How to Organize Tech Support for a New Application


How to organize tech support for a new application is something quite difficult to answer. There are many factors that underlie how tech support is provided. In general, technical support is usually made up of a team of professionals from different departments with different work environments and tasks. However, when it comes to supporting the technological infrastructure of a new application, a Help Desk is a must.Have you ever wondered who are the people in charge of facing, channeling and solving the needs, problems and incidents, presented in a technological infrastructure? After reading this article you will realize the importance of Help Desk members, Service Desk members in the IT department, their functions and capabilities, in explaining the order, performance, and even progress of the entire IT infrastructure.

What is Help Desk?

The Help Desk is the area in charge of responding to unexpected problems presented in an IT infrastructure. This is composed of processes, responsibilities, software tools and roles, which create a point of contact between the company’s employees, its customers and the IT area, with the main purpose of responding to the requests that said users make, in relation to different aspects of information technology. Its more specialized “branch”, the White Label Help Desk, supports user requirements under the user’s trademark.The personnel or human resources in charge of providing help desk services must not only know exactly the organization’s policies, have communication skills to be able to face specific problems and generate coherent answers, they also need to have high knowledge about Software, Hardware, and Telecommunications.Who is part of it?

This is generally made up of a technical leader, technicians, and analysts. Without a good team within the Service Desk or Help Desk, the performance not only of the area but also of the infrastructure could decline.


  • They respond to Ticket requests to the best of their ability.
  • They perform regularly scheduled routines.
  • They keep track of the tickets that are closed.

They provide a high-quality service to the attended user.

With virtually no technicians to avoid and solve problems, there is no team to lead or data to analyze.

Technical leader:

  • They coordinate the weekly schedule to ensure that the help desk operates optimally.
  • They supervise the timely response of requests.
  • Ensures that assigned tasks are accomplished.
  • Provide assistance.
  • Ensures technicians correctly record Help Desk data.


This role is responsible for ensuring that the data that is collected is used correctly and effectively.

  • They collect reports on a regular basis for the Help Desk team.
  • They coordinate efforts to use help desk data for the purpose of supporting and modifying services.

Some common problems that the Help Desk team has to fix and we don’t realize their importance

There are certain problems that if it weren’t for the attention and response of the Help Desk team, the IT infrastructure would collapse.

Why is the network slow?

  • Problems with the provider: Technical failures, an unstable signal, network maintenance, or an insufficient internet plan.
  • Router configuration: A bad configuration of the routes, the location of the router and the number of devices it powers are factors that affect the quality of service.
  • Viruses on the network: Without the proper firewall and antivirus, computer viruses can misconfigure computers and systems.
  • IP problems: When there is a bad control of the IP’s, addresses are duplicated and the network gets confused because there are two of the same.

The Help Desk technicians are responsible for identifying the applications that use the highest bandwidth to help improve network design.

My computer has faults


  • Information loss due to outdated software often occurs constantly in an IT infrastructure.
  • The status of the personnel equipment of every company requires frequent review, since, if it is not done, the performance and productivity of the employees would be affected. The Help Desk team is in charge of managing and providing solutions to the employee so that their performance is not interrupted.

Inappropriate websitesSolutions

My coworker does nothing more than view inappropriate websites: inappropriate content can enter viruses and cause loss of relevant information. In addition to directly affecting the performance of the employee. Through the Help Desk, technicians can restrict access to unwanted sites and allow only safe sites with trusted antivirus.


This service provides the following benefits for users and for the organization:

  • Provides a unique contact number where users can channel their questions or problems.
  • A centralized administration of all the requirements and problems associated with the computing platform is provided.
  • Constant availability of support.
  • Increases the productivity of users, preventing them from requesting help from their co-workers, generating unproductive times and solving a high percentage of requirements in minutes.

All the advantages above are needed to support each new application technically. Hopefully, this article can be useful!


As you are now aware of the help desk and its services you know the importance of reaching out to them for support. They can easily handle your issues and provide the best solution through their professional experts. Looking out for the best services in the digital world? Get in contact with us.

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