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What is LMS (Learning Management System) and Why is it Essential for Your Organization?


In this digital era, being present over the internet has become essential. So, everyone is seeking that their service provider has a digital presence to provide all the services and support online, precisely when we talk about the educational institute. Nowadays, the presence of an online platform is becoming a necessity for both students and tutors. Therefore, an organization that is involved in the education industry is searching for an alternative offline teaching method. Here, LMS (Learning Management System) played a significant role in substituting the offline education method. We can also say it provides an alternative to a physical class, and it is dominating the offline courses with so many benefits. We will share some unique facts that lead to increasing usage of the LMS. 

Importance of LMS

Making an investment in LMS is always a sensible choice. The organization or a tutor who is in the teaching field must have their digital presence in terms of LMS. The online learning management system provides a manifesto for the candidate and tutor to connect virtually. The LMS platform provides aids to the people, such as attending a class from anywhere, controlling the record of progress, online payment, connecting to the community forum, and discovering the digital resources that can be Audio/video files or any other type of documents. The students have the freedom to watch recorded sessions if they have missed them, give online examinations and get instant results. Another side of the organization can have many benefits as specified here, but these are not the limit:

  • Time & cost saving
  • Cut down the cost of physical infrastructure
  • No geographic barriers and challenges to registered users
  • Maintain a record of each applicant
  • Digital payment collection and tracking
  • Easy onboarding of tutors, instructors and candidates
  • Keep an eye on each user
  • Freedom to create class and session for one on one and group
  • Upload and download content and resources
  • Organizes eLearning content in one location
  • Easily track the evolution and performance of the learner.

Technical Options of Build LMS platform

When one determines to move with the LMS platform, the first question arises which technology will fit perfectly with the requirements. However, it’s not a subject that bothers them as there are several choices to set up an LMS platform. Some of them need a minimal investment to make Learning Management System. The LMS platform can have enumerable functionalities, but some features are a must-have to run the platform smoothly. Such as support of Video and Audio calls, Chat and file-sharing options, etc., whereas some functions are nice to have, dependent on the organizations’ learning and business policy. Suppose the organization wishes to have a platform with a lower budget and wants a faster launch of the platform. In that case, they can elect for some of the readymade plugins that can be accommodated with any PHP website here, and we can have a look at some of them: 

  • LearnDash: It is a WordPress plugin that helps set up and sell online courses from the comfort of a WordPress dashboard. It weights the dominant elements of WordPress to produce and market eLearning courses. This plugin ensures a significant degree of resilience and extensive customization options. WordPress allows an approach to over 10000 distinct themes for the LearnDash course.
  • Moodle: Moodle is a learning platform constructed to prepare educationists, administrators and trainees with a simple prosperous, reliable and unified structure to set up personalized learning environments.
  • Tutor: It is an accomplished, component-crowded and influential WordPress LMS plugin to build & sell courses online.
  • Canvas: Canvas LMS facilitates course administration, transmission, and student connection. Canvas Studio makes video learning more pleasant and interactive.

Apart from this, there are so many substitutes available for the above-listed plugin. One can also build their custom platform using distinctive design and chosen technology platform. If the business requirements need various customization, then it will be advisable to go with the custom-developed solution. However, custom development solutions always require a sharper investment than ready-to-use plugins.

Elsner’s Expertise in LMS

Whether you want to establish an LMS platform with any technical solutions, Elsner invariably will be with you at each stage, from understanding your expectations to deliver a live platform. Elsner is not merely serving the technological solution but also figuring out your business concern. Our business team can help you out to bring the correct solution that can be set within your budget and timeline. In addition, our professional engineers can stand by you to develop a platform in any technological program. Farther, we at Elsner have successfully delivered several learning management systems to our valuable clients.


What are you waiting for? Connect with experts at Elsner who can help you make a strong presence with your Learning Management System. Grab the right opportunity and unlock the features and functionalities of the LMS with Elsner experts.

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