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Lightspeed entered the market as a point of sale (POS) and retail system catering to restaurants and retailers. Recently, they have kicked off their eCommerce platform, offering the best features for an online store.

So if you have been thinking of going online, you should definitely consider the Lightspeed eCom for its modernistic approach and proficient selling performance.

Don’t believe us?

Well, after going through the article, you will be more than happy to know that Lightspeed eCom can build you the new-fashioned up-to-the-minute online shop for you in this highly competitive digital space.

What Lightspeed eCom Platform Offers?

1. Store Themes

Lightspeed is offering its customers over fifty professional themes catering to different industries. Whether your online shop sells bikes or jewelry, you will get a super-duper fully-featured perfect theme to showcase your products.

It is impressive to find that Lightspeed has fairly split up the design features of a particular theme. Let’s see how.

1. Design Features – Full-width design, Hamburger menu, Sticky menu, Masonry layout banners, Infinity scroll, etc.
2. Omnichannel Features – Shop locations, Google map, and Tutorial present.
3. Conversion Boosting Features – Adding items to cart from all pages, Search predictions, Variant buttons, Delivery time timer, Fast loading speed, and several others.
4. Branding Features – USP bar, Display banners, Testimonials blocks, Blog previews on the home page, etc.

There are also other popular features. You just need to check the boxes of the listed features you would like to implement in your shop.

2. Adding Products

With Lightspeed eCom, adding products to your online store is quite an easy task.

You can add products manually from the menu bar at the backend. You can give your product a title and fill up the content for product details, which include product description, price, quantity at stock, and visibility.

You can also use the import tool to add products. But for this method, you need to have your product range available in Excel or a .csv format. Then you can save your time by simply importing the products.

3. Managing Orders

With Lightspeed eCom, it is easy to track all orders. The platform gives an overview of current orders and allows you to add custom statuses to them.

Customers love discounts!

And so, Lightspeed has set the options like – offering free shipping on orders above a certain amount and rewarding loyal customers.

You can also keep promoting your products like ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ offers.

With Lightspeed, you can test the different options of checkouts and select the best so that you have a record number of completed orders.

And lastly, the platform provides a hassle-free shipping solution. It has streamlined the process by integrating it with the biggest carriers.

4. Marketing & SEO

Want to rank higher on Google?

Don’t worry!

Lightspeed eCom has got it all covered for your store.

It helps the shoppers find your store by implementing optimization and marketing techniques.

SEO Optimization:

Lightspeed Ecom site builder has in-built SEO tools to help your store gain visibility. Add meta descriptions to the products and optimize page headers. Moreover, the themes of this builder are created following the best SEO practices.


As said, ‘Content is King’, amazing and informative content can add value and drive traffic to your site. Lightspeed has built-in blogging tools to publish SEO optimized articles on your website.

Social Media Apps:

Social media has the incredible power to influence today’s digital users. It provides a great advantage to the business owners to reach a wider audience. And, Lightspeed has made it even easier by integrating with the most popular social channels. Now, you can sell your products directly on Facebook and even tag them on Instagram.

Website Speed:

Search engines prefer fast websites, i.e., those sites which loads within 2-5 seconds. Lightspeed store themes use SEO optimized templates, which help the websites load in a shorter time.

From the above points, it is clear that Lightspeed eCom has taken the utmost care to rank your digital store.

5. Apps And Plugins

Business owners always try to provide their customers with something more so that they keep on returning to their stores. And, Lightspeed facilitates this purpose with ease.

You can extend the functionality of your eCommerce platform just as you wish.

That’s the best part!

Lightspeed eCom offers over 90 various apps to its merchants.

It is unbelievable how the platform has categorized the apps to keep the whole process simple.

Some of the categories include Customer Service, Payment Service Providers, Social Media, ERP, Support & Tools, Recommendation, and several others.

Some popular apps are-

  • MailChimp for e-mail marketing
  • MyProductUpsell for boosting sales
  • MyCustomerMotivator to get the customers inclined to make purchases
  • Simply Translate to automate language translation
  • Social Share to connect with social media
  • vOucher to sell gift cards instantly

And, there are pretty more to add to the list.

Your task is to decide what extra element you need to add to your store.

And that’s it!

Choose the related plugin and extend the functionality of your digital shop.

6. Reporting

When you are running an online store, one of the vital points is to figure out how your store is performing. You need to check the insights. With the Lightspeed eCommerce platform, you will be able to get an overview of website traffic, bounce rate, conversion rates, and revenue generation.

In a simple chart, you will get to know every particular about your finances, starting from checking your total costs to perceiving the average daily net revenue. This will help you to plan ahead and balance your investments.

Now, coming to the conversion chart, you can compare the count of website visitors to the number of completed orders. Thus, getting the opportunity to build a better strategy to succeed.

Wrapping Up

The Lightspeed eCommerce platform is simple, efficient, and straightforward. Without a doubt, it offers the best features crucial for an online shop to thrive in this ever-growing digital marketplace. It has never been so effortless to expand your business in the global arena. Lightspeed makes your store available in upto 14 languages and gives you the chance to serve an international clientele by adding multiple currencies. All in all, if you want to grow your online store, choosing Lightspeed eCom as the platform can be the right choice for you. So, don’t wait. Give your online store a decent start today.

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