A Deep Dive into Lavishing Laravel 5.3 Features

Laravel 5.3

Laravel 5.3 released lots of new features and improvements that are surely going to optimize the productivity. By adding new improvements to the existing features keeping in mind the developer, this version promises to improve the speed of everyday tasks. The software comes with a one-year warranty for bug and security fixes. You can also hire an expert Laravel development company to do the changes.

There are quite a few new additions/ features in Laravel 5.3:

The Revamped Homepage and Search Engine:

The new Homepage has new boxes that show packages and links to Laravel News, Statamic, and Laracast. There is a new driver-based full-text search engine, the Laravel Scout. The Scout adds a new searchable trait to the models and it synchronizes data to the index. Here is how the simple command goes:


The Laravel Passport:

The optional passport package helps developers in deploying their own OAuth2 easily. This package gives them the authority to set scopes, Vue.js components, revoke tokens and some other abilities.

The Laravel Mailable and Notifications:

Laravel coming with a new mailing approach – a class-based mailing. This simplifies the mailing-process by eliminating the need for closures. Laravel notifications let the user send updates quickly using Slack, Text messages, and E-mail. Moreover, there is a community called Laravel Notifications Channel that allows everyone to share drivers.

The Laravel Echo and Migrations:

The improvised event broadcasting system, Laravel Echo, helps in working with web sockets with an ease. This is achieved by shipping backend using Laravel core and then pulling NPM package for JavaScript.

php artisan migrate:rollback –step=1

The latest Migrations-feature is used to rollback a single migration as opposed to the traditional method of using multiple steps in a rollback of batches one-by-one.

Pagination and Blade Loop Variable:

There are two types of pagination – an advanced style (displays a list of page numbers) and a simple style (displays previous and next links).

In Laravel 5.3, the simple style pagination is available in a view-file for an easier customization of site-design and HTML structure.

For a greater grain control of loops, the Laravel version has introduced $loop variable that allows the use of index, remaining, count, first, last, depth and parent keywords.

Changes in Directory and Queued Jobs:

The “app” folder is simpler now as all the unwanted empty folders like Policies, Listeners, Jobs and Events are removed making it totally backward compatible.

As far as queued jobs are concerned, they serialized clearly. This is greatly helpful in Eloquent Collections when data changed while in the queue.

The Query Builder and Cache Helper:

The new Query Builder returns a Collection by default, while the old version returns an array. This huge change will encapsulate data.

Laravel 5.3 Cache Helper introduces a global helper command cache (), which lets one to get, put or return an instance.

Changes in Documentation:

The new Laravel 5.3 has a precise documentation that serves as a better guide for installation or any other package-guide. In addition to this, it offers links to relevant free videos. The whole upgrading process might just take a couple of hours.

In all, Laravel 5.3 is promising with major improved features. 

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