Things to Know About Salesforce Summer 2021 Release


You know we will be enjoying summers too soon! Are you ready to gain the best Salesforce development services?There is a new Salesforce Summer 2021 release with innovations. There might be an excellent improvement for the developers in the frontend and backend. The admin and users must optimize the workflow in the dynamic content. It would help if you got the best Salesforce tipsto make data-driven decisions. 

What is Salesforce Development and Why you should use it?

It is a cloud-based CRM platform that handles customer relationships and automation solutions for enterprises. This tool gives a collaborative view of your marketing, commerce, sales, and other services. Reasons to use Salesforce development:

  • It helps businesses to manage a healthy relationship with their clients and increase sales. 
  • It automates and integrates marketing strategies to reach to the customers in the best possible way. 
  • A Salesforce platform is capable to handle sales, contacts, proposals, track opportunities, quotes, and a gazillion more things. 
  • It has In-Built technologies to build custom web and app solutions  

What is the Main Focus of the Salesforce Summer 2021 Release?

1. Employee Concierge 

This gives employees access to ticketing and knowledge system from their Employee Workspace Experience Cloud website.Key-Dates-Summer-21

[Image Source: Salesforce]

2. Workforce Engagement 

With the integration of the Service cloud, the customer contact centers can now give the work to their skilled agents at the correct time interval. 

3. Content Scheduler

The CMS content scheduler helps to easily share, manage, and curate content in an effortless method. 

This helps perform an intelligent search within the Customer Relationship Management system by making it more actionable and personalized.  

Importance of Salesforce CMS with the Addition of New Updates:

The Flow Updates 

  • Create Multiple Column Screens in the Flow Builder: You can easily divide every flow screen into multiple columns and sections to make it visually structured. The section components from the Einstein Next Best Action and Actions components are now supported in the flows. This helps Salesforce Development Company to arrange their screen components into various columns efficiently. 
  • Debug Tool: The native flow debug tool helps to debug the Record Triggered flows. The developers need to select a record and debug the Record Triggered Functionality.
  • Native Collection Sort Element: This will help to sort the collection variables in descending or ascending order. It is used to sort the subject Record Collections. These are the collection of variables and primitive data types. 

Dynamic Action Bar 

In the Salesforce summer 2021 release, you get the freedom to configure the Dynamic action bar. It is easier to use the bar for standard and custom actions, like setting the visibility of the entire Dynamic Action bar. 

Inline Editing 

The importance of Salesforce is increasing as they now let users edit the report inline. Even if a specific Record is outdated, it allows you to update fields like numeric, text, or checkbox without leaving any report view. 

Download the Dashboard Image into File 

This feature lets users download the dashboard as a PNG file. These downloaded images can be embedded into documents or presentations effortlessly. 

Custom Lightning Component Analysis

The Analyze button in the sales reps can now get the performance predictions and insights of custom components. It also has a page load time based on various devices that users are preferring. This feature will help the Salesforce Development Companyto provide a better user experience with faster loading pages.  

Security Enhancements 

  • Secure HTTPS contention is introduced in the Experience Cloud and Salesforce websites. 
  • Salesforce now enables the required email confirmations for changing email addresses automatically. 
  • Customers who log into the Experience Cloud site will stay in the same host or domain. 

Pipeline Inspection 

It gives a single view of the sales representative pipeline. This includes the metrics and opportunities showing fundamental changes in various categories like forecast, close dates, amount, and more. Using this feature helps to focus on important deals and gain more support.  

Send Emails Effortlessly

There is nothing worse than receiving promotional emails which do not put their sales pitches. When you interact with your Sales representatives, they might have certain limits when sending emails and responses. It is essential that:

  • Emails are sent to potential leads. 
  • They have an authentic look, not the impression of system generated emails 
  • Better user engagement means higher Click-Through-Rate 

Salesforce now allows to list the emails in two categories:

  • Send through Salesforce 
  • Send through connected account

These Salesforce tipswill help you approach your audience better and increase your chances of gaining qualified leads. 

In-App Guidance Walkthrough 

Earlier, this feature was paid for by the users, but with the Salesforce Summer 2021 release, this is free now. Walkthrough helps to build the interactive tour, guide users through new features and step-by-step processes. 

Mobile Enhancements 

  • URLs Management: As an admin, you can decide whether they open inside the app like a web view, outside the Experience cloud app using an external browser, and inside the Experience cloud through an in-app browser.
  • Navigation: You can now easily customize the order and type of menu items in the Experience builder. 

Wrapping it up!

There are many features you need to unlock to understand the importance of Salesforce for better CRM. As a top-rated Salesforce Development Company,we explore its updates profoundly and believe in empowering the capabilities of your services. Reach us! To get assistance and guidance related to Salesforce development.

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