14 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Get Leads

14 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Get Leads

Content marketing has become a major driver for attracting the right segmented audience online, in turn increasing the chances of user engagement. As rightly said, “Content is the king”, without content marketing it has become almost impossible for a business to gain traction on search engines. A lot of companies are already doing it, while others are gradually getting into it by means of blogs, documents, images, video, audio, and text.

However, this has made things worse with Google algorithms coming into play. With too much content getting created every day, there have been an increased number of plagiarism cases taking place online. This, in turn, has resulted in business owners and online marketers landing upon no man’s land, disturbing their content marketing strategy, and hence the website as well as business reputation.

Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

1.   Use content to have customers experience a gentle ride through the process rather than presenting things in a haphazard manner like a speedboat on full throttle.

2.   Social media ads work wonders, and having paid ads on board is even better. Push it out on social media channels, and see the magic of a $10-$20 ads on Facebook.

3.   Prefer .com domain over .org, .net, or similar others for digital marketing. When you have a look at top ranking websites, they have used .com as their domain extension.

4.   Do not force the value within your content on the audience. Let them feel it by themselves and decide whether the content have enough value for them or not. Thus, when creating an exit pop-up, highlight the value and encourage users to fill out a form with their contact information.

5.   Short posts are a big ‘NO’. Better opt for posts over 1000 words to gain real search engine value out of your content.

6.  Put yourself in the shoes of buyers for adapting a buyer persona before actually starting off writing content or creating marketing decks. It is wise to think like a buyer and understand the mindset of the readers. The leads are surely going to convert if you can comprehend what people want to read and the solutions they are searching for.

7.  Guest blogging has been and still is the most effective form of guest blogging. It is all about writing quality content on top authority sites, with a link back to your site in author bio or byline, leading to a personal brand authority building. Additionally, leveraging a paragraph generator can expedite the process of creating impactful guest blog posts, contributing to personal brand authority and valuable backlink acquisition.

8.  Do not go overboard with writing long headlines and titles. Short ones work wonders conveying a message more effectively. You can also use ChatGPT to generate headline ideas. OpenAI launched chatGPT as a chatbot and it has become wildly popular among people in no time. It can answer a plethora of questions and can effectively help you create headline ideas.

9.  Leverage email marketing to the fullest for getting in touch with industry experts, direct customers, or subscribers. Moreover, implement an email verifier to have a healthy email list and increase your email marketing efforts.

10.  Rather than blogging consistently, focus on blogging periodically. This brings more value and audience to your content.

11. Share the content you write with social sharing buttons provided. This makes it fairly easy for others to share your content as well. This approach is particularly beneficial when working with a professional YouTube video production company that can optimize your videos for social engagement and wider dissemination.

12.  Repurpose old content with a difference. It is not bad to write same content again; however, a new fresh perspective should be added; which brings a unique value towards the end not experienced beforehand.

13.  Do address industry experts and influencers within your content, with back links to their websites. This will enable them to take notice of your content and probably will do the same by referring you to their content.

14.  When I Work is a great company which sends out handwritten thank you cards to new customers. In 70% cases, such cards get shared on social media, increasing your brand awareness largely.


15. Use referral marketing software like Omnistartell. Create referral program, Integrate on your website. Once you integrate Omnistartell on your website, users can refer your business or article to their circle.

Experts Thoughts:

We have asked multiple industry experts to share their thoughts on the Uses of ChatGPT For Content Marketing. Below are some Content Marketing expert’s statements:

Content Marketing Expert 1: Ada Scott – EaseUS Software

Marketing Manager at EaseUS Software shares thoughts on Uses of ChatGPT For Content Marketing:

1. Increased engagement: By offering a chatbot service to your website visitors, you can increase their engagement and make them feel more connected. This can lead to more interactions with your brand and a feeling of loyalty.

2. Personalization: ChatGPT can be used to personalize the content you create for your customers. By understanding their interests and preferences, ChatGPT can tailor content to their needs and provide a more customized experience.

3. Automation: ChatGPT can automate your content creation, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. This can free up more time for other activities, such as developing relationships with customers and finding new opportunities.

4. Analytics: ChatGPT can help you understand your customers’ behavior and preferences better. With its analytics capabilities, you can track user engagement and get valuable insights into their behavior.

5. Cost Savings: Automating content creation with ChatGPT can lead to cost savings. By eliminating the need to hire writers or content creators, you can save time and money.

Content Marketing Expert 2: Marc Hardgrove –  Thehoth

CEO at Thehoth shares thoughts on Uses of ChatGPT For Content Marketing:

Using ChatGPT as a tool to generate *ideas and theme infuses *for content ideas is a possible application for it in content marketing. ChatGPT eliminates the trouble of conducting keyword research. You can then utilize these terms to incorporate your keyword phrases, alt graphics, and headers. For instance, a content marketer could give GPT a list of keywords or themes associated with their sector, and GPT could use these keywords to develop a list of prospective content ideas. The content marketer might then go through the GPT’s list of suggestions and pick the ones they think their audience would find most valuable and relevant.

Content Marketing Expert 3: Michael Maximoff – Belkins

Co-Founder at Belkins shares thoughts on Uses of ChatGPT For Content Marketing:

ChatGPT is an extremely powerful tool for content creation and marketing, and although it can create fully-fledged content itself, in my experience it is better used as a tool to generate content ideas and speed up the process itself. Relying on ChatGPT alone to create your content is very dangerous, and it could cause long-term problems. However, utilizing ChatGPT to come up with ideas, keywords, and content structure is by far one of the best ways to use the app in my experience, and a lot of marketers/businesses are already taking full advantage of this.

Content Marketing Expert 4: Rowena Figueroa – HingeMarketing

Director of Outreach and Partnerships at HingeMarketing shares thoughts on Uses of ChatGPT For Content Marketing:

Here are my insights about ChatGPT:

How to use ChatGPT The best use of ChatGPT is to get a sense of what information–accurate or false–has been said about a topic. You could use this information as one among multiple reference points for developing content that sets apart your expertise from those of other experts on the topic. Differentiating yourself through thought leadership content is especially important in the B2B world, where your relationship with your audience rests on proving that expertise by offering a unique perspective on issues they care about.

What Are the Benefits of ChatGPT Use For Content Marketing?

1. you can learn existing points of view on topics.

2. If competitors use ChatGPT, they will likely produce content that lacks a unique approach or worse, is inaccurate.

By not using ChatGPT to generate your own content, you benefit by standing out from the crowd that uses it and lowering your risk of offering false information. Moreover, since search engines are already being tweaked to detect AI-generated content, you can expect the former to penalize the latter, ranking it lower than content that’s both original, accurate, and up to date. In short, there are more benefits to not using ChatGPT for content marketing than using it.

End Words

These are not just vague statements. If we go by research statistics, 70% of all B2B marketers believe in creating online content; however, 54% of all actually find it difficult to produce content that is engaging enough. For helping out such online marketers and professional SEO services providers, we have assembled content marketing tips that will make them better online marketers.

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