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Importance of Tele-Health:In the 21st century, we have been seeing so many ups and downs in the healthcare domain. Specifically, we can say that the ending of the year 2019 has brought challenges with the name of Covid-19 to the humankind of this beautiful world. People have faced the toughest thing during that period which was to get a consultation from the doctors.  Within a very short time span, it became pandemic for the entire world, and people struggled to connect with the doctors. However, with the advantages of advanced technologies, we could save many lives with the Tele-health consulting platform. At times when anyone was unable to reach a doctor, Tele-health builds a bridge between patient and doctor. The Tele-health platform helps establish a virtual connection over the internet where patients can connect with a doctor. This enabled patients to get instant cures while staying at their homes safely. 

Advantages of Telehealth:

The Tele-health platform has not only saved the lives of humans but has also brought revolutionary changes in society. There are numerous advantages of adopting Tele-health as a virtual healthcare system for the patient and practitioner. People connect with their doctors over the platform and avail benefits such as the freedom to choose an expert and verified practitioner, saves time for transportation, get instant counseling and opinions, maintain electronic health records and saves paper, and many more for the world. On the other hand, if we talk about professionals who are providing their services to the patient, they don’t require to get physical visits of the patient and do not need to set up a physical clinic. These professionals may connect with the patient any time according to their availability and get a chance to create a positive digital presence across the world.

WordPress is a Suitable Technical Platform to Provide a Tele-health Solution.

To set up a virtual platform for Tele-health, which is a very effective and efficient solution with the help of WordPress. WordPress is a platform to get the benefits of available readymade plugins that help the platform provide an instant technical solution. It also enables making video/audio call/chat and other required functions such as a two-way document sharing option, booking an appointment, making payment, etc. With the help of plugins, ease of integrating third-party tools, and APIs, one can start its Tele-health platform.  

Elsner’s Expertise on Tele-Health!

When the point comes to have a stable and advance Tele-health platform, one should have knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry. It needs the necessary aspect to provide a viable solution to the practitioner and the patients both. We at Elsner having the broad experience to deliver a  perfect Tele-health solution using WordPress. We have also successfully delivered a scalable and advanced solution to many of our valuable clients. Elsner has developed and designed a solution that consists of video and audio calling features and functionality for the users to make a successful purchase of various health programs. Tracking the record of various health programs using learning methods via uploaded videos and uploaded videos. Users and practitioners can follow the patient’s progress on the same platform. 


Tele-health is an advanced technology build-up to screening the problems without requiring compulsory on-site visits. Shortage of time, distance from specialized centers, disabilities, and lengthy waiting lists are among the most natural causes of suffering during this pandemic. The primary purpose of telehealth is to enhance the arrangement of health supplies and services.

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