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Confused What to Buy? Here is Your Shopping Mentor!

Shopping Mentor is a tool that will guide you at the time of making a purchase online. Any kind of purchase to be made online can be guided by our mentor. Our mentor will make your purchase precise and worthy depending on your requirements.

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Product Description
Don’t Know How it Works? Read Below!

Our mentor will firstly ask you certain questions regarding the product you select and how will be your usage for the product. The tool will ask everything regarding your needs, be it an electronic item or a fashion accessory. With every question, it will provide 4-5 options to choose your appropriate requirement. Post that, it will analyze your entire requirement and offer you a few of the specific items that will perfectly match your requirements and make it easy for you to choose from.

Want to Know More About its’ Features? Here We Go!

It will match the requirements and products very smartly. It analyzes the requirement from the user’s perspective and goes through a variety of configurable algorithms which can help it to make strong and effective recommendations. This will give you quality products in less time.

Other than this, it also helps the customer with informative content to educate them more about the product that they have selected and can explain features and the major benefits of the product to them.

It will make your complex decision paths easy and analyze the need and user’s selection. It integrates with third-party solutions to let you get the most appropriate product relevant to your requirements.

And Here is How You Can Help Your Customers with this Plugin!

As we know, on an e-commerce website, we have hundreds and thousands of products for each & every category. So, having these many options to choose from can make the customer very difficult to choose from. Also, non-technical people may not know more about the electronic items and will be confused in selecting the product. Here, the Smart Mentor will ask your customer every relevant question which may consist of questions like where to use, what is the main purpose to buy, budget and many others. After getting all the answers, it will analyze and come with 20 products which exactly match with the requirement of the customer. So, now, your customer has to choose only from the 20 products and those will even be appropriate according to their requirements.

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