handled.While mobile screens have a smaller screen which means you need powerful strategies to fit the elements. You need to pay attention to the product and service descriptions, action buttons, and images.You must have visually appealing designs on every web page on all the devices.

Hire ReactJS developers that will help you make your business layout responsive for all the platforms. They will also ensure that your page loading speed is excellent and user-friendly.

Getting a mobile app for an online store makes it easily accessible to users.  A fully functional store will be more than just products. It must-have features like seasonal sales, order status, promotional coupons, and more.

What are the Reasons to Convert Websites into Mobile Applications?

  1. Mobile devices are the future of technology. It will help you react the right audience and gain organic traffic
  2. It will increase the reliability of various screen sizes
  3. The mobile app will help to reach potential customers easily
  4. Applications can help in extended functionality like cameras, GPS tracking, push notifications, texts, and more.
  5. They will create a positive image of your business in the market and provide better returns
  6. Some mobile app can work without an internet connection
  7. Users will have faster and easy navigation

Why should you use React Native for Mobile Application Development?

Being a cross-platform framework, it allows the reusability of code and components on web and mobile devices. Some practical benefits of React Native are:

  • The cross-platform support will help small businesses with iOS and Android App Development on a small budget.
  • The E-commerce mobile application no more has to compromise its features due to platform-specific user experience.
  • The Hot Reload feature helps to update data in real-time.
  • Code reusability will reduce the apps time to market and increase React developers productivity.


Since ReactJS was introduced, it has been popular technology in the market to date. You might want to get in touch with the

ReactJS Development company to unlock the best functionalities of the platform and integrate them into your mobile application.

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