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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020: Perfect Extensions Store Sale Live Now!


The countdown for e-commerce platforms has begun and they need to have their sales strategies for gaining high returns in the season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the important days to increase your online sales in the market and bring potential customers into your platforms. Pandemic has brought a great change in the shopping choices and online transaction platforms of people. Generally, people prefer secure platforms like PayTrace Payment gateway to complete their online transactions without any worries about online vulnerabilities.

Why are These Events a Big Deal for E-Commerce Businesses?

It is the most popular event for shopping as it is a special holiday sale weekend where customers can avail of different offers to shop. People now prefer shopping in a safe zone, so this is the best chance for e-commerce platforms to make their best strategies and come to the digital world. Whether you are a major or small business one needs to focus on the methods to drive sales and increase the excitement for the holiday shopping season.You can integrate your eCommerce store with so many Magento B2B marketplace extensions

for better performance and user experience. Many retailers plan on giving hot deals and discounts to engage customers in their platform. Mostly customers plan to take advantage of a few sectors like clothing, technologies, gadgets, gifts, and travel. One thing will be sure that if you have the correct marketing strategies then your website traffic will spike and you need to handle it effortlessly. 

How to Give a Perfect Deal in the Holiday Season?

Preparation is an Important Key

You should manage your inventory to complete the orders and provide user satisfaction through your products or services. Pre-pack and set the products aside for the deliveries to ensure faster service.

Make the Audience Feel Special

You can gain potential consumers by interacting with them regularly and monitoring their online actions. You can look at their interest and suggest them with different products or services that will make them feel more connected to your platform. There are many Magento 2 extensions that can drive online sales, increase traffic, handle SEO, and many other tools to handle e-commerce store functionalities. Be sure about your target segments, pre-sale advertisements, and show value to your customers.         

Perform your Website Research

Look at other competitors and their marketing strategies that will help you build strong plans for the digital market. Learn from the competitors and try to make your platform stand out in the market to engage more traffic on the websites. Focus on the boosting rules, online errors, and handling the budget.

Add Secure Payment Options

There are many options to complete online transactions but generally, people prefer a secured gateway that offers multiple options to pay for the products or services. PayTrace Payment gateway Magento 2

is one of the famous gateways that provide a seamless experience while the checkout process which secures sensitive information of the consumers.

Handle the Site Performance

There are many online businesses that suffer while heavy traffic and face great losses due to their site performance. If your website has slow page loads it increases the bounce rate which means lower ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). No e-commerce platform wants to be digitally invisible and lose their scope of gaining profits in the holiday weekend season. You can perform certain tasks like:

  • Perform testing regularly for each feature
  • Seamless checkout process
  • Better shipping methods
  • Build a strong marketing strategy
  • Optimize the website

Make Unique Deals and Combos

As an e-commerce business, you need to gain consumers attention and to do that offer unique deals for the consumers like:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Combo offers 
  • Buy 2 and get 50% discounts

And many more such offers can attract customers and force them to buy products with heavy discounts. There are many retailers that have the best methods to maximize their sales and bundle them for high returns. 


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Some Noteworthy Key Points for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

1. Optimize the products and services

  • Limited timings
  • Few pieces left
  • High demands
  • Sold out soon

2. Give the Right Discounts 3. Optimize the Products and Sales

  • Display the content clearly
  • Make sure your offers are precise
  • Add the countdown timer

4. Give the Right Discounts 5. Improve the shopping experience

  • Display the content clearly
  • Add countdown timer
  • Be precise with your discounts and deals 

6. Provide a Seamless Checkout Process7. Grab Attention through Social Media Platforms8. Use Email Marketing Techniques 9. Provide Secure Payment Gateways Well, we hope you have the correct marketing strategies to receive more orders than usual on this black Friday and Cyber Monday. We understand the importance of putting your business in the digital world and if you don’t have the correct supporting team that can result in heavy losses. Take a look at our Black Friday Codecanyon Collection.No business wants to lose this amazing opportunity where you can drive heavy sales in the holiday season. We have the best professional team they can integrate tools like PayTrace Payment Gateway, order management, customer data handling extensions, and many such things that can improve the e-commerce platform. Contact us now!

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