How to Optimize Conversion Rate & Boost Sales Instantly in Magento Websites


E-Commerce business requires strategies to grow in the digital market and gain high conversion rates. If you have low conversion rates then it indicates that your website requires optimization to take a leading position on the search engines. Magento 2 Development Company is focusing on integrating various plugins and extensions to boost sales of e-commerce stores. Let us first look at two important sections:

E-Commerce Conversion Rates 

This is the percentage of visitors that make the final purchase of products or services provided by your e-commerce store.  It can depend on the business goals which maybe website registration, sharing on other platforms, adding products to the wishlist, or making a final purchase. 

Conversion Rate Optimization 

CRO is a process of understanding customer’s interest and movement on your e-commerce store. Many Magento 2 extensions

are focused on tracking customer actions to get insights about their online behavior and personalize the store according to their requirements.

Some noteworthy tips to boost sales instantly in Magento Store:

Shopping Mentor Magento 2 

Once this plugin is integrated into the website, it will display the list of products that will be based on some questions that are answered by the customers. This is very useful for the people who are not much familiar with the technical terms of products as it provides necessary information about the products. The working procedure of this extension is:

  • It will ask certain questions related to the product you are looking for and its usage
  • The tool will ask about your needs whether it is an electronic item or accessory
  • It will suggest options where you need to select the one matching your requirements
  • Then it will analyze the details and offer specific items that fulfill your requirements 

This makes the surfing process of products or services easy for the customers and more user-friendly. Buy Shopping Mentor Magento 2 Extension from Here >>>shopping_mentor_2_1

Image lazy loader

This means that images will be loaded asynchronously on the website. It will load the images only when the users scroll their way down and will avoid loading if the page is not scrolled till the bottom. Some reasons to consider image lazy loader for your Magento store are:

  • If the website displays the content or functionality using JavaScript then it becomes important to load DOM quickly. 
  • It saves bandwidth as it does not download images until the user has reached a certain viewport
  • It makes the Magento store more responsive on mobile devices or devices having a slow internet connection

Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2

This extension is the best solution for websites suffering from poor website loading time due to excess image files. When the Magento store has a larger size of images it consumes more time to download and page loads become slower. This might result in an increased bounce rate as users generally don’t wait long for the page loads. As it downloads the blurred images which makes it SEO friendly by providing a smooth loading transition.   Advantages of using the Blur Image Lazy Loader:

  • It will decrease your bounce rate and improve your loading time. 
  • Faster page loads will improve your store’s SEO rankings 
  • It also helps in saving time, money, and server bandwidth

Buy Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2 from Here >>>processed_2_4

Provide Limited Time Deals 

Customers are generally more attracted to purchasing certain products if they have certain deals or discounts while completing the checkout process. This can be coupon codes on selected products or free shipping charges depending on their purchase. One can integrate the XJ Daily deal extension which has interesting features like:

  • Multiple deals can be added in the queue for users
  • Set start and end timing for the deal 
  • Display the deal on the home page of your Magento store
  • Set the background color, text color, products applicable, deal date, and more configurations
  • Easily enable or disable the module 

Add One Step Checkout

Many shoppers abandon the e-commerce store during the checkout process as sometimes it is too complicated or requires excessive information. There are some effective measures to make the checkout process easy for users:

  • Keep a one-step checkout process for users to provide a better navigation experience. This will automatically enhance loading speed and decrease the card abandonment cases.
  • Allow customers to check out products or services as a guest user. This fastens the conversion rates and provides a seamless experience to the customers
  • Add the necessary steps in the checkout process and optimize the customer’s payment process
  • Cache data for shoppers convenience and use the auto-fill information option for the next purchases 

Such Magento extensions for e-commerce are widely used by the owners to optimize the website and improve conversion rates. 

Ask for Reviews and ratings from customers

Many customers prefer reading reviews before completing their purchase. You can gain potential customers as they can trust the product or services based on previous shopping experience on users. E-commerce sites are showcasing their reviews and rating section to gain users’ attention. There is a Magento 2 extension like Review reminder which sends an automated notification to customers for the product they have bought from your Magento store. Some key features of this extension are:

  • One can approach the customers through emails, shopping cart, store view, and more
  • It automatically cancels the reminder once a review is placed 
  • Send the E-mails without any delay


During the Magento extension development, one should focus on integrating the best ones for making it user-friendly. In this blog, we have shared some of the important insights that you need to focus on while Conversion Rate Optimisation and boosting sales of your Magento store. Reach out to an experienced and professional Magento 2 Development Company for the best support and services.

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