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Why are we going with Website Redesign & Content Rewriting?

Having a website that functions well on all core web vitals is crucial. In this cut-throat competition era, your website must represent your business correctly with a unique brand tone.

Rewriting your website content from time to time can make your website look great, fresh, and up-to-date.

Think about a digital presence and refresh the content marketing strategy with the website to establish a coherent, integrated, modern digital powerhouse; take a holistic approach!

Rewriting material is frequently the most difficult aspect of a project. It can be time-consuming and costly for large projects.

When there are alternative projects with higher visibility and executive buy-in, such as improving the technological platform or making the information simpler to discover, it can be difficult to identify the need or cost/value ratio of rewriting the content.

However, this does not negate the need, if not necessity, of changing the content to achieve your strategic objectives.

Why is Rewriting so Essential?

The quality of the on-page content directly impacts the user’s experience.

It’s not enough for individuals to merely locate the information the user requires; they must also be able to read, comprehend, and act on it quickly and effortlessly.

And, for information-rich sites, getting to the on-page material is the primary reason people visit the site.

The only way to verify that material satisfies new structural, usability, and branding criteria is to review every page of content and rewrite it as appropriate.

It may be certain that it won’t match the strategic or design criteria without a thorough review and revision process.

There will be no standards if old content is used or no standards if new content is used. New standards necessitate a rewrite of the text.

Reasons for Rewriting Content:

Previous content has become obsolete:

Whether the content was written two months ago or two years ago, a website redesign is an ideal moment to update it.

The content we publish on the website is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of SEO.

It’s possible that the old content won’t work with the new look:

The new pages will almost certainly be different from the previous ones in layout.

You might find that the new pages include gaps for paragraphs of material that it didn’t have on the old site or that the old site has too much content for the clean new streamlined design. The user wants content and design to complement one another rather than clash.

May have more or fewer pages:

A sitemap is required before the design process can begin. It must determine how the material will be laid out in the most user-friendly manner feasible. What is the most crucial material for your users? What can be a little buried?

During this process, It will certainly come across content that isn’t worth maintaining, is obsolete, or may be integrated with another page. It might also discover the missing vital content and create a new page on the new site to accommodate it.

Keywords and Metadata in SEO:

The user heard over and over that keywords are vital, and it went ahead and included them in the text. Redesigning a website is an excellent opportunity to rethink and rediscover your top keywords and create amazing content around them.

Conduct some research into what the users are looking for. What are the questions users ask about what they do or offer?

Each page should be focused on a single keyword or topic. Remember to write for people – mentioning the keyword no more than four times on a page is sufficient. If we put in more than that, It will appear to be SEO’d out.

Why is Redesigning so Essential?

The company’s aims determine the scope of the website makeover. If the company’s branding has changed, the website can benefit from a quick refresh: update the color scheme, swap out some photographs, and it’s good to go.

If the marketing plan has changed, it may need to switch to a content management system with the capability and customization options required to revamp your website entirely.

Reasons for Website Redesign:

Better communicate our brand values:

Sendible’s mission is to assist other businesses in achieving social media success. Instead of emphasizing our tool’s value or solution, the previous website content concentrated on the product itself.

That knowledge is useful for technologists but not so much for marketers who are unfamiliar with our tale. As part of the website revamp, we revised all of the copy, keeping the visitors’ needs in mind.

The website revamp also aided in progressing the rebranding strategy. Logo, marketing materials, social media presence, online advertisements, support site, blog, and the desktop program have all been updated.

Make a website more user-friendly for the visitors:

We intended to improve the site’s structure and the user experience. We concentrated on developing a story that linked our primary USPs (unique selling features) to the clients’ problems and concerns.

We introduced brand new parts to the site that allow visitors to search through the huge library of webinars and register for product walkthroughs with our team and partners to learn about social media best practices.

The marketing team’s usability and flexibility should be improved:

Creating a new landing page, modifying the style or sequencing of page elements, and adding new assets are all critical tasks for improving conversion rates and assessing your site’s performance.

However, not all Content Management Systems (CMS) are accessible from the backend, and marketing teams are frequently restricted by the requirement to seek assistance from engineers. The former website’s backend didn’t give the user the flexibility to handle all of the information, especially when they wanted to add new features to their tool or run tests to improve it.

Boost the site’s SEO and Performance:

While the previous website featured extensive menus, pages were primarily image-based, and the overall length of the copy and the number of inbound links were severely deficient. Some people, as well as search engines, found the website structure to be cumbersome. To combat this, we examined the most popular, high-value pages and used them as the foundations for the new website structure.



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