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Elsner Technologies is a premium Beacon/iBeacon app development company that unleashes the true potential of BLE technology. We provide breakthrough business solutions by leveraging the power of Beacon/iBeacon by employing the ever-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We help our clients augment business efficiency in their respective domains by providing best technological services, including location-based systems, navigation & maps, providing information on location, indoor positioning systems, sensors, and discount notifications.

We understand that the future of mobile marketing is largely contingent on the principles of proximity marketing which is a trending marketing strategy nowadays. Our talented Beacon app developers have the prowess of creating class-apart apps using location-based campaigns, Beacons with free access, and data collection.

The amazing part is, our entire focus is on using proximity marketing to make sure that the right information reaches to the relevant target audience at the right time in the right format. All this is done by unleashing the superlative strength of mobile marketing strategy and Beacons technology. Our expert iBeacon app developers are curious to learn more and more about this modern technology invented by Apple. They have already developed amazingly creative iBeacon apps which have yielded lots of profits to our esteemed clientele. We can convert any of your iOS device that supports data sharing employing Bluetooth into an iBeacon. We can even offer customized solutions as per your specific business requirements for iBeacon app development. We aim to provide enhanced user experience, interactivity, and communication using this path-breaking technology.

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    Our comprehensive service funnel has rich features such as

    Beacon App Development Services offered by us

    Beacon Consulting

    From brainstorming your idea to feasibility study to BRD and SRS creation, we will help you in any manner possible before the project starts. We will evaluate your business needs and design a plan for beacon app development.

    Cross-platform Beacon software development service

    Our iBeacon software development services can be used on multiple platforms like iOS and Android. On top of this, we even provide our iBeacon app development services for Native apps also. Can it get any better?

    IBeacon app design

    Our expert team of Beacon app developers provides scintillating design solutions combining with UI/UX to your end-customers. The designs are so creative that your customers will not be able to take their eyes from it.

    Business iBeacon App Development

    Our developers have the prowess in creating business iBeacon apps for small, medium, and large organizations as per their specific business needs by taking into consideration their budget requirements.

    Customized Beacon mobile apps

    We have the prowess of delivering highly customized Beacon mobile app as per your specific business requirements. Our objective is to ensure that you get the best results from our Beacon mobile apps that take your business to new heights of success.

    Location-based iBeacon mobile app

    We have the acumen of employing iBeacon mobile app development services to your advantage by using it according to the location requirements of the user. We even use Bluetooth Beacon software theme to set a particular location.

    Reasons to choose Elsner

    Elsner Technologies is one of the best companies to avail Beacon app development services. Our team of expert developers has created a very resourceful app in the past. The app is related to track the crowd at various events, to interact with them, and to develop a connection. This tracking based app has been a revelation that various event organizers keep looking for. It has made lives easy and interactive. Be it any place of mass gathering, this app has proven its mettle.

    Our iBeacon developers use all the latest technologies and tools to create superlative, scalable, functional, and custom Beacon Technology Solutions at cost-effective prices to our esteemed clients.

    Our Expertise

    Certified ISO 9001:2008 Company
    Delivering Beacon app
    Development Solution since 2008
    2500+ Projects
    92% Customer Satisfaction
    365 Days Availability
    High-Quality Development

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