PayPal Solutions For Magento Based Ecommerce Store – 2018

While purchasing from an online store, the customers center of concern is the details of their credit card. Whether or not they are investing in the right store is something that runs through their mind. The journey of online store has two important stages, one is the process of selecting the product and second the checkout process. If your checkout page fails to impress the customers than there is no point of having a smooth store.

With Magento payment gateway integration the merchants can deliver results as expected by their customers. Paypal solutions are helping the store owners keep a good security over their payment system. A number of PayPal extensions are available, among which below listed 4 are worth your time and money.

Paypal Payments Pro :

Paypal payment pro magento extension is direct gateway, uses no mediator process and takes you directly to the checkout page. It can only be authorized to SSL certified merchants, hence this way we know that we are paying our money in secure hands. The Pro version of PayPal can be used in different countries like the UK, US, and Canada. Subject to specific cards like MasterCard, Visa, Maestro/Switch, 3D Secure, Solo and in some countries American Express and Discover

paypal magento extensions

Merchants need not go through much hassle to install the gateway, a few easy steps and your store is ready for a secure checkout.

Paypal Multicurrency :

This paypal multicurrency extension offers quite a different advantage from any other PayPal gateway.‘Multicurrency’ in the name suggests that users can pay at the store using any currency. This proves highly beneficial for those stores serving the customers at a global level. The whole agenda is to make the life of merchants and users easy.

paypal multi curruncy magento 1

This extension keeps your customers out of confusion. Say, for example, the store delivers USD based products but your customer wants to pay through EURO. In this situation the currency will not change through the entire process, thus avoiding any misunderstanding. And moreover, PayPal integration is always easy to process. This version is created to support Magento 1.9x version.

Paypal Multicurrency Magento 2 :

This PayPal extension supports Magento 2 websites. paypal multicurrency magento 2 is created for websites that are one step ahead in Magento software and need a checkout process that can accept payment in different currencies. With this payment gateway, the customers of your store will have a user-friendly experience. The credit card details are not asked for before the checkout page, hence gives surety about data security.

paypal-multicurruncy magento 2

One-Step Checkout :

Among all the other Magento PayPal extension, this one-step checkout has been as favorite, especially by the customers. This extensions cut through the long way and brings the customer directly to the payment page. The increase of sales is the ultimate result which in turn is a benefit for the merchants.

One of the common reason for cart abandonment is long and weary checkout. This extension overcomes the limitation and merges all the steps in one go. Starting from the billing address to shipping address and payment all the information will be confirmed in just a single step.

Wrapping Up

Magento has grown to be one of the biggest ecommerce platforms. The methods of the payment hold a key role in landing sales. This is the reason why PayPal forms a substantial part of Magento. A secure and easy to go through the checkout process is all a customer demands at the end of their shopping spree. Make your store better with these PayPal solutions.

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