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Elsner- A Trendsetter
in the times of

We won this challenge and turned out to be a winner in this difficult time.

2020 was a year when we witnessed chaos all around the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic struck like a bomb on the earth and shattered the lives of billions. Businesses were devastated, casualties were uncountable, and the world was on its knees to this new enemy. However, Elsner took this challenge to give back to society, help clients serve their business goals, and provide more employment to talented individuals.

How Elsner Helped
the Community?

Every smile brings blessings! The Joy of Giving cannot be expressed in words!

As small businesses were shut down during the pandemic and laborers lost their jobs due to the whole lockdown situation, Elsner took the initiative to distribute ration kits and other food and care items to needy people struggling to make ends meet. Not just that, we also visited orphanages and old-aged homes to cheer up kids and elders who were depressed and looking for a ray of hope and positivity. We danced, sang songs, and made them smile to cherish the most valuable thing in the world- LIFE.

How did we
grow as a company?

With the visionary leadership and ability to take calculated risks, Elsner grew as a company even in this pandemic time.

  • We got 3.5% new clients.
  • We won 6+ new certificates and accolades.
  • We acquired 27% new users.
  • We created 4+ new partnerships.
  • We hired 45+ new employees.
  • We generated 108.55% more leads for clients.

How we planned for the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Once the number of cases started rising, we adopted the Work-From-Home model for us as the health of our valuable employees is the priority for Elsner. Our dedicated professionals are highly proficient when it comes to deliverables. They have set up systems at their homes and continued working hard to meet the deadlines. They are the real backbone of Elsner as they have left no stones unturned to deliver at their best ability and capability.


Will the Work-From-Home model affect my project and results?

Not at all. Thankfully, we have mastered the art of the Work from home model. Our dedicated professionals have carved a niche for themselves by delivering performances even in this pandemic time. They have state-of-the-art systems and other tools & technologies to work at their best ability and provide the best. You can rest assured about the results Elsner is about to offer to you. We don’t compromise on quality, and we are proud of that. You will get the best, desired results that serve your business purposes.


Can I expect proper communication and reports for the project regularly?

Yes, you can. Though we work remotely for some time, our working methodologies are the same as before this pandemic struck. We have the best communication channels to discuss your project particulars. You can contact the project manager, or a developer, or an SEO manager at any time to discuss or suggest your inputs. In addition to that, you will also get work progress reports as we agreed upon during the beginning of the project. You can get detailed reports as expected.


What if my project manager or a contact person gets infected with the Covid-19 virus?

Though our employees take proper care of themselves by following all government coronavirus guidelines, we cannot predict how and when the virus can transfer. However, you can rest assured that your project will not be affected if the project manager or any other person allocated to your project gets infected with the virus. He/She will hand over the project to another project manager who is well-versed with the technology. Other project stakeholders will bring him/her to the speed.

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