WordPress vs Drupal – Which One is Better in 2021?


WordPress VS Drupal: Introduction There is always a tough competition when both are Content Management System that enables developers to create and manage content on the websites. 

What is WordPress?

It was originally introduced in 2003 as a blogging platform but now has massive control in the market as a CMS. WordPress has some ready-made themes available for websites that save the cost and time of the developers and business owners. wordpress-logo-wp

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Developing websites has become important for businesses and organizations in the digital world. It is no more just about the WordPress website design but developers need to focus on driving business KPIs, increase revenues, brand awareness, and more factors. 

What is Drupal?

This CMS is chosen for complex projects that need to grow on a large-scale in the future. It is a free open-source CMS that allows developers to build websites and complex projects. Drupal Web Development Company uses the platform to create a blog, personal websites, forums, social networking sites, and more. drupal-blue-dr

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Drupal supports multiple things like content management, podcasts, collaborative authoring, image galleries, and more. 

WordPress vs Drupal: Features 


Show or Hide the Things from the Screen 

In the admin area, you can see the Screen options button that allows you to display or hide items in the Screen that is in the current view. This allows editing the screen to match the workflow of admin pages. 

Add, Remove, or delete Widgets

On the WordPress dashboard page, users can see several shortcuts pointing to different sections of the website. These have different boxes that are known as dashboard widgets and can click on them to show or hide boxes. Users can also drag and drop these boxes to rearrange them in the dashboard. 

Paste URL in Visual Editors 

Instead of using a popup to paste the link users can just select text and paste the URL. The visual editor converts it into a link automatically. 

Accessibility Mode

It is easy to drag and drop the widgets into sidebars which might not be easy for some users. WordPress has a hidden accessibility mode for the widgets that makes it easier for users to move widgets. 

Preview Themes without Activation 

WordPress themes are important for business owners and they are generally worried about this section. One can simply install the new WordPress theme on the themes page. Go to the newly installed theme’s thumbnail and click on the Live preview. This will launch them and show a preview of how your website will look with the new theme. 

Editing Images     

WordPress makes it simpler to add images in the posts and pages. It also has some basic editing features for images like crop, resize, and rotate. 

Add Single post into Multiple Pages 

If you have a too lengthy post and want to divide the post into multiple pages then add <!-next page-> tag in the post. This is helpful when you want to avoid scrolling on the pages and split them into two pages effortlessly. 


New Fields

The new field types in Drupal are date, Email, Reference, Telephone, and Link. 

Quick Edit

This module enables looking at the content to edit text directly from the frontend of the website. 

Responsive Images                                                                      

Images styles in the core of Drupal allow you to automatically resize the images. 


The process has become smoother in Drupal 8 that needs 4 key modules that can help in starting the translation on the website. 

Configuration Manager 

This module makes it easier to export and import the features that you create.                        

WordPress VS Drupal: Which Is Better?

Search Engine Optimization 

This is very important for the websites to increase their ranks on the search engines. WordPress vs Drupal is great at handling SEO as long as you have the content according to the SEO rules. WordPress has plugins like All in one SEO services pack that can help your platform to handle the SEO. Drupal on the other hand has Yoast SEO software to add features that are SEO-Friendly. WordPress may be a winner of the SEO as it has several plugins that can improve websites’ ranks on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 


Security is an important concept that needs to be taken care of on every website. Drupal has earned a position in helping to build a secure and robust website. WordPress is not weak either in terms of security it has potential security practices. When it comes to Drupal vs WordPress on a security basis they require plugins and themes that can handle online vulnerabilities. WordPress still has a few security patches that can compromise some sections of the development. Drupal is a winner here as it supports numerous numbers of plugins and themes to keep the platforms safe from online threats.

Ability to extend

WordPress has plugins and themes that will be available for both free and premium to extend the functionality. It lets you create e-commerce stores, portfolio sites, news sites, and more by using themes and plugins.Drupal has extensions and modules that extend the functionalities but it has a limitation. Drupal expects more effort as it requires some basic knowledge before starting the development. You will need a Drupal Development Company to make a perfect platform that meets all your requirements. Here, Drupal vs WordPress competition then WordPress will be a winner as even non-developers can build basic websites. You can Hire a WordPress developer if you need to build a complicated website for your online business.

Wrapping it Up!

In the comparison between Drupal vs WordPress, there are many chances that you will be confused between them. It depends on your requirements and expectations from the website.

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