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The ChatGPT: How to use it for Blogging & Marketing?

calenderFebruary 14, 2023 | 11 Minutes Read
Harshal Shah
February 14, 2023
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Is ChatGPT an opportunity or a risk? How will you use it effectively? Have you explored the platform to handle your blogging and marketing strategies? 

Artificial intelligence is responsible for easing the complicated process and providing better solutions. The main target is to collect data faster and provide instant results. ChatGPT app has gained significant attention, and you must be ready to explore it for quicker results.  

What ChatGPT means?

The OpenAI brought a solution that provides long-form questions known as ChatGPT through conversation. This revolutionary technology can communicate as a human and offer quality responses.

Some methods to use this AI tool are:

Content Ideas: It can help to come up with unique titles and content ideas by using human-generated content.

SEO: Marketers can use it to generate keyword ideas and strategize content for blogging to increase its visibility on search engines. 

Taglines: Many users use ChatGPT for social media and SEO services.  

It is built on massive data from the internet and attains a human style to respond to the users. The platform also uses Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback to predict human expectations. 

How to use the ChatGPT App for Blogging and Marketing? 

The aim is to be creative while creating innovative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google BARD, and upcoming competitors. So read its response when we ask, “How can it help in blogging?”


If you want to produce something voluminous and unique content, it will be quickly done if you follow the proper procedure. There are chances that there will be content duplication as it is just bringing results based on the patterns and information collected from the internet.

Let’s look at some of the places where it can help you will content optimization:

1. Keywords

The ideal process is to type the seed keyword or phrase related to the content topic you will be working on. Then, ask the ChatGPT, Generate a list of related keywords from the seed “content writing”. Finally, let us look at its response:


These are based on real-time search information and help you to target the right audience. 

2. Search Intent

This AI tool can also help you know the search intent for your target keywords and blog topic. This also helps to know the users’ search intent and curate blog posts accordingly. Let us look at the search intent when we hit a query in OpenAI ChatGPT,


This helps optimize your marketing campaigns and blogs for better visitor engagement and retention.

3. Title Creation 

In the digital marketing world, it is essential to understand the importance of titles and their impact on the user experience. There are multiple things to consider, like word count, keywords, clarity, and engagement. With the chatbot, this is easier and effortless. Sometimes it can just be used to get a simple idea and curate your unique blog title. 


This process will save time and effort to deliver an ideal title for your content and help you quickly gain users’ attention. 

4. Content Structure

Most of the time, you will be confused when deciding the structure of your content or looking for some practical strategies. When blogging, it is essential to have an ideal structure to ensure a smooth flow for the reader, which is easier with the help of content marketing service providers that can fine-tune your content.


Let us look at the response when we asked ChatGPT app to give me a content outline for “Why ChatGPT is becoming a trend?”

5. Proofreading and Suggestions 

Once you have worked on the blog, it is time to know its effectiveness in the market. Users can easily paste their content and request the ChatGPT app to improve the article. This will help make your content efficient for the readers and increase the chances of ranking on top search engines. 

6. SEO-Friendly Content

After quality content, the next aim is to make it SEO-friendly to increase its presence on search engines. Keyword research, title, Meta description, header tags, and more will provide instant suggestions to aim for top ranks on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

7. Social Media Marketing

The ChatGPT tool can quickly gather all the information talked about your topic and provide you with easy ideas for different social media platforms. It has enough data access to build tweets for Twitter and Instagram stories or post content and even provide a script for YouTube videos. This saves you from the hassle and offers unique solutions within seconds. 

How can ChatGPT Help in Maintaining Brand Reputation?

The marketing landscape is a highly dynamic resource that depends on the latest demands and trends in the specific industry. Some of the sectors where you can rely on AI are:

Identifying the targets 

It will help you to understand the customers’ interests and if the content can address their queries. In addition, with AI-driven content, marketers can monitor and analyze the performance of the current trend and gain more engagement. 

This will also help users to leverage predictive analysis based on customer behaviour and interaction on social media platforms. 

Creating Solutions

These technologies are not just limited to creating potential topics but are helping deliver content faster. In addition, they will perform content research and development at a large scale as they will be analyzing on a wide scale. 

Quality Assurance 

Be it grammatical mistakes or content structure, it is essential to have strong support. For example, when you publish something on the internet, it must be grammatically correct and help to provide effective solutions in the market. 


Every visitor on your platform is expecting a personalized experience. ChatGPT and similar tools focus on user behaviour and type of content consumption in the market. If you have the proper knowledge, it will be easier to provide a unique experience to the customers and increase their retention on your platform. 

Meet Expectations

Content should be refreshed as per the market trends and user expectations. Every content in the digital platform has a limited lifespan, after which it loses its value. At this point, it is crucial to update the content.

Several tools will ensure that your content is refreshed correctly and delivered to the right audience. Marketers can use such tools and build a solid strategy to generate more leads. 

Where do Humans Win when Compared to AI Chabot Tools?

There is a paradox of Artificial Intelligence that brands and marketers need to focus on knowing the risks and benefits. However, some places where AI cannot bring a human touch are:

Being Creative: When a human creates content, it has a uniqueness and creativity to stand out for the readers. Be it a blog post, marketing campaign, or other forms of content, and there will be some perspective, emotion, and experience. 

Context: We believe more in research and contextual understanding before creating content, while AI tools depend entirely on the data and insights collected from the internet.

Authentic Content: Human-generated content is natural, and it is based on a wide range of opinions, research, emotions, and styles.

Ethical Considerations: The AI model ultimately depends on the data or specialized knowledge, which can sometimes hinder the ethics of a business, brand, or digital platform standards. 

Purpose: It is like a human being to have a sense while creating content which can be engaging, top-ranking, informative, or entertaining. ChatGPT and similar tools use large volumes of data and deliver mediocre outcomes. 

In many other sectors, humans play a crucial role in generating outcomes and taking benefits of AI tools to bring innovative and unique strategies for businesses. 

What is the Future of AI Tools and Resources for Content Generation?

There is no second thought that AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, AI-powered Bing, and Microsoft Edge are becoming popular in the market. The future is here to increase automation and bring digital transformations to the business. 

The main targets of such tools will now be to provide more human-like interactions, personalization, technology integration, and focus on delivering authentic content. These tools are not here to replace humans but to provide assistance in generating better solutions. 

We can expect more innovative AI chatbots with better features and services. First, however, it is essential to know that humans are the controller of the whole process. 

It is also important to note that AI-generated content might not be able to drive results if they are not optimized for human interactions. 

Experts Thoughts:

We have asked multiple industry experts to share their thoughts on the Uses of ChatGPT for Blogging & Marketing Below are some Marketing expert’s statements:

Marketing Expert 1: JohnXie – taskade

CEO and Co-founder at taskade shares thoughts on the Uses of ChatGPT for Blogging & Marketing:

ChatGPT is a revolutionary new AI-powered chatbot designed specifically to help SEO professionals maximize their efforts. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, ChatGPT can provide insightful data analysis while helping them focus on core tasks. It helps identify high-value keywords and optimize content accordingly so that they get better rankings on search engines like Google or Bing. Additionally, its automated reports are incredibly detailed and easy to read, giving them more time to focus on other aspects of their jobs.

Chat GPT is used in many fields today, making it easier than ever to converse with computers. It has a lot of benefits when it comes to communication, providing users with an interactive platform for conversation. It can be used in customer service or sales interactions, helping businesses respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries in real-time. Additionally, Chat GPT can generate natural language responses without requiring manual intervention from humans, so businesses don’t have to worry about their chatbot running out of energy or getting stuck in conversations.

Marketing Expert 2: HyNguyen – Katalon

Marketing Assistant at Katalon shares thoughts on the Uses of ChatGPT for Blogging & Marketing:

Localize your SEO copy:

if you want to target an audience in a specific region, you can use ChatGPT to suggest phrases or keywords commonly used in that area, or even tell it to rewrite your copy in a style that resonates with readers from that region. Articles written in British English resonate more with British people, for instance, and that can have an impact on reader experience, which impacts SEO.

Competitive Keyword Research:

ChatGPT can generate a list of keywords that are relevant to a website based on its content, search trends, and user intent. SEO professionals can quickly generate thousands of keywords for any competitor, copy them to a sheet, and scan them to find interesting keyword opportunities.

Content Analysis:

ChatGPT analyzes the entire content ecosystem of a website. You can utilize this to find content ideas and analyze the content strategy of literally any website out there. The more you ask, the deeper and more detailed ChatGPT answers will be, which is amazing for any SEO researcher.

Marketing Expert 3: ShawnRyder – shawnryder

Founder at ShawnRyder shares thoughts on the Uses of ChatGPT for Blogging & Marketing:

Keyword research:

ChatGPT can suggest relevant and popular keywords that are commonly used by people when searching for automotive-related content. This can help automotive companies to optimize their website content and improve their search engine rankings.

On-page optimization:

ChatGPT can assist with on-page optimization, such as optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags. This can help to improve the relevance of the automotive website and its ranking in search engine results.

Backlink analysis:

ChatGPT can analyze the backlinks of the automotive website, and suggest ways to build quality backlinks to improve its search engine ranking.

Competitor analysis:

ChatGPT can be used to analyze the competitor’s websites and their SEO strategies. This can help automotive companies to develop effective SEO strategies and gain a competitive edge.

Local SEO:

ChatGPT can help automotive companies to optimize their website for local search by suggesting relevant keywords and optimizing local business listings.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for automotive SEO to improve website traffic, visibility, and ranking in search engine results


The Final Note!

It is now evident that many people are planning to use ChatGPT for text generation for multiple purposes. This AI tool has gained enough attention to solve complicated problems within a few seconds. It might be seen as the backbone for content creation and marketing in the market. 

Also, it is essential to focus on the coming trends and new tools competing with ChatGPT for better performance and user engagement.

Being in the digital world, you are responsible for exploring the features, resources, and functionalities of the latest industry tools. Many are here to ease the complicated process and save time by delivering optimal solutions effortlessly.

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