Getting Started with Salesforce Features To Boost User Productivity


Salesforce has worked on bringing new features to increase user productivity. Some of the Salesforce features are only available for cloud-specific functionalities. Some Salesforce Application development companies will work on marketing automation to reach their sales targets in the market. There are cases where such companies might have low productivity that can affect your sales badly. Some of the factors that affect the Salesforce Development Environment are:

  • Meetings are the constant element of the business and they are a great source to know productivity. They need to be handled efficiently and with a definite purpose for resolving issues if occurred. Try scheduling fewer meetings and communicating more through Emails. Keep the meetings focused on your business to avoid pointless discussions. 
  • Many companies are stuck at keeping fixed hours for their employees for completing their tasks. Getting things done effectively even after office hours where people are genuinely interested in their work, is more beneficial for the business.   
  • There are chances that there is a lack of recognition in the business that can degrade the performance of employees. Productivity is directly linked with appreciation. So, acknowledge the good work of your employees and ensure that they get recognition for their hard work regularly. 
  • The workplace must be equipped with automated systems to cut out the reasons that can lower the user’s productivity. An automated platform for marketing and sales helps in handling some tasks automatically and saves time to increase productivity.

Major Benefits of using Salesforce are

Customer Information 

The biggest advantage of it is it can retrieve information for both quantity and quality. By using salesforce features you can view every individual account, task, opportunity, contact, and event that can help in generating leads. This helps in keeping an organized customer profile by tracking important information. The digital design is a direct update of physical resources. It is responsive, convenient, and comprehensive to use which reduces the workload of managing digital files. 

Account Planning 

Salesforce features can help in getting customer information, reports of the business, and manage accounts independently. It also enables business owners to modify their plans to gain better results and build a better connection with the clients. One can create reminders to update customers, upper management, and account managers about important responsibilities.   

Time Management 

Salesforce development tools help in giving the information required to plan the resources of your business. This can help in prioritizing the work of your clients and help in organizing tasks for different accounts accordingly. The built-in calendar tool helps in visualizing the schedule for the year, month, week, or day to get potential leads.  

Let us Look at Some Interesting Features of it:


This is a great salesforce feature for users who have repetitive clicks for specific task completion. Select a pre-build Macro so that users can execute a series of actions without any additional efforts to complete their task. Some Macros can be built to handle your sales by automating the clicks for Account management and increasing opportunities. 

Notification Builder 

Creating custom notifications in the salesforce application development is a difficult procedure as earlier it required the usage of Apex triggers. Salesforce features have now provided admins the ability to create their push notifications. This functionality used the Process Builder and notification type configuration which ensure where the notification will appear. This helps in building a more intuitive experience for the users as admins can integrate notifications into an already existing system. 

In-App Guidance

This salesforce feature allows the system administrators to build in-app notifications and prompts for the users. The Salesforce development tools help users to interact with the window by rather dismissing the message or click on the action to view information. There are two types of display that can be customized based on how you want to communicate with the users. 

Quick Text 

This was released as a part of the Service Cloud product giving away to drive Customer Service Agent productivity. Build a series of canned messages that should be used in the text fields where they can type similar or the same content. Quick text is enabled by default, which means all the admin needs to do is ask for some responses from the users. 

Custom Help Menu 

Salesforce administrators and users are always searching for salesforce development tools that can help in the customization of the Help menu. Now users can customize the Help menu by providing business-specific content for the users. Make sure the content is updated to ensure that it is engaging with users. 


Properly handled Salesforce application development can enhance the user productivity of your business. The main things required to achieve this target is great communication and keeping the platform updated. The administration can make changes and provide a better user experience.

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