Chatbot: How It can Help in Increasing Customer Engagement

Client Engagement is one of the most important things when you are into the B2C business model. These days chatbot is a very popular technique for client engagement. It has created buzzword since Facebook has launched its messenger as chatbot platform. The chatbot works on PAAS (Platform As A Service) principal where it accepts user’s query and responds it accordingly. These days, the trend of adding chatbot on the eCommerce stores has rocked on almost all online stores. These kinds of bots help customer shop better and easily. The Shopping Mentors can therefore create a great customer engagement on your online store.


We can divide its’ job into two parts: First, it takes user’s query in natural language (English). Second, responds to those queries with a most matching answer. To understand the query it uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and tries to look for matching keyword and answers to it by using AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI’s biggest example or use is chatbot through NLP algorithm.


Currently, chatbot is used by many applications like Facebook Messenger, Ask Me by Citibank, Telegram, WeChat etc. Among all of them, most of us are aware of most popular application Facebook Messenger. These all are used mostly for customer support, Human resource or for Internet-of-Things (IoT) projects. One of the wonderful usages is by Amazon on their website for customer support.


It is mostly known as chatbox for a website where you get chat box on the right side of the website. When you visit some website then you get chat box opened to offer you help or assist you with basic navigation or queries. In Amazon, when you click on chat symbol for customer support then it may ask you for basic details like name, registered mobile number etc and through this information, it will help you by accessing your past purchase data history.


You can create your own chatbot for your Shopify website by using different platforms available in the market. Some of them are very popular i.e. Chatfield, Botsify, Chatty people, Beep Boop, Botkin, Facebook Messenger etc. These platforms are used to create and customize your bot’s functionality by creating flow, machine learning capabilities, and API integration.

Future Trend:

There will be no wonder if NLP (Natural Language Processing) is replaced by NLU (Natural Language Understanding) soon. The inclusion of voice in chatbot will be more popular than using a keyboard for input or output.

It would always be a good feeling to have a machine with a human touch and when it comes to language and communication, we always prefer to speak in our native language. Google has given good news to us today by adding Hindi to it. Future of chatbot will be interesting where anybody can speak and use native language for the chatbot.

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